Notice of Disclaimer

The text of selected Kansas Statutes are provided in this database with the permission of the Revisor of Statutes of the state of Kansas. Every year the Kansas Legislature enacts new statutes, and repeals or amends existing statutes. The information in the Policy Information Library must therefore be updated each year to reflect these changes. In the interest of making this annual update as timely and as accurate as possible, all statutory information contained in the Policy Information Library is deleted annually and replacement statutory information is loaded, as soon as the updated information becomes available to the Department of Revenue. For technical reasons, the new documents created as the result of this process have different URL's than the documents they replace. This means that if users of the Policy Information Library create bookmarks to documents containing specific statutory sections, these bookmarks will no longer work after the annual replacement of statutory information.

The text of selected Kansas Regulations and Session Laws are provided with permission of the Secretary of State's Office.

The Kansas Department of Revenue has made every effort to create an accurate electronic representation of all documents on this library. In some cases there may be minor discrepancies between this electronic representation and the printed documents. In those cases, the official printed version shall govern.