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Show details for 2020 Legislative Changes2020 Legislative Changes
Show details for Alcoholic Beverage ControlAlcoholic Beverage Control
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Show details for BingoBingo
Show details for Cereal Malt Beverages and Malt ProductsCereal Malt Beverages and Malt Products
Show details for Cigarette and Tobacco ProductsCigarette and Tobacco Products
Show details for Clean Drinking Water FeeClean Drinking Water Fee
Show details for Corporate Income TaxCorporate Income Tax
Show details for Corporation FranchiseCorporation Franchise
Show details for Corporation Franchise TaxCorporation Franchise Tax
Show details for Dry Cleaning Environmental SurchargeDry Cleaning Environmental Surcharge
Show details for Dry Cleaning Solvent FeeDry Cleaning Solvent Fee
Show details for Estate TaxEstate Tax
Show details for Food Sales Tax RefundFood Sales Tax Refund
Show details for Franchise TaxFranchise Tax
Show details for Gallonage TaxGallonage Tax
Show details for Grain TaxGrain Tax
Show details for Homestead Property Tax RefundsHomestead Property Tax Refunds
Show details for Individual Income TaxIndividual Income Tax
Show details for Inheritance TaxInheritance Tax
Show details for Intangible TaxIntangible Tax
Show details for Intoxicating Liquors and BeveragesIntoxicating Liquors and Beverages
Show details for Kansas Compensating TaxKansas Compensating Tax
Show details for Kansas Retailers' Sales TaxKansas Retailers' Sales Tax
Show details for Liquefied Petroleum Fuel TaxLiquefied Petroleum Fuel Tax
Show details for Liquor Drink TaxLiquor Drink Tax
Show details for Liquor Enforcement TaxLiquor Enforcement Tax
Hide details for LotteryLottery
LotteryKSA79-4806Transfers to problem gambling grant fund.
LotteryKSA79-4801State gaming revenues fund; authorized uses; limitation
on amounts credited thereto; transfers to state general fund.
LotteryKSA79-4805Problem gambling and addictions grant fund.
LotteryKSA79-4803State gaming revenues fund; transfers to juvenile alternatives to
detention fund, administration and authorized uses; transfers to correctional
institutions building fund.
LotteryKSA79-4804Same; transfers to state economic development initiatives fund;
authorized allocations and uses, accounts created; investment by director of
investments, disposition of proceeds; transfers of moneys to state water plan
Alcoholic Beverage Control
Cereal Malt Beverages and Malt Products
Cigarette and Tobacco Products
Corporate Income Tax
Dry Cleaning Environmental Surcharge
Dry Cleaning Solvent Fee
Gallonage Tax
Grain Tax
Intoxicating Liquors and Beverages
Kansas Compensating Tax
Kansas Retailers' Sales Tax
Liquefied Petroleum Fuel Tax
Liquor Drink Tax
Liquor Enforcement Tax
Mineral Severance Tax
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
Sand and Gravel
Special Fuel Tax
Tire Tax
Transient Guest Tax
Vehicles Rental Excise Tax
Withholding and Declaration of Estimated
MemorandumPolicy Council Administrative DeterminationRegistration by FAX
Show details for Marijuana and Controlled SubstancesMarijuana and Controlled Substances
Show details for Mineral Severance TaxMineral Severance Tax
Show details for Motor Vehicle Fuel TaxMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax
Show details for OtherOther
Show details for PrivilegePrivilege
Show details for Property TaxProperty Tax
Show details for Public Water Supply FeePublic Water Supply Fee
Show details for Sand and GravelSand and Gravel
Show details for Special Fuel TaxSpecial Fuel Tax
Show details for Tire TaxTire Tax
Show details for Transient Guest TaxTransient Guest Tax
Show details for VehiclesVehicles
Show details for Vehicles Rental Excise TaxVehicles Rental Excise Tax
Show details for Water Protection FeeWater Protection Fee
Show details for Withholding and Declaration of Estimated TaxWithholding and Declaration of Estimated Tax
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