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AG OpinionKansas Retailers' Sales Tax85-179Exempt Sales to Educational Institutions
AG OpinionMotor Vehicle Fuel TaxAttorney General Opinion No. 89-66Motor Fuel Pump Labeling
AG OpinionTransient Guest Tax82-17Home Rule Power - Charter Ordinances
AG OpinionVehicles75-01Warranty - Kansas Consumer Protection Act
AG OpinionVehicles84-01Disclaimer of Implied Warranties
AG OpinionVehicles90-52County owned and operated ambulances that are used exclusively for governmental purposes may be permanently registered as county vehicles.
AG OpinionVehicles93-80Taxation-Motor Vehicles-Taxes Levied Annually for Registration Period; Counties Acceptance of Credit Cards for Payment of Taxes
AG OpinionVehicles94-16Fees for the production or issuance of individual ID cards issued to disabled veterans for parking privileges.
AG OpinionVehicles95-109Motorized Bicycle Drivers’Licenses
AG OpinionVehicles96-65Service fee in addition to registration fee.
AG OpinionVehicles97-62CDL License Required for Township Road Grader
AG OpinionVehicles97-86Automobile and Other Vehicles-General Provisions; Registration of Vehicles-Registration of Vehicles Operated in This State; Time of Registration and Payment of Property Taxes When Vehicle Purchased Out of State
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