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KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-108Construction of act in case of invalidity of any
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-107Compliance checks or sting operations; notice of
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-105Act inapplicable in certain cases.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-101Citation of act.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-104Acts with regard to alcoholic liquor prohibited unless allowed by
statute; exceptions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-106Violations of law; copy of citation; notice of reported
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-102Definitions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-210Rules and regulations; procedure for adoption; powers of
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-201Law enforcement powers of director, agents and employees;
attorney, appointment and compensation.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-204Director and employees; qualifications.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-202Office of director; branch offices.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-211Same; scope.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-205Same; oath of office.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-209Director; powers and duties.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-203Alcoholic beverage control board of review; abolished;
transfer of authority, property, proceedings.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-208Power to regulate alcoholic liquor.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-207Director; seal; records, certification and admission in
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-206Same; conflict of interest.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-212Director; beer sales by cereal malt beverage licensee study;
oversight of sales; rules and regulations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-213Alcoholic beverage control modernization fee; assessment and
disposition; alcoholic beverage control modernization fund created.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-301Retailer's license, premises within city.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-330Denial or revocation of license for alcohol-related
convictions; notice and hearing.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-323Same; judicial review of secretary's decision.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-325Display of licenses.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-343Same; definitions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-302Same; election; licensees' rights.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-309Nonbeverage user's license; rights of licensee.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-322Same; powers of secretary; subpoenas.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-342Nonalcoholic malt beverages; title of act.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-329Sale in federal area by manufacturer or supplier;
revocation of authorization to do business in state.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-332Same; temporary permit to import certain liquor.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-352Packaging and warehousing facility permit.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-311bLicensure of nonresidents.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-318Procedure upon application for original retailer's
license; notice and hearing; recommendations of city or township.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-331Suppliers; annual permit; brand registration.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-327Renewal of license.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-303Retailer's license, premises outside city.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-324Same; duty of county or district attorney.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-315Retail license; applies only to premises described;
removal; procedure.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-344Same; sales by certain licensees.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-345Same; distribution; sales and taxation.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-350Direct shipment to consumers by winery; special order
shipping license; collection of gallonage taxes; rules and regulations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-346Administrative action for offenses involving minors; defense.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-305Manufacturer's license; rights of licensee; samples; other.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-313Licensing of corporations; conditions; appointment of agent to receive
service of process; consent to jurisdiction and forum of Kansas courts.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-328bAdministrative orders; civil fines; time limit on orders.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-308dRetailer's license; wine, beer and spirits tastings; rules and
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-320Application of Kansas administrative procedure act to proceedings;
hearings; director as presiding officer.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-320aSuspension, involuntary cancellation or revocation of license;
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-306aWine distributor's license; rights of licensee.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-328Violations of act; civil penalties.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-306Spirits distributor's license; rights of licensee.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-351Farm winery; bona fide farmers' market sales permit; rules and
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-326Licenses; term; assignability; refund of fees, when.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-311cLicensure qualifications for limited liability company.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-321Refusal, suspension, involuntary cancellation or revocation of
license; appeal to secretary.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-311Persons and entities ineligible for licensure.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-307Beer distributor's license; rights of licensee.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-354Microdistillery license; rights of licensee, microdistillery
packaging and warehousing facility license; employment restrictions; rules and
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-308bMicrobrewery license; rights of licensee; domestic beer, hard
cider; contract brewing agreements; microbrewery packaging and warehousing
facility license; permit to conduct tasting programs.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-308Retailer's license; rights of licensee.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-355Producer's license; rights of licensee; maintenance of records.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-319Time limit on grant or denial of license.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-316Issuance of licenses.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-310License fees; term; city or township taxes.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-317License applications; forms; fees; bonds.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-308aFarm winery license; winery outlet license; authority of licensee;
percentage of Kansas products.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-304Classes of licenses.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-405Enforcement of warehouse provisions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-401Bonded warehouse required, spirits or wine manufacturer or
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-410Exclusive territorial franchises, liquor and cereal malt
beverage; filing of notice; termination or modification of franchise.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-406Summary detention of liquor; power of director.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-403Withdrawal from warehouse.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-408Common carriers authorized to carry liquor.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-409Beer or cereal malt beverage manufacturer, distributor or
importer; filing of notice; warehouse; brewing specifications.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-412Severability.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-402Spirits and wine kept in warehouse, exceptions; records;
joint custody of director.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-407Evasion of liquor tax prohibited; penalties.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-601Manufacturers, distributors, microbreweries, microdistilleries and
farm wineries; monthly reports.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-602Same; records of sales.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-725Common carriers; must deliver only to consignee.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-722Giving or selling liquor to evade law declared unlawful.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-711Sale at retail forbidden on certain premises.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-728Sales of liquor by distributors; prohibited acts.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-705Violation of 41-703 or 41-704; effect.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-712Days and hours of sale by retailers.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-707Labels; quality of liquor; requirements.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-704Manufacturers; interest in business of distributor
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-720Nonbeverage licensee forbidden to give or sell alcoholic
liquors; violation; penalty.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-727aUse of minors to determine compliance with law,
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-723Violating 41-721 and 41-722; places declared common
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-724Transportation of liquor into state forbidden; exceptions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-702Gifts and credit from manufacturer or distributor
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-721No retail licenses to issue in cities where electors voted
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-726False statements to common carriers unlawful.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-706Requirements relating to revenue stamps, labels, seals.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-703Gifts, loans and interest in customer's business by
manufacturer or distributor prohibited, exceptions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-708Retailer must obtain liquor from licensed distributor;
exceptions; penalties.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-715Sale of liquor to incapacitated or intoxicated person;
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-729Retail sales at less than cost; permit required.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-718Sale only in original package; refilling prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-701Certain sales by distributors or manufacturers prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-714Advertising; authority of director.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-717Certain sales on credit, in trade or by check prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-713Retailers; mixing drinks on premises and employment of certain
persons prohibited; exceptions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-730Sale of powdered alcohol prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-710Location of retail store, microbrewery, microdistillery or farm
winery; restrictions; within core commercial district.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-709Authorized sale or delivery by manufacturer or distributor; license
revocation for violations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-727Purchase or consumption of alcoholic beverage by minor; penalty;
exceptions; immunity from criminal prosecution; tests; detainment.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-719Consumption of alcoholic liquor prohibited in certain places;
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-806Action by injunction to abate nuisance; procedure; fees of
prosecuting attorneys; closing and padlocking; bond of owner, lessee or
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-805Nuisances; places and properties operated or used in
violation of act; lien for fines and costs; leases void; procedure for seizure
and sale of vehicles and airplanes; appeals; stay of proceedings.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-803Open saloon; definition; prohibition.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-903Knowingly permitting licensee to unlawfully use premises
deemed violation of act.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-904Violation by agent or employee of licensee; deemed act of
licensee, when.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-905False branding; forfeiture; penalty.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-902General penalty.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-901Violations of act by persons required to be licensed; penalties;
revocation of license; forfeiture and sale of liquor.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1001Violations; sufficiency of complaint, indictment or
information; sufficiency of proof.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1004Possession of special tax stamp of federal government,
effect; evidence.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1003Same; separate offenses may be joined; allegation as to
place and time; exceptions need not be negatived.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1002Complaint, indictment or information; allegations as to
quantity and kind; second offense; proof.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1120Same; act supplemental to liquor control act.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1111Regulation of retail mark-ups; legislative findings.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1116Same; establishment of minimum mark-ups; guidelines;
samplings, studies.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1121Same; penalties for violations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1105Invalidity of part.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1122Sale of certain liquor by director authorized.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1112Same; prices filed by manufacturers and others to be as
low as in any other state; determination.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1118Regulation of retail mark-ups; rules and regulations;
information required of licensees.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1127Sections part of liquor control act.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1123Same; sales or destruction of certain liquors by
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1115Same; minimum mark-ups on cases, bottles, mixed cases.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1102Disposal or sale of liquor of licensee terminating
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1119Same; rules and regulations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1117Same; filing, publication and distribution of minimum
mark-ups; effective date; less than minimum mark-up, when permitted.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1124Same; disposition of proceeds of sales.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1107Duty of county attorney; penalty for neglect; duty of
attorney general.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1114Same; minimum retail mark-ups.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1101Discrimination in sales, services or prices unlawful; filing of
statement; exceptions; multiple case discounts prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1126Other state fees fund; use and expenditure of moneys in fund;
community alcoholism and intoxication programs fund.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1125Alcoholic liquors subject to levy of execution; sale by sheriff,
when; disposition of proceeds.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1204Providing samples of alcoholic liquor.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1201Temporary permits; application requirements; issuance; employment
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1203Dispensing alcoholic liquor; carrying alcoholic liquor onto
permitted premises.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1206Application of enforcement laws; rules and regulations;
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1205Beer and cereal malt beverage keg registration act not
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-1202Temporary permit holders; acquisition of alcoholic liquor; conduct
within boundary of permitted premises.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2635Severability.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2620Sale of liquor by the drink without license or permit
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2631City ordinance conflicting with act void; ordinance
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2628Time limit for grant or denial of license.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2647Possession of liquor or cereal malt beverage on licensed
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2649Title of act.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2652Use of minors to determine compliance with law,
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2636Sale of class A club license prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2604Allowing consumption of liquor in violation of act;
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2627Club or drinking establishment license; change in
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2615Possession or consumption by minor prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2619Search warrant for premises where liquor sold by the
drink without license or permit.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2625Same; corporations and partnerships.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2633Violations of act or rules and regulations; criminal
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2632Influencing purchases by licensees prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2650Severability.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2630Injunction for violation of act by licensee.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2621Club or drinking establishment license limited to
premises specified.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2607Club licenses; term; refund of fees, when.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2626Violations of act or rules and regulations; revocation or
suspension of license.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2653Removal of unconsumed alcoholic liquor from premises of
club or drinking establishment.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2651Application for licensure, renewal, suspension or
revocation; notice to governing body of city or county; power of such governing
body to request suspension or revocation hearing; hearings.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2639Sale of club memberships; restrictions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2634Rules and regulations; criteria for class A clubs.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2646Sale of liquor by the drink in public places; election to
prohibit or permit.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2654Drinking establishment license; municipal corporation;
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2605Licenses; to whom issued.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2612Display of license.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2613Immediate entry to and inspection of premises condition of license or
permit; revocation for refusal.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2655Public venue license; rights of licensee; rules and regulations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2633bAdministrative orders; civil fines; time limit on orders.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2656Samples; regulation thereof.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2610Unlawful acts of licensee; employment restrictions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2609Application of Kansas administrative procedure act to proceedings;
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2633aViolations of act by licensee or permit holder; civil fine.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2623aLicensure qualifications for limited liability company.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2658Dispensing infused alcoholic liquor.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2623Persons and entities ineligible for licensure.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2643Caterer's license; rights of licensee.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2611Suspension, involuntary cancellation or revocation of license;
grounds for.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2606Same; application; fees.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2640Certain sales practices prohibited; penalties.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2637Class A club license; rights of licensee; storing customer wine;
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2641Class B club license; rights of licensee; membership; storing
customer wine; samples.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2644Drinking establishment caterer license; rights of licensee.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2614Hours of operation.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2648Effective date of license; conversion of club license to drinking
establishment license.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2601Definitions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2622License fees; city or county taxes; other state fees fund.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2642Drinking establishment license; rights of licensee; hotel minibars;
storing customer wine; samples.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2659Common consumption areas; cities and counties; permits; duties and
liabilities; rules and regulations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2608Same; premises licensed; zoning compliance; temporary extension of
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2629Issuance of licenses; term; assignability; refund of fees,
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2707Same; penalties.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2725Cereal malt beverage prohibited at state capitol.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2727Use of minors to determine compliance with law,
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2705Loans or gifts from manufacturer or distributor
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2729Flavored malt beverages.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2709Injunction proceedings.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2712Invalidity of part.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2728Title of act; power to regulate cereal malt beverage.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2711Penalties for violation of act.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2703Same; issuance, denial, when; term of license; notice to distributors
of nonrenewal, when; special event retailers' permit.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2703aLicensure qualifications for limited liability company.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2708Revocation or suspension of license; grounds; appeal.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2701Definitions.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2722Certain sales practices prohibited; penalties.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2706Certain sales on credit or in trade prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2726Sales below cost prohibited.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2702Retailer's license; application; notice; fee; state stamp; license
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2704Hours and days of sale; standards; prohibited acts.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2902Same; regulation by cities and counties, limitations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2904Same; civil and administrative actions, recovery of fees
and costs, when.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2911Alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverage, days of sale;
local option.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2901Beer and cereal malt beverage keg registration act;
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2903Same; retailer's liability, limitation.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2905Same; duties of beer retailer; violations; penalties; duties of
secretary; rules and regulations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage ControlK.S.A. 41-2906Same; duties of cereal malt beverage retailers; violations;
penalties; duties of secretary; rules and regulations.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage Control
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
K.S.A. 75-37,121Office of administrative hearings; presiding officers; director,
duties of; rules and regulations; required utilization of presiding officers;
personnel transfers.
KSAAlcoholic Beverage Control
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
K.S.A. 75-37,121Office of administrative hearings; presiding officers; director,
duties of; rules and regulations; required utilization of presiding officers;
personnel transfers.
KSAAllK.S.A. 12-1610bSame; compilation of information.
KSAAllK.S.A. 12-1610fSame; city delegates; powers and duties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 12-1610aKansas Government Journal subscriptions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 12-1610gSame; powers exercised through instrumentality;
limitation on liability; custody of files upon termination.
KSAAllK.S.A. 12-1610dSame; subscriptions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 12-1610eSame; membership in, when; instrumentality; powers; act
KSAAllK.S.A. 12-1610cLeague of Kansas municipalities; annual dues, expenses
of attending meetings.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-922City ordinances for suppression of gambling places.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-1214Same; penalties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-1213Unlawful sale, purchase or injection of certain animal
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-1803Duty of officers when offense about to be committed under
21-1801; penalty for failure.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-1801Prohibition of prize fighting and wrestling matches;
exceptions; penalties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-1802Procedure upon arrest of person about to commit offense;
inquiry; bond of accused.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2501aMaintenance of records of felony and misdemeanor
offenses by law enforcement agencies; reporting of meth lab seizures or dump
sites, theft of anhydrous ammonia; reports to bureau of investigation; form.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2503Fingerprint records admissible in evidence.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2504Attorney general may call upon designated officers for
information; forms.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2501Fingerprinting and palm printing of suspects; disposition
of impressions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2505Same; nonperformance of duties; penalty.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2506Same; construction of act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2502University of Kansas and state departments to assist law
enforcement officers and coroners.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2512Forensic DNA testing; limits thereof.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2511Collection of biological samples, fingerprints and other
identifiers from certain persons; Kansas bureau of investigation, powers and
duties; expungement of sample and profile record; failure to provide sample,
penalties; other unlawful acts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2803Trading stamp act inapplicable to certain coupons and
similar devices.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2805Invalidity of part.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2804Penalties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2804aSame; penalties for violations of 21-2801, 21-2802.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2802Trading stamps or similar devices redeemable in cash or
other thing of value prohibited.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-2801Trading stamps or similar devices redeemable in
merchandise or other thing of value prohibited.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5105Civil remedies preserved.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5111Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5103Scope and application.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5110Effect of former prosecution.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5102Crimes defined; classes of crimes.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5104Severability; invalidity of part of code.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5106Jurisdictional application.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5108Burden of proof; defendant presumed innocent.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5101Title.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5109Multiple prosecutions for same act; lesser included crimes.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5107Time limitations for commencement of prosecution.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5225Same; defense of property other than a dwelling, place of work or
occupied vehicle.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5224Use of force; presumptions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5201Requirements of voluntary act or omission.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5206Compulsion.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5222Same; defense of a person; no duty to retreat.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5207Ignorance or mistake.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5205Intoxication.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5228Same; private person making arrest.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5210Liability for crimes of another.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5223Same; defense of dwelling, place of work or occupied vehicle; no duty
to retreat.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5230Same; no duty to retreat.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5231Same; immunity from prosecution or liability; investigation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5212Individual liability for corporate crime.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5220Use of force; construction and application.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5227Same; law enforcement officer making arrest.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5208Entrapment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5209Defense of lack of mental state.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5226Same; by an aggressor.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5221Use of force; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5211Corporations; criminal responsibility.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5204Culpable mental state; exclusions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5202Culpable mental state; definition of intentionally, knowingly,
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5229Same; resisting arrest.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5203Guilt without culpable mental state, when.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5301Attempt.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5302Conspiracy.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5303Criminal solicitation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5408Kidnapping; aggravated kidnapping.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5424Exposing another to a life threatening communicable disease.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5411Criminal restraint.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5407Assisting suicide.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5427Stalking.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5416Mistreatment of a confined person.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5410Interference with custody of a committed person.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5420Robbery; aggravated robbery.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5403Murder in the second degree.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5422Illegal use of weapons of mass destruction.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5409Interference with parental custody; aggravated interference with
parental custody.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5418Hazing.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5406Vehicular homicide.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5425Unlawful administration of a substance.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5415Criminal threat; aggravated criminal threat.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5421Terrorism.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5419Application of certain crimes to an unborn child.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5404Voluntary manslaughter.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5429Endangerment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5430Distribution of a controlled substance causing great bodily harm or
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5431Female genital mutilation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5423Furtherance of terrorism or illegal use of weapons of mass
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5428Blackmail.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5414Domestic battery; aggravated domestic battery.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5426Human trafficking; aggravated human trafficking.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5401Capital murder.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5417Mistreatment of a dependent adult; mistreatment of an elder
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5412Assault; aggravated assault; assault of a law enforcement officer;
aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5402Murder in the first degree.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5413Battery; aggravated battery; battery against certain persons;
aggravated battery against certain persons.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5405Involuntary manslaughter.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5505Sexual battery; aggravated sexual battery.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5509Electronic solicitation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5513Lewd and lascivious behavior.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5504Criminal sodomy; aggravated criminal sodomy.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5503Rape.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5507Unlawful voluntary sexual relations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5508Indecent solicitation of a child; aggravated indecent solicitation of
a child.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5511Adultery.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5506Indecent liberties with a child; aggravated indecent liberties with a
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5501Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5502Evidence of complaining witness' previous sexual conduct in
prosecutions for certain offenses; motions; notice.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5510Sexual exploitation of a child.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5512Unlawful sexual relations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5605Abandonment of a child; aggravated abandonment of a child.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5609Bigamy.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5607Furnishing alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage to a minor;
furnishing alcoholic beverage to a minor for illicit purposes.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5603Contributing to a child's misconduct or deprivation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5608Unlawfully hosting minors consuming alcoholic liquor or cereal malt
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5601Endangering a child; aggravated endangering a child.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5606Criminal nonsupport.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5604Incest; aggravated incest.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5611Unlawful transmission of a visual depiction of a child.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5610Unlawful possession of a visual depiction of a child.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5602Abuse of a child.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5715Treatment of a controlled substance analog.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5704Same; costs and expenses.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5717Uniformity of act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5711Factors to consider when determining what is drug paraphernalia.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5714Unlawful representation that noncontrolled substance is controlled
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5708Unlawfully obtaining or selling a prescription-only drug.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5707Unlawful manufacture, distribution, cultivation or possession of
controlled substances using a communication facility.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5705Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5713Unlawful distribution or possession of a simulated controlled
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5716Unlawful acts involving proceeds derived from violations of 21-5701
through 21-5717.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5710Unlawful distribution of certain drug precursors and drug
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5703Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substances.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5712Unlawful abuse of toxic vapors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5709Unlawful possession of certain drug precursors and drug
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5702Effective date; scope of act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5701Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5706Unlawful possession of controlled substances.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5815Criminal littering.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5832Unauthorized delivery of stored goods.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5830Impairing a security interest.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5821Giving a worthless check.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5823Forgery.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5816Tampering with a landmark.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5836Unlawful acts concerning certificates of title.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5802Theft of property lost, mislaid or delivered by mistake.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5837Adding dockage or foreign material to grain.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5831Warehouse receipt fraud.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5833Automobile master key violation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5818Tampering with a pipeline.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5817Tampering with a traffic signal; aggravated tampering with a traffic
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5827Altering a legislative document.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5825Counterfeiting.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5834Sale of recut or regrooved tires.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5828Criminal use of a financial card.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5826Destroying a written instrument.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5811Commercial fossil hunting.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5835Unlawful acts concerning odometers.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5824Making false information.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5812Arson; aggravated arson.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5822Causing an unlawful prosecution for giving a worthless check.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5819Throwing or otherwise casting objects onto street, highway or
railroad right-of-way or railroad property.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5838Conducting a pyramid promotional scheme.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5805Unlawful acts involving theft detection shielding devices.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5809Trespassing on railroad property.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5820Unlawful posting of political pictures and political advertisements.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5814Criminal use of an explosive.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5829Unlawful manufacture or disposal of false tokens.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5806Unlawful use of recordings.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5810Criminal hunting.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5839Unlawful acts concerning computers.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5808Criminal trespass.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5803Criminal deprivation of property.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5804Prima facie evidence of intent to permanently deprive owner or
lessor of possession, use or benefit of property.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5813Criminal damage to property; aggravated criminal damage to
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5801Theft.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5807Burglary; aggravated burglary.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5840Counterfeiting currency.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5929Obstruction of a medicaid fraud investigation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5902Sedition.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5923Unlawful disclosure of authorized interception of wire, oral or
electronic communications.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5936Fraudulent aircraft registration.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5930Failure to maintain adequate records.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5928Unlawful acts relating to the medicaid program.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5913Obstructing apprehension or prosecution.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5906Criminal disclosure of a warrant.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5931Destruction or concealment of records.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5925Kansas medicaid fraud control act; citation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5935Failure to register an aircraft.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5934Other remedies available as provided by law.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5916False signing of a petition.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5921Tampering with public notice.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5922Interference with the conduct of public business in public buildings;
aggravated interference with the conduct of public business.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5932Defense of actions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5901Treason.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5908Witness or victim intimidation; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5919Performance of an unauthorized official act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5920Tampering with a public record.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5917False impersonation; aggravated false impersonation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5912Aiding escape.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5910Civil remedies; court orders authorized; penalties; petrial release.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5918Dealing in false identification documents; vital records identity
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5937Fraudulent acts relating to aircraft identification numbers.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5915Failure to appear; aggravated failure to appear.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5938Failure to report disappearance or death of child; penalties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5907Simulating legal process.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5904Interference with law enforcement.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5905Interference with the judicial process.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5926Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5927Making false claim, statement or representation to the medicaid
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5933Penalties; medicaid fraud reimbursement fund; medicaid fraud
prosecution revolving fund.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5914Traffic in contraband in a correctional institution or care and
treatment facility.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5911Escape from custody; aggravated escape from custody.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5924Violation of a protective order; extended protective orders;
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5939Unlawful acts involving an automated sales suppression device.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5909Intimidation of a witness or victim; aggravated intimidation of a
witness or victim.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-5903Perjury.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6004Presenting a false claim; permitting a false claim.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6006Unlawful use of state postage; imprinting of warning on mail.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6005Misuse of public funds.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6002Official misconduct.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6003Compensation for past official acts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6001Bribery.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6104Unlawful disclosure of tax information.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6116Same; severability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6108Unlawful possession of scanning device or reencoder.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6113Rules and regulations to assure exemptions from smoking ban are
bona fide.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6114Same; local regulation of smoking.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6102Denial of civil rights.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6111Posting smoking prohibited signs.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6115Citation of Kansas indoor clean air act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6103Criminal false communication.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6106Unlawful public demonstration at a funeral.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6105Unjustifiably exposing a convicted or charged person.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6112Unlawful acts; penalties; retaliatory discharge prohibited.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6107Identity theft; identity fraud.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6110Smoking in public places, public meetings and other places
prohibited; smoke-free workplace, employer written policy; exceptions, smoking
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6101Breach of privacy.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6109Kansas indoor clean air act; smoking in enclosed areas or public
meetings; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6203Disorderly conduct.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6206Harassment by telecommunication device.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6202Unlawful assembly; remaining at an unlawful assembly.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6201Riot; incitement to riot.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6205Criminal desecration.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6204Maintaining a public nuisance; permitting a public nuisance; reports.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6207Unlawful request for emergency service assistance.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6318Creating a hazard.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6303Criminal distribution of firearms to a felon.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6323Refusal to yield a telephone party line.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6315Criminal street gang intimidation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6321Unlawful act concerning alcohol without liquid machine.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6314Recruiting criminal street gang membership.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6317Endangering the food supply; aggravated endangering the food supply.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6305Aggravated weapons violation by a convicted felon.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6319Unlawful failure to report a wound.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6325Unlawful interference with a firefighter.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6311Failure to register explosives.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6306Defacing identification marks of a firearm.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6322Unlawfully tampering with electronic monitoring equipment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6324Unlawful possession or use of a traffic control signal preemption
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6320Selling beverage containers with detachable tabs.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6310Unlawful endangerment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6312Criminal possession of explosives; criminal disposal of explosives;
carrying concealed explosives.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6313Criminal street gangs; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6331Same; certain attorneys authorized to administer oaths and issue
subpoenas; contempt of court.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6330Same; appropriate orders and judgments by district courts; civil
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6327Kansas racketeer influenced and corrupt organization act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6308aUnlawful discharge of a firearm in a city.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6304Criminal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6316Criminal street gang member; bail; exceptions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6329Same; unlawful activities; penalty.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6332Possession of a firearm under the influence.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6328Same; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6308Criminal discharge of a firearm.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6302Criminal carrying of a weapon.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6309Unlawful possession of firearms on certain government property.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6301Criminal use of weapons.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6326Unlawful interference with an emergency medical service
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6417Unlawful conduct of cockfighting; unlawful attendance of
cockfighting; unlawful possession of cockfighting paraphernalia.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6418Permitting a dangerous animal to be at large.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6401Promoting obscenity; promoting obscenity to minors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6410False Membership Claim.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6404Gambling.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6406Commercial gambling.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6415Illegal ownership or keeping of an animal.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6409Installing communication facilities for gamblers.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6408Unlawful Possession of a gambling device.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6407Dealing in gambling devices.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6411Unlawful acts concerning animals; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6405Illegal bingo operation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6402Promotion to minors of material harmful to minors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6416Harming or killing certain dogs.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6413Unlawful disposition of animals.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6420Promoting the sale of sexual relations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6419Selling sexual relations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6403Gambling; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6423Violation of a consumer protection order.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6421Buying sexual relations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6414Unlawful conduct of dog fighting; unlawful attendance of dog
fighting; unlawful possession of dog fighting paraphernalia.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6422Commercial sexual exploitation of a child.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6412Cruelty to animals.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6504Equity skimming.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6509Knowingly employing an alien illegally within the territory of the
United States.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6508Tampering with a sports contest.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6505Tie-in magazine sale.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6501Extortion.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6506Commercial bribery.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6507Sports bribery.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6502Debt adjusting.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6503Deceptive commercial practice.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6618Same; sentencing.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6612Criteria for imposing fines.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6628Provisions of certain sentencing rules held unconstitutional;
modification of sentence previously determined.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6615Deduction of time spent in confinement, residential facility,
conservation camp or community correctional residential services program.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6619Same; automatic review by and appeal to supreme court.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6610Transfer of supervision of person paroled, on probation, assigned to
community corrections or under suspended sentence.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6621Sentencing of certain persons to mandatory term of imprisonment of 40
years; juveniles prosecuted as adults.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6605Custody of persons sentenced to confinement; notice of modification
of sentence.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6629Application of prior law and current law.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6625Mitigating circumstances.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6616Parole from sentence imposed by district magistrate judge.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6613Rights of imprisoned persons; restoration.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6601Construction.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6611Fines; crimes committed on or after July 1, 1993.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6603Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6609House arrest program; eligibility; methods; notice to law enforcement
officers; administration.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6624Aggravating circumstances.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6606Multiple sentences; defendant subject to or under sentence in
federal court or court of another state.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6617Persons convicted of capital murder; proceeding to determine if
person shall be sentenced to death; notice; trial judge; jury; imprisonment for
life without the possibility of parole.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6608Period of suspension of sentence, probation or assignment to
community corrections; parole of misdemeanant; duration of probation in felony
cases, modification or extension.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6607Conditions of probation or suspended sentence; correctional
supervision fee; correctional supervision fund; searches; drug testing; written
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6602Classification of misdemeanors and terms of confinement; possible
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6630Sentencing of certain veterans; mental health treatment; drug abuse
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6622Sentencing for capital murder and mandatory terms of imprisonment;
determination if defendant is a person with intellectual disability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6626Aggravated habitual sex offender; sentence to imprisonment for life
without the possibility of parole.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6623Imposition of sentence of mandatory imprisonment of 40 or 50
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6620Sentencing of certain persons to mandatory minimum term of
imprisonment of 25, 40 or 50 years or life without the possibility of parole;
determination; evidence presented.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6627Mandatory term of imprisonment of 25 or 40 years for certain
offenders; exceptions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6614Expungement of certain convictions, arrest records and diversion
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6604Authorized dispositions; crimes committed on or after July 1,
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6712Order transferring custody to corrections.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6701Classes of felonies and terms of imprisonment; crimes committed prior
to July 1, 1993.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6705Criteria for fixing minimum terms.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6703Presentence investigation and report.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6710Fines; crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6707Mandatory imprisonment for crimes involving firearms.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6709Presumptive sentence of assignment to community correctional services
program for certain class D or E felons; aggravating circumstances to be
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6704Availability of reports to counsel; exception.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6711Defendants sentenced to custody of secretary of corrections; judgment
form and contents; diagnostic reports to accompany defendant.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6706Conviction of second and subsequent felonies; exceptions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6708Presumptive sentence of probation for certain class D or E
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6702Authorized disposition; crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6807Crime severity scale for nondrug crimes, application to specific
crimes; ranking offenses, provision; unranked offenses; unclassified felonies;
prior convictions discovered after the plea.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6809Criminal history categories in criminal history scale.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6823Costs and expenses associated with postconviction sanctions for
felony convictions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6812Actions which prosecutors may take under agreements with defendants
for plea; exceptions relating to prior convictions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6801Citation of article.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6814Offender's criminal history; admission in court or determined by
judge; burden of proof; notice of error by offender.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6816Departure sentencing for drug crimes; finding substantial and
compelling reasons for departure; aggravating factors considered in determining
if reasons exist.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6822Sentencing guidelines; changes in; duties of sentencing commission
and secretary of corrections; submission to legislature.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6802Basis for applying sentencing guidelines and prosecuting standards;
sentencing court to consider alternatives determining appropriate sentence;
determination of time when crime committed; law applicable.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6818Departure sentencing; limitations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6817Departure sentencing; hearing; notice; findings of fact and
conclusions of law; order; upward durational departure sentencing; procedures
and jury requirements.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6819Sentencing in multiple conviction cases; discretion of judge to
impose concurrent or consecutive sentences; requirements applicable; departure
sentencing based on aggravating factors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6808Crime severity scale for drug crimes, application; presumptive
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6803Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6805Sentencing grid for drug crimes; authority and responsibility of
sentencing court; presumptive disposition.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6811bDetermination of offender's criminal history; severability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6821Good time and program credits; calculation; forfeiture; rules and
regulations of secretary; liability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6806Sentences of imprisonment, good time; pronouncement of sentence in
felony cases; off-grid crimes.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6810Criminal history categories, basis; determination of offenders
classification; decay factors; prior convictions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6804Sentencing grid for nondrug crimes; authority and responsibility of
sentencing court; presumptive disposition.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6815Imposition of presumptive sentence; jury requirements; departure
sentencing; substantial and compelling reasons for departure; mitigating and
aggravating factors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6824Nonprison sanction; certified drug abuse treatment programs;
assessment; supervision by community corrections or court services; discharge
from program; exceptions to placement in program.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6811Determination of offender's criminal history classification in
presumptive sentencing guidelines grids.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6811dCalculating an offender's criminal history; severability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6813Presentence investigation report; information included; part of
court record; confidential information, disclosure to certain parties; report
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6820Departure sentence subject to appeal; confinement or release of
defendant pending review; scope of review; action by court; written opinion,
when; summary disposition; correction of arithmetic or clerical errors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6901Kansas closed case task force; members; duties; report.
KSAAllK.S.A. 21-6902Kansas criminal justice reform commission; duties; members;
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2102Scope.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2103Purpose and construction.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2101Title.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2104Prosecutions in the name of state.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2201Interpretation of words and phrases.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2202Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2305Execution or service and return of warrant or summons.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2301Commencement of prosecution.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2309Prosecution of crimes related to domestic violence;
written policies adopted by prosecuting attorneys; contents.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2308Same; liability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2303Prosecution begun by filing indictment or information;
issuance of warrant; summons.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2311Prosecution of crimes relating to stalking; written
policies to be adopted by prosecuting attorneys; contents.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2306Defective warrant.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2310Stalking allegations; written policies to be adopted by law
enforcement agencies; contents; liability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2302Issuance of warrant or summons; availability of affidavits and
testimony in support of probable cause requirement.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2307Domestic violence calls; written policies to be adopted by law
enforcement agencies; contents.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2409Crimes committed by corporations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2406Release by officer of person arrested.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2404Arrest by law enforcement officer from another
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2405Method of arrest.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2408Notice to appear.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2401Arrest by law enforcement officer.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2402Stopping of suspect.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2407Assisting law enforcement officer.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2403Arrest by private person.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2411Arrest powers of federal law enforcement officers.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2401aJurisdiction; law enforcement officers; tribal law enforcement
agency, liability insurance required, when; university police officers; TAG and
horsethief reservoir benefit district law enforcement officers.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2410Expungement of arrest records; docket fee; disclosure limited upon
filing of petition.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2507Command of search warrant.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2508Use of force in execution of search warrant.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2510When search warrant may be executed.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2522Same; body cavity searches; warrant; limitations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2511No warrant quashed for technicality.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2519Reports by judges and prosecutors to administrative
office of federal courts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2514Authorized interception of wire, oral or electronic
communications; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2527Same; order; issuance; specifications required; duration;
extensions; disclosure.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2524Same; prison and jail inmates, exceptions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2518Same; civil action for damages; defense available in
civil and criminal actions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2523Same; liability for unlawful search.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2505Persons authorized to execute search warrants.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2520Strip and body cavity searches; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2509Detention and search of persons on premises.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2521Same; strip searches; limitations; report.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2526Same; order, contents.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2528Same; responsibilities of and assistance to authorities
by provider, landlord, custodian or other person; compensation; immunity.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2525Authorized installation or use of pen register or a trap
and trace device; order required, exception.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2517Unlawful interception of wire or oral communication;
evidentiary status of contents.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2529Same; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2504Issuance of search warrant.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2516Same; application for order, form and contents; issuance of order;
contents; duration; extension; recordation of intercepted communications;
custody of application and order, disclosure; inventory, notice to certain
persons; evidentiary status of intercepted communications; motion to suppress,
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2506Execution of search warrants.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2515Same; order; application; crimes for which order may be issued;
disclosure and use of contents of wire, oral or electronic communications;
effect on privileged communications.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2530Copy of search warrant to property owner.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2512Custody and disposition of property seized.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2502Search warrants; issuance; proceedings authorized; availability of
affidavits and testimony in support of probable cause requirement; use of
electronic communications and tracking devices.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2503Territorial and time limitations on execution of certain search
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2603Crime committed in more than one county.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2604Crime committed on or near county boundary.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2602Place of trial.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2609Property taken in one county and brought into another.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2614Kidnapping.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2617Notice of transfer.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2612Crime commenced outside the state or by agent.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2607Assisting another to commit crime or avoid prosecution.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2601Jurisdiction.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2608Crimes committed while in transit.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2605Waters constituting county boundaries.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2616Change of venue.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2613Bigamy.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2611Death and cause of death in different places.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2610Property taken in other state and brought into this
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2618Time of motion.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2606Waters constituting state boundaries.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2615Failure to appear.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2619Crime committed with an electronic device; venue.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2714Arrest without a warrant.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2709Authority of arresting officer.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2712Confinement in jail when necessary.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2701Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2704Governor may investigate case.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2706Persons not present in the demanding state at time of
commission of crime.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2717Extension of time of commitment; adjournment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2722Fugitives from this state; duty of governor.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2721Governor may recall warrant or issue alias.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2727Nonwaiver by this state.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2729Uniformity of interpretation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2702Fugitives from justice; duty of governor.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2707Issue of governor's warrant of arrest; recitals.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2703Form of demand.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2710Rights of accused person; application for writ of habeas
corpus; notice.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2716Bail; in what cases; conditions of bond.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2713Arrest prior to requisition; prisoners in federal
facilities, waiver of requirements for extradition.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2720Guilt or innocence of accused; when inquired into.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2711Delivery of person in disobedience of 22-2710; penalty.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2723Application for issuance of requisition; by whom made;
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2728No right of asylum; no immunity from other criminal
prosecutions while in this state.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2725Immunity from service of process in civil actions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2726Written waiver of extradition proceeding; duty of judge.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2719Persons under criminal prosecution in this state at time
of requisition.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2705Extradition of persons imprisoned or awaiting trial in
another state or who have left the demanding state under compulsion.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2724Costs and expenses.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2730Invalidity of part.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2715Commitment to await requisition; bail.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2708Manner and place of execution.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2718Forfeiture of bail.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2816Supervised release; eligibility; agreement; elements of
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2801Declaration of purpose.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2809Surrender of obligor by surety; release of surety.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2803Review of conditions of release; application for
modification of conditions of release.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2814Release on recognizance and supervised release.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2807Forfeiture of appearance bonds.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2817Release on recognizance and supervised release; powers of
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2818Traffic violations; failure to appear, service of warrant
and collection of bond.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2815Release on recognizance; procedures; criteria.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2805Material witness; appearance bond; custody; release, when
required; appointed counsel and other services for indigent.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2804Release after conviction.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2808Exoneration.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2809bCompensated surety; application; authorization by judicial
district; continuing education requirements.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2809aSurety or agent thereof; felons disqualified to act as; notice of
intent to apprehend fugitive; violations, penalties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2806Justification and approval of sureties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2802Release prior to trial; conditions of release; appearance bond,
cash bond or personal recognizance.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2912District court rules for diversion procedures; 22-2906 to
22-2911, inapplicable; factors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2902aPreliminary examination; admissibility of report of
forensic examiner.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2905Proceedings after the preliminary examination.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2903Exclusion and separation of witnesses.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2902Preliminary examination.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2907Diversion agreements authorized; policies and guidelines
by district attorney; background information; right to counsel.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2902cPreliminary examination; admissability of field test of
alleged controlled substances; rules and regulations by Kansas bureau of
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2911Failure to fulfill diversion agreement; satisfactory
fulfillment; records.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2904Testimony reduced to writing.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2901Appearance before the magistrate.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2914Preliminary examination; certain business records.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2902dPreliminary examination; admissibility of certain scrap metal
dealer records.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2910Conditioning diversion on plea prohibited; inadmissibility of
agreement; other matters.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2908Grant of diversion; factors to consider; when prohibited.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2909Diversion agreements; provisions; waiver of certain rights;
stipulation of facts; stay of criminal proceedings; filing of agreements.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-2906Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3002Objections; second drawing.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3008Witnesses; immunity.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3016Removal of judge.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3007Duty of prosecuting attorney.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3004Presiding juror and deputy presiding juror.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3014Witness fees.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3013Discharge and excuse.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3005Charge by the court.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3009Counsel for witness.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3010Who may be present.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3012Secrecy of proceedings and disclosure.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3003Oaths of jurors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3001Grand juries; summoning; petition; jury instructions; membership;
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3011Indictment, procedure; request that attorney general prosecute.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3015Amendment of indictment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3006Compensation; recording methods; employees.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3101Inquisitions; witnesses.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3103Use of testimony.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3104Counsel for witness.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3105Witness fees.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3102Privilege against self-incrimination; grants of immunity.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3216Motion to suppress illegally seized evidence.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3205Arraignment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3214Subpoenas.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3201The charge; delayed identification of certain witnesses.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3204Joinder of defendants; separate trials.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3219Defense of lack of mental state; notice and procedure;
mental examination.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3217Pretrial conference.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3208Pleadings and motions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3211Depositions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3206Time of arraignment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3203Consolidation for trial of separate indictments or
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3209Pleas; effect.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3215Motion to suppress confession or admission.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3218Plea of alibi; notice.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3222Same; mental examination, commitment to certain
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3202Joinder of charges and defendants.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3207Misnomer.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3221Same; special jury question.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3210Plea of guilty or nolo contendere; time limitation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3213Demands for production of statements and reports of witnesses.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3212Discovery and inspection.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3301Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3306Task force to study programs for alleged offenders with
disabilities who are potentially incompetent to stand trial and make
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3305Procedure when defendant not civilly committed or to be discharged;
order of discharge; request for hearing on competency; charges dismissed;
statute of limitations not to run; victim notification.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3303Commitment of incompetent defendant; limitation; civil commitment
proceedings; regained competency; credit for time committed; victim
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3302Proceedings to determine competency.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3401Time of trial.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3406Time to prepare for trial.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3417Objections to rulings.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3409Summoning jurors in misdemeanor case.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3418View of place of crime.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3422Allocution.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3403Method of trial of felony cases.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3413Juror's knowledge of material fact.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3423Mistrials.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3419Motion for judgment of acquittal.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3426aRevocation of probation; form and content of journal
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3421Verdict, procedure.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3438Severability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3434Videotape of testimony of child victim admissible in
certain cases; limitations; standard of proof; objections, restrictions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3407Motion to discharge jury panel.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3404Misdemeanor, cigarette or tobacco infraction and traffic
infraction case; method of trial.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3428bSame; violation of conditions of release; return to
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3410Challenges for cause.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3425Commitment for failure to pay fine and costs.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3435Severability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3411aFelony trials; number of jurors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3429Mental examination, evaluation and report after conviction and prior
to sentence; limit on commitment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3436Prosecuting attorney; information to victims; right to be present at
certain hearings.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3439Felony convictions; information and forms to be forwarded to Kansas
sentencing commission and Kansas bureau of investigation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3415Laws applicable to witnesses; immunity from prosecution or
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3426Record of judgment; form and content of journal entry.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3414Order of trial.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3412Jury selection; peremptory challenges; swearing of jury; alternate or
additional jurors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3432Information for secretary of corrections concerning person convicted.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3416Prisoner as witness.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3427Execution of sentence.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3437Forensic examinations; admissibility; certification; notices of
proffer and objection to admission; use of interactive video testimony.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3428aSame; annual hearing on continued commitment; procedure, notice
and standards; victim notification.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3428Persons found not guilty by jury by reason of mental disease or
defect; commitment to state security hospital; determination of whether person
is a mentally ill person, notice and hearing; procedure for transfer, release
or discharge, standards, notice and hearing; victim notification.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3420Conduct of jury after submission.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3431Commitment to certain institutions as a result of mental
examination and report after conviction and prior to sentence; disposition upon
completion of treatment; notice and hearing; victim notification.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3402Discharge of persons not brought promptly to trial; discharge
deadlines; delays, requests and charging of time.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3430Commitment to certain institutions as a result of a K.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3405Presence of defendant.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3424Judgment and sentence; restitution; duties of court.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3436Prosecuting attorney; information to victims; right to be present
at certain hearings.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3408Trial jurors.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3440Contact with jurors; discussion of deliberations or verdict
following discharge; violations, contempt.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3503Arrest of judgment without motion.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3501New trial.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3502Arrest of judgment.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3504Correction of sentence.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3603Interlocutory appeals by the state.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3608Time for appeal from judgment of district court.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3606Procedure on appeal.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3610Hearing on appeal; exception.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3611Judgment on appeal.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3607Disposition of defendant when judgment reversed on
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3604Release of defendant pending appeal by prosecution.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3609aAppeals from district magistrate judges not regularly admitted to
practice law.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3612Criminal appeals from district court; attorney general to invoke
county or district attorney's assistance; costs; criminal appeals cost
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3602Appeals by defendant, when; appeals by prosecution; transfers to
supreme court.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3605Decision and disposition of case on appeal; stay of mandate.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3609Appeals from municipal courts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3601Appellate jurisdiction of court of appeals and supreme court in
criminal cases.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3613Writ of habeas corpus relief granted; appeal by prosecution; stay
of underlying criminal case.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3702Form of pardon.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3704Reprieves in capital cases.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3703Report of pardons to legislature.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3725Good time credits, crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3722Service on parole, conditional release and postrelease supervision;
discharge; restoration of civil rights.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3712Placement in diagnostic or treatment facility as condition of
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3719Information from correctional institution officials.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3706Person acting as agent or representative of individual seeking
release; contingent fee prohibited; statement and affidavit.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3726Supervised furlough; crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3718Conditional release; notice.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3711Certain records privileged.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3709Officers of board; panels authorized; vote required to parole certain
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3720Subpoena power.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3710Kansas prisoner review board; seal, orders, records, reports.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3729Terminal medical release; procedures; notice; conditions; revocation;
supervision upon release.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3713Prisoner review board; hearings; personnel and accounting services.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3723Transfer of offenders under treaties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3705Commutation of sentence, reduction of penalty; restrictions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3728Functional incapacitation release; procedures; notice; conditions;
supervision upon release.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3727aCounty or district attorney; notification to victims of the escape
or death of certain committed defendants or inmates.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3701Pardons and commutations; duties of prisoner review board;
notification to victims.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3727Secretary of corrections; notification to victims prior to release
of certain inmates.
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3730Community parenting release; duties and authority of secretary of
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3717Parole or postrelease supervision; eligibility; interviews, notices
and hearings; rules and regulations; conditions of parole or postrelease
KSAAllK.S.A. 22-3716Arrest for violating condition of probation, assignment to
community corrections, suspension of sentence or nonprison sanction, procedure;
time limitation on issuing warrant; limitations on serving sentence in
department of corrections' facility or serving period of postrelease
supervision, exceptions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-107Session laws; sales; disposal of certain inventory.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-116Permanent journals of house and senate; preparation,
binding and number of volumes and copies; sale and distribution; disposition of
volumes; sale price for volume fixed by legislative coordinating council;
proceeds to state general fund.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-106Session laws; disposition of volumes by secretary of
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-109Officer's name to be stamped on laws delivered; delivery
to successor in office; liability for failure.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-225Severability of provisions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-240Recordkeeping requirements for certain not-for-profit
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-218Inspection of records; request; response; refusal, when;
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-216Public policy that records be open.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-224Continuation of fees and procedures adopted under prior
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-227Brochure concerning public records.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-250Sunflower Foundation: Health Care for Kansas; subject to
open records law.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-219Abstracts or copies of records; fees.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-226Local freedom of information officer.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-215Title of act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-252Complaint form prescribed by attorney general.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-253Civil remedies to enforce act; consent order.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-251Civil remedies to enforce act by attorney general; consent order;
finding of violation.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-222Civil remedies to enforce act; attorney fees.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-223Civil penalties for violations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-228Investigation of alleged violations; powers.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-221Certain records not required to be open; separation of open and
closed information required; statistics and records over 70 years old open.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-217Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-230Unlawful use of names derived from public records.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-220Procedures for obtaining access to or copies of records; request;
office hours; provision of information on procedures.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-229Legislative review of exceptions to disclosure; continuation of
sections listed.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-254Law enforcement recordings using body camera or vehicle camera;
criminal investigation records; disclosure.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-316Payment of expenses; approval.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-311Certification of session laws; date of publication.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-304bVeto after adjournment; reconsideration.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-304aJournal entries referring to vetoed bills.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-301Enrollment, engrossment and printing of bills, resolutions
and other papers of the legislature.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-308Item vetoes; reconsideration by legislature.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-318Printing of executive reorganization orders.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-303Approval of bills by governor.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-307Vetoes of items of appropriation of money.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-310Session laws; publication, printing, title and contents.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-314Printing of enrolled bills; specifications.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-312Publication of bills in Kansas register.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-305Bills becoming law without approval of governor, when.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-315Timetable for printing session laws.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-304Veto by governor; return to house of origin;
reconsideration by legislature; procedure upon passage over veto; publication.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-313Printing of session laws.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-302Signing of legislative documents by officers; presentation
to governor for approval.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-317Printing of bills and concurrent resolutions; types.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-309Responsibility for legislative documents; receipts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-411Judicial records; supreme court rules.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-401Public policy concerning government records.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-408State agencies required to cooperate with state records
board and state archivist; rules and regulations of board.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-405State archives; transfer of records thereto; discard or
disposition of certain materials.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-413Citation of act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-402Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-407Public access or restriction of records; state archivist
access to restricted records; disclosure prohibited; misdemeanor.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-409Local agencies to cooperate.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-410Legislative records; legislative coordinating council
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-404Duties of state records board; disposition of county
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-412Microphotographic or optical disc copies of records; image
recognition and information storage systems; original record destruction, when.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-414State archivist; duties; recommendations; certification by
electronic signature; fees.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-403Government records are public property; destruction
prohibited, except as permitted by retention and disposition schedules.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-406State archivist's duties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-501Records made on electronically-accessed media;
authorization; conditions and procedures, application; notice to state records
KSAAllK.S.A. 45-502Use of standard size paper for documents filed with state
agencies and courts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1117Venue for violations of 46-1116.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1120Contract audit committee; membership; chairperson;
created within division of post audit; compensation; vote required for action.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1109Audits on request of governor or legislators; direction
of audit by committee; reimbursement of mileage expense of legislator
requesting audit at presentation of report.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1120aContract audit committee successor of abolished federal
audit committee.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1119Citation and construction of legislative post audit act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1113Audits under 46-1114 required when directed by post audit
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1103Division of post audit; within legislative branch; supervision by
post auditor; budget; compensation of employees; contract employees; criminal
history record check, who; fees.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1112Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1106Financial-compliance audits of state agencies; audits of financial
management practices of state treasurer and pooled money investment board;
transition audits, state treasurer; examinations of books and accounts of state
treasurer and director of accounts and reports; audit determinations and
reports, disposition; prosecution of violations; access to records of state
agencies and certain persons; duty of confidentiality.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1115Failure to furnish information or material for audit by person
entitled to receive state funds; withholding of funds; duties of post auditor
and director of accounts and reports; certain contracts unimpaired.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1135Information technology audits.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1128Confidentiality of audit reports, when; exceptions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1123Procurement of firm or firms to perform financial-compliance audit;
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1114Additional financial-compliance or performance audits authorized at
direction of post audit committee; persons subject to audit; access to records,
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1116Crime of failure to make records available for post audit defined
and classified.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1122Legislative post audit committee to specify who performs
financial-compliance audit work at state agencies; contract audit committee to
select firm or firms needed.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1118Reimbursement of costs incurred for federal audit services and
other audit services; transaction; disposition of proceeds; audit services
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1127Contract audit committee to monitor conduct of financial-compliance
audit; written audit report; duty of confidentiality.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1126Contracts for financial-compliance audits; professional liability
insurance; responsibilities of selected firm.
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1108Performance audits; additional fiscal audits; purposes of
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1136Performance audit of the Kansas public employees retirement
KSAAllK.S.A. 46-1125Selection of firm or firms by contract audit committee;
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-1,101Same; unlawful acts; promotion or sale of discount card
by supplier; conditions on; registration of supplier; financial responsibility.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-1,105Same; citation; supplemental to Kansas consumer
protection act; remedies.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-157Acts done under certain federal laws, codes or
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-103Powers and duties of attorney general; civil penalties;
other actions for violation of restraint of trade act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-149Unfair discriminations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-102Denial of right to form or be interested in any trust.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-139Actions brought under act; brought pursuant to chapter 60.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-159Same; powers and duties of the attorney general.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-162Same; attorney general to bring action; when.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-160Same; penalties.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-1,103Same; resident agent; registration requirement.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-1,104Same; severability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-133Agreements or combinations for shipments under warehouse
control; violation of restraint of trade act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-137Same; damages to persons injured by such actions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-116Pleading in bar or abatement of civil action that
plaintiff is member or agent of unlawful combination.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-110Jurisdiction of district courts; venue.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-147Rights and remedies cumulative.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-109Enforcement of act; powers and duties of attorney general.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-148Trade and person defined.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-153Attorney general powers and duties; enforcement of act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-1,100Kansas discount card act; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-136Commodities; grain dealers; agreement or contract to pool
or fix price.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-113Trust certificates; creation of trusts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-132Conspiring to monopolize line of business or to prevent
producer or local buyer from shipping without agency of third person.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-117Transactions by nonresident; subject to provisions of act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-131Agreements or combinations by which shipper is defrauded
out of portion of net weight; violation of restraint of trade act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-161Same; damages for violation of act; procedure.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-101Trusts defined and declared unlawful and void.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-158Kansas restraint of trade act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-164Same; retroactive application of certain amendments.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-163Kansas restraint of trade act; construing and applying act;
harmonization with federal law; reasonable restraint of trade or commerce.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-112Trusts, combinations and agreements in restraint of trade and free
competition declared unlawful.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-206Penalty for violating 50-201 to 50-206; forfeiture of
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-203Violators not permitted to use facilities for transmission
of news.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-205Injunction proceedings where companies fail to discontinue
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-202Unlawful refusal to furnish news reports.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-201Sale of news without discrimination.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-204Transmission service to be discontinued upon violation of
act; procedure.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-502Same; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-509Same; act supplemental.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-505Same; injunction actions by attorney general or county
attorney; costs and attorney fees; damages.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-510Same; invalidity of part.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-503Same; unlawful acts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-501Certain trade practices detrimental to public health and
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-506Same; prosecution of actions by trade association, when.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-508Same; violation deemed unfair trade.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-504Same; penalties for violations.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-507Same; testimony and records; immunity from proceedings,
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-6,106Unconscionable acts; remedies.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-6,104Sale of cigarettes in violation of cigarette and tobacco
products act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-6,117Same; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-639Disclaimer or limitation of warranties; liabilities;
attorney fees, when; section inapplicable to seed for planting, livestock for
agricultural purposes or disposal of surplus property by a governmental entity.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-632Remedies of the attorney general or any county or district
attorney; procedure for sequestration.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-626Deceptive acts and practices.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-6,119Same; civil penalty.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-629General powers of the attorney general.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-637Powers of receiver; effect of receivership.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-656Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-645Motor vehicle warranties; definitions; consumer rights and
remedies; enforcement by attorney general.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-661Disclosure by insurer to use after market parts;
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-655Application of act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-664Vehicles not covered by act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-643Severability.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-647Odometer fraud; civil remedies; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-650Odometer fraud; purchase of motor vehicle not voided;
consumer remedies.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-669bProhibiting printing of credit card or debit card account
numbers on receipts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-679Same; cause of action; priority over enhanced civil
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-671Definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-668Deceptive act or practice; supplemental to Kansas consumer
protection act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-675Supplemental to Kansas consumer protection act;
unconscionable acts.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-666Invention promotion services; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-687Same; written receipt required.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-699Enforcement of lease agreement prohibited in certain
circumstances; full written disclosure required prior to sale or lease of
returned assistive device.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-685Same; proscribed provisions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-690Same; unconscionable act or practice.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-680Title of act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-6,108Gift certificates or gift cards; regulation of;
exceptions; definitions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-6,113Pest inspections relating to real estate transactions;
certification required; deceptive act.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-617Receipt of unsolicited goods, wares or merchandise deemed
gift, when; negative option invitation or announcement; defense in action for
return; deceptive act or practice.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-6,115Same; incidental costs; conditions.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-6,120Same; affirmative defense.
KSAAllK.S.A. 50-6,118Same; unlawful advertising of a live musical
performance; exceptions.