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All2014 Enrolled Bill2014 Senate Substitute for House Bill 2448AN ACT concerning crimes, punishment and criminal procedure; relating to DNA evidence; statute of limitations; interference with judicial process; sentencing; probation and post-release supervision; expungement; trials; conduct of jury after case is submitted; amending K.S.A. 22-3420 and K.S.A. 2013 Supp. 21-2511, 21-5107, 21-5905, 21-6328, 21-
6329, 21-6604, 21-6608, 21-6614 and 22-3716 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 2013 Supp. 21-6614d.
All2014 Enrolled Bill2014 Senate Substitute for House Bill 2182AN ACT concerning legislative review of exceptions to open records; amending K.S.A. 2013 Supp. 40-5515, 45-229 and 74-99b06 and repealing the existing sections.
All2014 Enrolled Bill2014 Senate Substitute for House Bill 2338AN ACT concerning the judicial branch; relating to docket fees; making and concerning appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, for the judicial branch; creating the electronic filing and management fund and the judicial branch docket fee fund; abolishing the judicial branch surcharge fund; allowing the allocation of a budget for each judicial district court administration; authority and power of the chief judge of each
judicial district; relating to district courts and the court of appeals; selection of chief judge; relating to vacancies in the office of judge of the district court and the office of district magistrate judge; longevity bonuses for judicial branch employees; amending K.S.A. 5-517, 20-162, 20-166, 20-318, 20-319, 20-329, 20-342, 20-343, 20-345, 20-346a,
20-349, 20-361, 20-2909, 20-2911, 20-2914, 20-3011, 25-312a and 60-729 and K.S.A. 2013 Supp. 20-1a04, 20-362, 21-6614, 22-2410, 28-170, 28-172a, 28-172b, 28-177, 28-178, 28-179, 38-2312, 59-104, 60-256, 60-2001, 61-2704, 74-7325, 74-7334, 75-5541,
75-5551 and 75-7021 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 2013Supp. 20-367, 21-6614d, 38-2312c and 60-2001b.
All2015 Enrolled Bill2015 House Substitute for Senate Bill 270AN ACT concerning taxation; relating to income tax rates, low income exclusion, food sales tax credit; sales and compensating use tax, rates, distribution thereof; property tax, elections by cities; amending K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 79-2925b, as amended by section 5 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109, 79-32,110, as amended by section 25 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109, 79-32,269, as amended by section 28 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109, 79-3602, as amended by section 6 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109, 79-3603, as amended by section 7 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109, 79-3606, as amended by section 33 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109, 79-3620, as amended by section 8 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109, 79-3703, as amended by section 9 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109, and 79-3710, as amended by section 10 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing Section 11 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2109.
All2015 Enrolled Bill2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill 2109AN ACT concerning taxation; relating to sales and compensating use tax, rates, distribution thereof, food; income tax, subtraction modifications, credits, individual development accounts, low income scholarship program; motor vehicle taxation; taxation of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes; sales tax authority for Bourbon, Douglas and Thomas counties; property taxation, consolidated fire districts and fire districts; rural opportunity zones; land banks; creating the joint committee on tax exemptions and income tax credits; amending K.S.A. 19-26,111, 19-3610 and 79-5108 and K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 12-187, 12-189, 12-192, 12-3915, 12-5909, 72-99a02, as amended by section 67 of 2015 House Substitute for Senate Bill No. 7, 72-99a03, 72-99a04, 74-50,208, 4-50,223, 79-2925b, 79-32,110, 79-32,117, 79-32,120, 79-32,265, 79-32,267, 79-32,269, 79-3310, 79-3310c, 79-3311, 79-3312, 79-3602, 79-3603, as amended by section 20 of 2015 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2155, 79-3606, 79-3620, 79-3695, 79-3703 and 79-3710 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 79-32,270.
All2016 Enrolled Bill2016 Senate Bill 249AN ACT making and concerning appropriations for fiscal years ending June 30, 2016, June
30, 2017, and June 30, 2018, for state agencies; authorizing and directing payment of
certain claims against the state; authorizing certain transfers, capital improvement pro-
jects and fees, imposing certain restrictions and limitations, and directing or authorizing
certain receipts, disbursements, procedures and acts incidental to the foregoing; amend-
ing K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 74-4914d, as amended by section 106 of House Substitute for
Senate Bill No. 161, 74-4920, as amended by section 107 of 2016 House Substitute for
Senate Bill No. 161, and 74-99b34, as amended by section 109 of 2016 House Substitute
for Senate Bill No. 161, and repealing the existing sections.
All2016 Enrolled Bill2016 Senate Bill 161AN ACT making and concerning appropriations for the fiscal years ending June 30, 2016,
June 30, 2017, and June 30, 2018, for the state agencies; authorizing certain transfers,
capital improvement projects and fees, imposing certain restrictions and limitations, and
directing or authorizing certain receipts, disbursements, procedures and acts incidental
to the foregoing; amending K.S.A. 75-3722 and K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 68-2320, 74-4914d,
74-4920, 74-50,107, 74-99b34, 75-2319 and 79-34,161 and repealing the existing
All2016 Enrolled Bill2016 Senate Bill 168AN ACT concerning retirement and pensions; relating to the Kansas public employees re-
tirement system and systems thereunder; normal retirement; requiring certification that
there is no prearranged agreement of employment with participating employers prior to
retirement; providing certain penalties for violations thereof; employment after retire-
ment; special provisions for certain retirants; certain duties of the joint committee on
pensions, investments and benefits; employer rate of contribution; increasing compen-
sation limitation for members of the Kansas police and firemen’s retirement system;
Kansas deferred retirement option program act; final average salary; distribution of
DROP account; death and long-term disability benefits; employer payments to group
insurance reserve fund; Kansas public employees retirement system act of 2015; acci-
dental death benefit; annuity interest rate; Kansas public employees deferred compen-
sation act; sharing of account information; tax treatment; local governmental unit plan
option; amending K.S.A. 74-4916 and 74-4957a and K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 46-2201, 74-
4914, 74-4927, 74-4937, 74-4957, 74-4986o, 74-4986p, 74-4986q, 74-49,313, 74-49b10,
74-49b14 and 74-49b15 and repealing the existing sections.
All2016 Enrolled Bill2016 House Bill 2739AN ACT concerning state finances; implementation of a program service inventory, perform-
ance based budgeting system and integrated budget fiscal process; creating a budget
stabilization fund; relating to state general fund revenue and expenditures; review of
risk-based practices by the legislative budget committee; amending K.S.A. 75-3722, as
amended by section 61 of 2016 Senate Bill No. 367, and 75-6704, as amended by section
62 of 2016 Senate Bill No. 367, and K.S.A. 2015 Supp.75-3721 and repealing the existing
sections; also repealing K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 76-12a25.
All2016 Enrolled Bill2016 Senate Bill 19AN ACT concerning administrative procedure; relating to the Kansas administrative proce-
dure act; Kansas judicial review act; amending K.S.A. 77-502, 77-545, 77-546, 77-548
and 77-613 and K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 77-519, 77-521 and 77-531 and repealing the existing
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
2014 Enrolled Bill2014 Senate Substitute for House Bill 2231AN ACT making and concerning appropriations for fiscal years ending June 30, 2014, June 30, 2015, June 30, 2016, June 30, 2017, and June 30, 2018, for state agencies; authorizing and directing payment of certain claims against the state; authorizing certain transfers, capital improvement projects and fees, imposing certain restrictions and limitations, and directing or authorizing certain receipts, disbursements, procedures and acts incidental to the foregoing; amending K.S.A. 2013 Supp. 2-223, 12-5256, 72-8814, as amended by section 47 of 2014 Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2506, 74-99b34, 79-34,156 and
79-4804 and repealing the existing sections.
AllInfo GuideEDU-70State Small Business Workshops (January - June 2020)
AllKAR53-3-1General records retention and disposition schedule for state agencies.
AllKAR53-4-1Records Officer.
AllKAR92-1-1 revoked March 29, 2002
AllKAR92-1-2revoked March 29, 2002
AllKAR92-1-3revoked March 29, 2002
AllKAR92-1-4revoked May 1, 1988.)

AllKAR92-1-5revoked May 1, 1988.)

AllKAR92-1-6revoked May 1, 1988.)

AllKAR92-1-7revoked May 1, 1988.)

AllKAR92-1-8revoked May 1, 1988.)

AllKAR92-9-1Bidders; notice; form of bids.
AllKAR92-9-2Cash bonus; rental.
AllKAR92-9-3Survey; expense of.
AllKAR92-9-4Wells; operation and management.
AllKAR92-9-5Location of operations.
AllKAR92-9-6aReturns; rates and restrictions.
AllKAR92-9-6revoked July 3, 1989.)

AllKAR92-9-7revoked March 29, 2002
AllKAR92-9-8revoked July 27, 2001
AllKSA12-1610bSame; compilation of information.
AllKSA12-1610fSame; city delegates; powers and duties.
AllKSA12-1610aKansas Government Journal subscriptions.
AllKSA12-1610gSame; powers exercised through instrumentality;
limitation on liability; custody of files upon termination.
AllKSA12-1610dSame; subscriptions.
AllKSA12-1610eSame; membership in, when; instrumentality; powers; act
AllKSA12-1610cLeague of Kansas municipalities; annual dues, expenses
of attending meetings.
AllKSA21-922City ordinances for suppression of gambling places.
AllKSA21-1214Same; penalties.
AllKSA21-1213Unlawful sale, purchase or injection of certain animal
AllKSA21-1803Duty of officers when offense about to be committed under
21-1801; penalty for failure.
AllKSA21-1801Prohibition of prize fighting and wrestling matches;
exceptions; penalties.
AllKSA21-1802Procedure upon arrest of person about to commit offense;
inquiry; bond of accused.
AllKSA21-2501aMaintenance of records of felony and misdemeanor
offenses by law enforcement agencies; reporting of meth lab seizures or dump
sites, theft of anhydrous ammonia; reports to bureau of investigation; form.
AllKSA21-2503Fingerprint records admissible in evidence.
AllKSA21-2504Attorney general may call upon designated officers for
information; forms.
AllKSA21-2501Fingerprinting and palm printing of suspects; disposition
of impressions.
AllKSA21-2505Same; nonperformance of duties; penalty.
AllKSA21-2506Same; construction of act.
AllKSA21-2502University of Kansas and state departments to assist law
enforcement officers and coroners.
AllKSA21-2512Forensic DNA testing; limits thereof.
AllKSA21-2511Collection of biological samples, fingerprints and other
identifiers from certain persons; Kansas bureau of investigation, powers and
duties; expungement of sample and profile record; failure to provide sample,
penalties; other unlawful acts.
AllKSA21-2803Trading stamp act inapplicable to certain coupons and
similar devices.
AllKSA21-2805Invalidity of part.
AllKSA21-2804aSame; penalties for violations of 21-2801, 21-2802.
AllKSA21-2802Trading stamps or similar devices redeemable in cash or
other thing of value prohibited.
AllKSA21-2801Trading stamps or similar devices redeemable in
merchandise or other thing of value prohibited.
AllKSA21-5105Civil remedies preserved.
AllKSA21-5103Scope and application.
AllKSA21-5110Effect of former prosecution.
AllKSA21-5102Crimes defined; classes of crimes.
AllKSA21-5104Severability; invalidity of part of code.
AllKSA21-5106Jurisdictional application.
AllKSA21-5108Burden of proof; defendant presumed innocent.
AllKSA21-5109Multiple prosecutions for same act; lesser included crimes.
AllKSA21-5107Time limitations for commencement of prosecution.
AllKSA21-5225Same; defense of property other than a dwelling, place of work or
occupied vehicle.
AllKSA21-5224Use of force; presumptions.
AllKSA21-5201Requirements of voluntary act or omission.
AllKSA21-5222Same; defense of a person; no duty to retreat.
AllKSA21-5207Ignorance or mistake.
AllKSA21-5228Same; private person making arrest.
AllKSA21-5210Liability for crimes of another.
AllKSA21-5223Same; defense of dwelling, place of work or occupied vehicle; no duty
to retreat.
AllKSA21-5230Same; no duty to retreat.
AllKSA21-5231Same; immunity from prosecution or liability; investigation.
AllKSA21-5212Individual liability for corporate crime.
AllKSA21-5220Use of force; construction and application.
AllKSA21-5227Same; law enforcement officer making arrest.
AllKSA21-5209Defense of lack of mental state.
AllKSA21-5226Same; by an aggressor.
AllKSA21-5221Use of force; definitions.
AllKSA21-5211Corporations; criminal responsibility.
AllKSA21-5204Culpable mental state; exclusions.
AllKSA21-5202Culpable mental state; definition of intentionally, knowingly,
AllKSA21-5229Same; resisting arrest.
AllKSA21-5203Guilt without culpable mental state, when.
AllKSA21-5303Criminal solicitation.
AllKSA21-5408Kidnapping; aggravated kidnapping.
AllKSA21-5424Exposing another to a life threatening communicable disease.
AllKSA21-5411Criminal restraint.
AllKSA21-5407Assisting suicide.
AllKSA21-5416Mistreatment of a confined person.
AllKSA21-5410Interference with custody of a committed person.
AllKSA21-5420Robbery; aggravated robbery.
AllKSA21-5403Murder in the second degree.
AllKSA21-5422Illegal use of weapons of mass destruction.
AllKSA21-5409Interference with parental custody; aggravated interference with
parental custody.
AllKSA21-5406Vehicular homicide.
AllKSA21-5425Unlawful administration of a substance.
AllKSA21-5415Criminal threat; aggravated criminal threat.
AllKSA21-5419Application of certain crimes to an unborn child.
AllKSA21-5404Voluntary manslaughter.
AllKSA21-5430Distribution of a controlled substance causing great bodily harm or
AllKSA21-5431Female genital mutilation.
AllKSA21-5423Furtherance of terrorism or illegal use of weapons of mass
AllKSA21-5414Domestic battery; aggravated domestic battery.
AllKSA21-5426Human trafficking; aggravated human trafficking.
AllKSA21-5401Capital murder.
AllKSA21-5417Mistreatment of a dependent adult; mistreatment of an elder
AllKSA21-5412Assault; aggravated assault; assault of a law enforcement officer;
aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer.
AllKSA21-5402Murder in the first degree.
AllKSA21-5413Battery; aggravated battery; battery against certain persons;
aggravated battery against certain persons.
AllKSA21-5405Involuntary manslaughter.
AllKSA21-5505Sexual battery; aggravated sexual battery.
AllKSA21-5509Electronic solicitation.
AllKSA21-5513Lewd and lascivious behavior.
AllKSA21-5504Criminal sodomy; aggravated criminal sodomy.
AllKSA21-5507Unlawful voluntary sexual relations.
AllKSA21-5508Indecent solicitation of a child; aggravated indecent solicitation of
a child.
AllKSA21-5506Indecent liberties with a child; aggravated indecent liberties with a
AllKSA21-5502Evidence of complaining witness' previous sexual conduct in
prosecutions for certain offenses; motions; notice.
AllKSA21-5510Sexual exploitation of a child.
AllKSA21-5512Unlawful sexual relations.
AllKSA21-5605Abandonment of a child; aggravated abandonment of a child.
AllKSA21-5607Furnishing alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage to a minor;
furnishing alcoholic beverage to a minor for illicit purposes.
AllKSA21-5603Contributing to a child's misconduct or deprivation.
AllKSA21-5608Unlawfully hosting minors consuming alcoholic liquor or cereal malt
AllKSA21-5601Endangering a child; aggravated endangering a child.
AllKSA21-5606Criminal nonsupport.
AllKSA21-5604Incest; aggravated incest.
AllKSA21-5611Unlawful transmission of a visual depiction of a child.
AllKSA21-5610Unlawful possession of a visual depiction of a child.
AllKSA21-5602Abuse of a child.
AllKSA21-5715Treatment of a controlled substance analog.
AllKSA21-5704Same; costs and expenses.
AllKSA21-5717Uniformity of act.
AllKSA21-5711Factors to consider when determining what is drug paraphernalia.
AllKSA21-5714Unlawful representation that noncontrolled substance is controlled
AllKSA21-5708Unlawfully obtaining or selling a prescription-only drug.
AllKSA21-5707Unlawful manufacture, distribution, cultivation or possession of
controlled substances using a communication facility.
AllKSA21-5705Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances.
AllKSA21-5713Unlawful distribution or possession of a simulated controlled
AllKSA21-5716Unlawful acts involving proceeds derived from violations of 21-5701
through 21-5717.
AllKSA21-5710Unlawful distribution of certain drug precursors and drug
AllKSA21-5703Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substances.
AllKSA21-5712Unlawful abuse of toxic vapors.
AllKSA21-5709Unlawful possession of certain drug precursors and drug
AllKSA21-5702Effective date; scope of act.
AllKSA21-5706Unlawful possession of controlled substances.
AllKSA21-5815Criminal littering.
AllKSA21-5832Unauthorized delivery of stored goods.
AllKSA21-5830Impairing a security interest.
AllKSA21-5821Giving a worthless check.
AllKSA21-5816Tampering with a landmark.
AllKSA21-5836Unlawful acts concerning certificates of title.
AllKSA21-5802Theft of property lost, mislaid or delivered by mistake.
AllKSA21-5837Adding dockage or foreign material to grain.
AllKSA21-5831Warehouse receipt fraud.
AllKSA21-5833Automobile master key violation.
AllKSA21-5818Tampering with a pipeline.
AllKSA21-5817Tampering with a traffic signal; aggravated tampering with a traffic
AllKSA21-5827Altering a legislative document.
AllKSA21-5834Sale of recut or regrooved tires.
AllKSA21-5828Criminal use of a financial card.
AllKSA21-5826Destroying a written instrument.
AllKSA21-5811Commercial fossil hunting.
AllKSA21-5835Unlawful acts concerning odometers.
AllKSA21-5824Making false information.
AllKSA21-5812Arson; aggravated arson.
AllKSA21-5822Causing an unlawful prosecution for giving a worthless check.
AllKSA21-5819Throwing or otherwise casting objects onto street, highway or
railroad right-of-way or railroad property.
AllKSA21-5838Conducting a pyramid promotional scheme.
AllKSA21-5805Unlawful acts involving theft detection shielding devices.
AllKSA21-5809Trespassing on railroad property.
AllKSA21-5820Unlawful posting of political pictures and political advertisements.
AllKSA21-5814Criminal use of an explosive.
AllKSA21-5829Unlawful manufacture or disposal of false tokens.
AllKSA21-5806Unlawful use of recordings.
AllKSA21-5810Criminal hunting.
AllKSA21-5839Unlawful acts concerning computers.
AllKSA21-5808Criminal trespass.
AllKSA21-5803Criminal deprivation of property.
AllKSA21-5804Prima facie evidence of intent to permanently deprive owner or
lessor of possession, use or benefit of property.
AllKSA21-5813Criminal damage to property; aggravated criminal damage to
AllKSA21-5807Burglary; aggravated burglary.
AllKSA21-5840Counterfeiting currency.
AllKSA21-5929Obstruction of a medicaid fraud investigation.
AllKSA21-5923Unlawful disclosure of authorized interception of wire, oral or
electronic communications.
AllKSA21-5936Fraudulent aircraft registration.
AllKSA21-5930Failure to maintain adequate records.
AllKSA21-5928Unlawful acts relating to the medicaid program.
AllKSA21-5913Obstructing apprehension or prosecution.
AllKSA21-5906Criminal disclosure of a warrant.
AllKSA21-5931Destruction or concealment of records.
AllKSA21-5925Kansas medicaid fraud control act; citation.
AllKSA21-5935Failure to register an aircraft.
AllKSA21-5934Other remedies available as provided by law.
AllKSA21-5916False signing of a petition.
AllKSA21-5921Tampering with public notice.
AllKSA21-5922Interference with the conduct of public business in public buildings;
aggravated interference with the conduct of public business.
AllKSA21-5932Defense of actions.
AllKSA21-5908Witness or victim intimidation; definitions.
AllKSA21-5919Performance of an unauthorized official act.
AllKSA21-5920Tampering with a public record.
AllKSA21-5917False impersonation; aggravated false impersonation.
AllKSA21-5912Aiding escape.
AllKSA21-5910Civil remedies; court orders authorized; penalties; petrial release.
AllKSA21-5918Dealing in false identification documents; vital records identity
AllKSA21-5937Fraudulent acts relating to aircraft identification numbers.
AllKSA21-5915Failure to appear; aggravated failure to appear.
AllKSA21-5938Failure to report disappearance or death of child; penalties.
AllKSA21-5907Simulating legal process.
AllKSA21-5904Interference with law enforcement.
AllKSA21-5905Interference with the judicial process.
AllKSA21-5927Making false claim, statement or representation to the medicaid
AllKSA21-5933Penalties; medicaid fraud reimbursement fund; medicaid fraud
prosecution revolving fund.
AllKSA21-5914Traffic in contraband in a correctional institution or care and
treatment facility.
AllKSA21-5911Escape from custody; aggravated escape from custody.
AllKSA21-5924Violation of a protective order; extended protective orders;
AllKSA21-5939Unlawful acts involving an automated sales suppression device.
AllKSA21-5909Intimidation of a witness or victim; aggravated intimidation of a
witness or victim.
AllKSA21-6004Presenting a false claim; permitting a false claim.
AllKSA21-6006Unlawful use of state postage; imprinting of warning on mail.
AllKSA21-6005Misuse of public funds.
AllKSA21-6002Official misconduct.
AllKSA21-6003Compensation for past official acts.
AllKSA21-6104Unlawful disclosure of tax information.
AllKSA21-6116Same; severability.
AllKSA21-6108Unlawful possession of scanning device or reencoder.
AllKSA21-6113Rules and regulations to assure exemptions from smoking ban are
bona fide.
AllKSA21-6114Same; local regulation of smoking.
AllKSA21-6102Denial of civil rights.
AllKSA21-6111Posting smoking prohibited signs.
AllKSA21-6115Citation of Kansas indoor clean air act.
AllKSA21-6103Criminal false communication.
AllKSA21-6106Unlawful public demonstration at a funeral.
AllKSA21-6105Unjustifiably exposing a convicted or charged person.
AllKSA21-6112Unlawful acts; penalties; retaliatory discharge prohibited.
AllKSA21-6107Identity theft; identity fraud.
AllKSA21-6110Smoking in public places, public meetings and other places
prohibited; smoke-free workplace, employer written policy; exceptions, smoking
AllKSA21-6101Breach of privacy.
AllKSA21-6109Kansas indoor clean air act; smoking in enclosed areas or public
meetings; definitions.
AllKSA21-6203Disorderly conduct.
AllKSA21-6206Harassment by telecommunication device.
AllKSA21-6202Unlawful assembly; remaining at an unlawful assembly.
AllKSA21-6201Riot; incitement to riot.
AllKSA21-6205Criminal desecration.
AllKSA21-6204Maintaining a public nuisance; permitting a public nuisance; reports.
AllKSA21-6207Unlawful request for emergency service assistance.
AllKSA21-6318Creating a hazard.
AllKSA21-6303Criminal distribution of firearms to a felon.
AllKSA21-6323Refusal to yield a telephone party line.
AllKSA21-6315Criminal street gang intimidation.
AllKSA21-6321Unlawful act concerning alcohol without liquid machine.
AllKSA21-6314Recruiting criminal street gang membership.
AllKSA21-6317Endangering the food supply; aggravated endangering the food supply.
AllKSA21-6305Aggravated weapons violation by a convicted felon.
AllKSA21-6319Unlawful failure to report a wound.
AllKSA21-6325Unlawful interference with a firefighter.
AllKSA21-6311Failure to register explosives.
AllKSA21-6306Defacing identification marks of a firearm.
AllKSA21-6322Unlawfully tampering with electronic monitoring equipment.
AllKSA21-6324Unlawful possession or use of a traffic control signal preemption
AllKSA21-6320Selling beverage containers with detachable tabs.
AllKSA21-6310Unlawful endangerment.
AllKSA21-6312Criminal possession of explosives; criminal disposal of explosives;
carrying concealed explosives.
AllKSA21-6313Criminal street gangs; definitions.
AllKSA21-6331Same; certain attorneys authorized to administer oaths and issue
subpoenas; contempt of court.
AllKSA21-6330Same; appropriate orders and judgments by district courts; civil
AllKSA21-6327Kansas racketeer influenced and corrupt organization act.
AllKSA21-6308aUnlawful discharge of a firearm in a city.
AllKSA21-6304Criminal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
AllKSA21-6316Criminal street gang member; bail; exceptions.
AllKSA21-6329Same; unlawful activities; penalty.
AllKSA21-6332Possession of a firearm under the influence.
AllKSA21-6328Same; definitions.
AllKSA21-6308Criminal discharge of a firearm.
AllKSA21-6302Criminal carrying of a weapon.
AllKSA21-6309Unlawful possession of firearms on certain government property.
AllKSA21-6301Criminal use of weapons.
AllKSA21-6326Unlawful interference with an emergency medical service
AllKSA21-6417Unlawful conduct of cockfighting; unlawful attendance of
cockfighting; unlawful possession of cockfighting paraphernalia.
AllKSA21-6418Permitting a dangerous animal to be at large.
AllKSA21-6401Promoting obscenity; promoting obscenity to minors.
AllKSA21-6410False Membership Claim.
AllKSA21-6406Commercial gambling.
AllKSA21-6415Illegal ownership or keeping of an animal.
AllKSA21-6409Installing communication facilities for gamblers.
AllKSA21-6408Unlawful Possession of a gambling device.
AllKSA21-6407Dealing in gambling devices.
AllKSA21-6411Unlawful acts concerning animals; definitions.
AllKSA21-6405Illegal bingo operation.
AllKSA21-6402Promotion to minors of material harmful to minors.
AllKSA21-6416Harming or killing certain dogs.
AllKSA21-6413Unlawful disposition of animals.
AllKSA21-6420Promoting the sale of sexual relations.
AllKSA21-6419Selling sexual relations.
AllKSA21-6403Gambling; definitions.
AllKSA21-6423Violation of a consumer protection order.
AllKSA21-6421Buying sexual relations.
AllKSA21-6414Unlawful conduct of dog fighting; unlawful attendance of dog
fighting; unlawful possession of dog fighting paraphernalia.
AllKSA21-6422Commercial sexual exploitation of a child.
AllKSA21-6412Cruelty to animals.
AllKSA21-6504Equity skimming.
AllKSA21-6509Knowingly employing an alien illegally within the territory of the
United States.
AllKSA21-6508Tampering with a sports contest.
AllKSA21-6505Tie-in magazine sale.
AllKSA21-6506Commercial bribery.
AllKSA21-6507Sports bribery.
AllKSA21-6502Debt adjusting.
AllKSA21-6503Deceptive commercial practice.
AllKSA21-6618Same; sentencing.
AllKSA21-6612Criteria for imposing fines.
AllKSA21-6628Provisions of certain sentencing rules held unconstitutional;
modification of sentence previously determined.
AllKSA21-6615Deduction of time spent in confinement, residential facility,
conservation camp or community correctional residential services program.
AllKSA21-6619Same; automatic review by and appeal to supreme court.
AllKSA21-6610Transfer of supervision of person paroled, on probation, assigned to
community corrections or under suspended sentence.
AllKSA21-6621Sentencing of certain persons to mandatory term of imprisonment of 40
years; juveniles prosecuted as adults.
AllKSA21-6605Custody of persons sentenced to confinement; notice of modification
of sentence.
AllKSA21-6629Application of prior law and current law.
AllKSA21-6625Mitigating circumstances.
AllKSA21-6616Parole from sentence imposed by district magistrate judge.
AllKSA21-6613Rights of imprisoned persons; restoration.
AllKSA21-6611 Fines; crimes committed on or after July 1, 1993.
AllKSA21-6609 House arrest program; eligibility; methods; notice to law enforcement
officers; administration.
AllKSA21-6624Aggravating circumstances.
AllKSA21-6606Multiple sentences; defendant subject to or under sentence in
federal court or court of another state.
AllKSA21-6617Persons convicted of capital murder; proceeding to determine if
person shall be sentenced to death; notice; trial judge; jury; imprisonment for
life without the possibility of parole.
AllKSA21-6608Period of suspension of sentence, probation or assignment to
community corrections; parole of misdemeanant; duration of probation in felony
cases, modification or extension.
AllKSA21-6607Conditions of probation or suspended sentence; correctional
supervision fee; correctional supervision fund; searches; drug testing; written
AllKSA21-6602Classification of misdemeanors and terms of confinement; possible
AllKSA21-6630Sentencing of certain veterans; mental health treatment; drug abuse
AllKSA21-6622Sentencing for capital murder and mandatory terms of imprisonment;
determination if defendant is a person with intellectual disability.
AllKSA21-6626Aggravated habitual sex offender; sentence to imprisonment for life
without the possibility of parole.
AllKSA21-6623Imposition of sentence of mandatory imprisonment of 40 or 50
AllKSA21-6620Sentencing of certain persons to mandatory minimum term of
imprisonment of 25, 40 or 50 years or life without the possibility of parole;
determination; evidence presented.
AllKSA21-6627Mandatory term of imprisonment of 25 or 40 years for certain
offenders; exceptions.
AllKSA21-6614Expungement of certain convictions, arrest records and diversion
AllKSA21-6604Authorized dispositions; crimes committed on or after July 1,
AllKSA21-6712Order transferring custody to corrections.
AllKSA21-6701Classes of felonies and terms of imprisonment; crimes committed prior
to July 1, 1993.
AllKSA21-6705Criteria for fixing minimum terms.
AllKSA21-6703Presentence investigation and report.
AllKSA21-6710Fines; crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
AllKSA21-6707Mandatory imprisonment for crimes involving firearms.
AllKSA21-6709Presumptive sentence of assignment to community correctional services
program for certain class D or E felons; aggravating circumstances to be
AllKSA21-6704Availability of reports to counsel; exception.
AllKSA21-6711Defendants sentenced to custody of secretary of corrections; judgment
form and contents; diagnostic reports to accompany defendant.
AllKSA21-6706Conviction of second and subsequent felonies; exceptions.
AllKSA21-6708Presumptive sentence of probation for certain class D or E
AllKSA21-6702Authorized disposition; crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
AllKSA21-6807Crime severity scale for nondrug crimes, application to specific
crimes; ranking offenses, provision; unranked offenses; unclassified felonies;
prior convictions discovered after the plea.
AllKSA21-6809Criminal history categories in criminal history scale.
AllKSA21-6823Costs and expenses associated with postconviction sanctions for
felony convictions.
AllKSA21-6812Actions which prosecutors may take under agreements with defendants
for plea; exceptions relating to prior convictions.
AllKSA21-6801Citation of article.
AllKSA21-6814Offender's criminal history; admission in court or determined by
judge; burden of proof; notice of error by offender.
AllKSA21-6816Departure sentencing for drug crimes; finding substantial and
compelling reasons for departure; aggravating factors considered in determining
if reasons exist.
AllKSA21-6822Sentencing guidelines; changes in; duties of sentencing commission
and secretary of corrections; submission to legislature.
AllKSA21-6802Basis for applying sentencing guidelines and prosecuting standards;
sentencing court to consider alternatives determining appropriate sentence;
determination of time when crime committed; law applicable.
AllKSA21-6818Departure sentencing; limitations.
AllKSA21-6817Departure sentencing; hearing; notice; findings of fact and
conclusions of law; order; upward durational departure sentencing; procedures
and jury requirements.
AllKSA21-6819 Sentencing in multiple conviction cases; discretion of judge to
impose concurrent or consecutive sentences; requirements applicable; departure
sentencing based on aggravating factors.
AllKSA21-6808 Crime severity scale for drug crimes, application; presumptive
AllKSA21-6803 Definitions.
AllKSA21-6805Sentencing grid for drug crimes; authority and responsibility of
sentencing court; presumptive disposition.
AllKSA21-6811bDetermination of offender's criminal history; severability.
AllKSA21-6821Good time and program credits; calculation; forfeiture; rules and
regulations of secretary; liability.
AllKSA21-6806Sentences of imprisonment, good time; pronouncement of sentence in
felony cases; off-grid crimes.
AllKSA21-6810Criminal history categories, basis; determination of offenders
classification; decay factors; prior convictions.
AllKSA21-6804Sentencing grid for nondrug crimes; authority and responsibility of
sentencing court; presumptive disposition.
AllKSA21-6815Imposition of presumptive sentence; jury requirements; departure
sentencing; substantial and compelling reasons for departure; mitigating and
aggravating factors.
AllKSA21-6824Nonprison sanction; certified drug abuse treatment programs;
assessment; supervision by community corrections or court services; discharge
from program; exceptions to placement in program.
AllKSA21-6811Determination of offender's criminal history classification in
presumptive sentencing guidelines grids.
AllKSA21-6811dCalculating an offender's criminal history; severability.
AllKSA21-6813Presentence investigation report; information included; part of
court record; confidential information, disclosure to certain parties; report
AllKSA21-6820Departure sentence subject to appeal; confinement or release of
defendant pending review; scope of review; action by court; written opinion,
when; summary disposition; correction of arithmetic or clerical errors.
AllKSA21-6901Kansas closed case task force; members; duties; report.
AllKSA21-6902Kansas criminal justice reform commission; duties; members;
AllKSA22-2103Purpose and construction.
AllKSA22-2104Prosecutions in the name of state.
AllKSA22-2201Interpretation of words and phrases.
AllKSA22-2305Execution or service and return of warrant or summons.
AllKSA22-2301Commencement of prosecution.
AllKSA22-2309Prosecution of crimes related to domestic violence;
written policies adopted by prosecuting attorneys; contents.
AllKSA22-2308Same; liability.
AllKSA22-2303Prosecution begun by filing indictment or information;
issuance of warrant; summons.
AllKSA22-2311Prosecution of crimes relating to stalking; written
policies to be adopted by prosecuting attorneys; contents.
AllKSA22-2306Defective warrant.
AllKSA22-2310Stalking allegations; written policies to be adopted by law
enforcement agencies; contents; liability.
AllKSA22-2302Issuance of warrant or summons; availability of affidavits and
testimony in support of probable cause requirement.
AllKSA22-2307Domestic violence calls; written policies to be adopted by law
enforcement agencies; contents.
AllKSA22-2409Crimes committed by corporations.
AllKSA22-2406Release by officer of person arrested.
AllKSA22-2404Arrest by law enforcement officer from another
AllKSA22-2405Method of arrest.
AllKSA22-2408Notice to appear.
AllKSA22-2401Arrest by law enforcement officer.
AllKSA22-2402Stopping of suspect.
AllKSA22-2407Assisting law enforcement officer.
AllKSA22-2403Arrest by private person.
AllKSA22-2411Arrest powers of federal law enforcement officers.
AllKSA22-2401aJurisdiction; law enforcement officers; tribal law enforcement
agency, liability insurance required, when; university police officers; TAG and
horsethief reservoir benefit district law enforcement officers.
AllKSA22-2410Expungement of arrest records; docket fee; disclosure limited upon
filing of petition.
AllKSA22-2507Command of search warrant.
AllKSA22-2508Use of force in execution of search warrant.
AllKSA22-2510When search warrant may be executed.
AllKSA22-2522Same; body cavity searches; warrant; limitations.
AllKSA22-2511No warrant quashed for technicality.
AllKSA22-2519Reports by judges and prosecutors to administrative
office of federal courts.
AllKSA22-2514Authorized interception of wire, oral or electronic
communications; definitions.
AllKSA22-2527Same; order; issuance; specifications required; duration;
extensions; disclosure.
AllKSA22-2524Same; prison and jail inmates, exceptions.
AllKSA22-2518Same; civil action for damages; defense available in
civil and criminal actions.
AllKSA22-2523Same; liability for unlawful search.
AllKSA22-2505Persons authorized to execute search warrants.
AllKSA22-2520Strip and body cavity searches; definitions.
AllKSA22-2509Detention and search of persons on premises.
AllKSA22-2521Same; strip searches; limitations; report.
AllKSA22-2526Same; order, contents.
AllKSA22-2528Same; responsibilities of and assistance to authorities
by provider, landlord, custodian or other person; compensation; immunity.
AllKSA22-2525Authorized installation or use of pen register or a trap
and trace device; order required, exception.
AllKSA22-2517Unlawful interception of wire or oral communication;
evidentiary status of contents.
AllKSA22-2529Same; definitions.
AllKSA22-2504Issuance of search warrant.
AllKSA22-2516Same; application for order, form and contents; issuance of order;
contents; duration; extension; recordation of intercepted communications;
custody of application and order, disclosure; inventory, notice to certain
persons; evidentiary status of intercepted communications; motion to suppress,
AllKSA22-2506Execution of search warrants.
AllKSA22-2515Same; order; application; crimes for which order may be issued;
disclosure and use of contents of wire, oral or electronic communications;
effect on privileged communications.
AllKSA22-2530Copy of search warrant to property owner.
AllKSA22-2512Custody and disposition of property seized.
AllKSA22-2502Search warrants; issuance; proceedings authorized; availability of
affidavits and testimony in support of probable cause requirement; use of
electronic communications and tracking devices.
AllKSA22-2503Territorial and time limitations on execution of certain search
AllKSA22-2603Crime committed in more than one county.
AllKSA22-2604Crime committed on or near county boundary.
AllKSA22-2602Place of trial.
AllKSA22-2609Property taken in one county and brought into another.
AllKSA22-2617Notice of transfer.
AllKSA22-2612Crime commenced outside the state or by agent.
AllKSA22-2607Assisting another to commit crime or avoid prosecution.
AllKSA22-2608Crimes committed while in transit.
AllKSA22-2605Waters constituting county boundaries.
AllKSA22-2616Change of venue.
AllKSA22-2611Death and cause of death in different places.
AllKSA22-2610Property taken in other state and brought into this
AllKSA22-2618Time of motion.
AllKSA22-2606Waters constituting state boundaries.
AllKSA22-2615Failure to appear.
AllKSA22-2619Crime committed with an electronic device; venue.
AllKSA22-2714Arrest without a warrant.
AllKSA22-2709Authority of arresting officer.
AllKSA22-2712Confinement in jail when necessary.
AllKSA22-2704Governor may investigate case.
AllKSA22-2706Persons not present in the demanding state at time of
commission of crime.
AllKSA22-2717Extension of time of commitment; adjournment.
AllKSA22-2722Fugitives from this state; duty of governor.
AllKSA22-2721Governor may recall warrant or issue alias.
AllKSA22-2727Nonwaiver by this state.
AllKSA22-2729Uniformity of interpretation.
AllKSA22-2702Fugitives from justice; duty of governor.
AllKSA22-2707Issue of governor's warrant of arrest; recitals.
AllKSA22-2703Form of demand.
AllKSA22-2710Rights of accused person; application for writ of habeas
corpus; notice.
AllKSA22-2716Bail; in what cases; conditions of bond.
AllKSA22-2713Arrest prior to requisition; prisoners in federal
facilities, waiver of requirements for extradition.
AllKSA22-2720Guilt or innocence of accused; when inquired into.
AllKSA22-2711Delivery of person in disobedience of 22-2710; penalty.
AllKSA22-2723Application for issuance of requisition; by whom made;
AllKSA22-2728No right of asylum; no immunity from other criminal
prosecutions while in this state.
AllKSA22-2725Immunity from service of process in civil actions.
AllKSA22-2726Written waiver of extradition proceeding; duty of judge.
AllKSA22-2719Persons under criminal prosecution in this state at time
of requisition.
AllKSA22-2705Extradition of persons imprisoned or awaiting trial in
another state or who have left the demanding state under compulsion.
AllKSA22-2724Costs and expenses.
AllKSA22-2730Invalidity of part.
AllKSA22-2715Commitment to await requisition; bail.
AllKSA22-2708Manner and place of execution.
AllKSA22-2718Forfeiture of bail.
AllKSA22-2816Supervised release; eligibility; agreement; elements of
AllKSA22-2801Declaration of purpose.
AllKSA22-2809Surrender of obligor by surety; release of surety.
AllKSA22-2803Review of conditions of release; application for
modification of conditions of release.
AllKSA22-2814Release on recognizance and supervised release.
AllKSA22-2807Forfeiture of appearance bonds.
AllKSA22-2817Release on recognizance and supervised release; powers of
AllKSA22-2818Traffic violations; failure to appear, service of warrant
and collection of bond.
AllKSA22-2815Release on recognizance; procedures; criteria.
AllKSA22-2805Material witness; appearance bond; custody; release, when
required; appointed counsel and other services for indigent.
AllKSA22-2804Release after conviction.
AllKSA22-2809bCompensated surety; application; authorization by judicial
district; continuing education requirements.
AllKSA22-2809aSurety or agent thereof; felons disqualified to act as; notice of
intent to apprehend fugitive; violations, penalties.
AllKSA22-2806Justification and approval of sureties.
AllKSA22-2802Release prior to trial; conditions of release; appearance bond,
cash bond or personal recognizance.
AllKSA22-2912District court rules for diversion procedures; 22-2906 to
22-2911, inapplicable; factors.
AllKSA22-2902aPreliminary examination; admissibility of report of
forensic examiner.
AllKSA22-2905Proceedings after the preliminary examination.
AllKSA22-2903Exclusion and separation of witnesses.
AllKSA22-2902Preliminary examination.
AllKSA22-2907Diversion agreements authorized; policies and guidelines
by district attorney; background information; right to counsel.
AllKSA22-2902cPreliminary examination; admissability of field test of
alleged controlled substances; rules and regulations by Kansas bureau of
AllKSA22-2911Failure to fulfill diversion agreement; satisfactory
fulfillment; records.
AllKSA22-2904Testimony reduced to writing.
AllKSA22-2901Appearance before the magistrate.
AllKSA22-2914Preliminary examination; certain business records.
AllKSA22-2902dPreliminary examination; admissibility of certain scrap metal
dealer records.
AllKSA22-2910Conditioning diversion on plea prohibited; inadmissibility of
agreement; other matters.
AllKSA22-2908Grant of diversion; factors to consider; when prohibited.
AllKSA22-2909Diversion agreements; provisions; waiver of certain rights;
stipulation of facts; stay of criminal proceedings; filing of agreements.
AllKSA22-3002Objections; second drawing.
AllKSA22-3008Witnesses; immunity.
AllKSA22-3016Removal of judge.
AllKSA22-3007Duty of prosecuting attorney.
AllKSA22-3004Presiding juror and deputy presiding juror.
AllKSA22-3014Witness fees.
AllKSA22-3013Discharge and excuse.
AllKSA22-3005Charge by the court.
AllKSA22-3009Counsel for witness.
AllKSA22-3010Who may be present.
AllKSA22-3012Secrecy of proceedings and disclosure.
AllKSA22-3003Oaths of jurors.
AllKSA22-3001Grand juries; summoning; petition; jury instructions; membership;
AllKSA22-3011Indictment, procedure; request that attorney general prosecute.
AllKSA22-3015Amendment of indictment.
AllKSA22-3006Compensation; recording methods; employees.
AllKSA22-3101Inquisitions; witnesses.
AllKSA22-3103Use of testimony.
AllKSA22-3104Counsel for witness.
AllKSA22-3105Witness fees.
AllKSA22-3102Privilege against self-incrimination; grants of immunity.
AllKSA22-3216Motion to suppress illegally seized evidence.
AllKSA22-3201The charge; delayed identification of certain witnesses.
AllKSA22-3204Joinder of defendants; separate trials.
AllKSA22-3219Defense of lack of mental state; notice and procedure;
mental examination.
AllKSA22-3217Pretrial conference.
AllKSA22-3208Pleadings and motions.
AllKSA22-3206Time of arraignment.
AllKSA22-3203Consolidation for trial of separate indictments or
AllKSA22-3209Pleas; effect.
AllKSA22-3215Motion to suppress confession or admission.
AllKSA22-3218Plea of alibi; notice.
AllKSA22-3222Same; mental examination, commitment to certain
AllKSA22-3202Joinder of charges and defendants.
AllKSA22-3221Same; special jury question.
AllKSA22-3210Plea of guilty or nolo contendere; time limitation.
AllKSA22-3213Demands for production of statements and reports of witnesses.
AllKSA22-3212Discovery and inspection.
AllKSA22-3306Task force to study programs for alleged offenders with
disabilities who are potentially incompetent to stand trial and make
AllKSA22-3305Procedure when defendant not civilly committed or to be discharged;
order of discharge; request for hearing on competency; charges dismissed;
statute of limitations not to run; victim notification.
AllKSA22-3303Commitment of incompetent defendant; limitation; civil commitment
proceedings; regained competency; credit for time committed; victim
AllKSA22-3302Proceedings to determine competency.
AllKSA22-3401Time of trial.
AllKSA22-3406Time to prepare for trial.
AllKSA22-3417Objections to rulings.
AllKSA22-3409Summoning jurors in misdemeanor case.
AllKSA22-3418View of place of crime.
AllKSA22-3403Method of trial of felony cases.
AllKSA22-3413Juror's knowledge of material fact.
AllKSA22-3419Motion for judgment of acquittal.
AllKSA22-3426aRevocation of probation; form and content of journal
AllKSA22-3421Verdict, procedure.
AllKSA22-3434Videotape of testimony of child victim admissible in
certain cases; limitations; standard of proof; objections, restrictions.
AllKSA22-3407Motion to discharge jury panel.
AllKSA22-3404Misdemeanor, cigarette or tobacco infraction and traffic
infraction case; method of trial.
AllKSA22-3428bSame; violation of conditions of release; return to
AllKSA22-3410Challenges for cause.
AllKSA22-3425Commitment for failure to pay fine and costs.
AllKSA22-3411aFelony trials; number of jurors.
AllKSA22-3429Mental examination, evaluation and report after conviction and prior
to sentence; limit on commitment.
AllKSA22-3436Prosecuting attorney; information to victims; right to be present at
certain hearings.
AllKSA22-3439Felony convictions; information and forms to be forwarded to Kansas
sentencing commission and Kansas bureau of investigation.
AllKSA22-3415Laws applicable to witnesses; immunity from prosecution or
AllKSA22-3426Record of judgment; form and content of journal entry.
AllKSA22-3414Order of trial.
AllKSA22-3412 Jury selection; peremptory challenges; swearing of jury; alternate or
additional jurors.
AllKSA22-3432 Information for secretary of corrections concerning person convicted.
AllKSA22-3416 Prisoner as witness.
AllKSA22-3427 Execution of sentence.
AllKSA22-3437 Forensic examinations; admissibility; certification; notices of
proffer and objection to admission; use of interactive video testimony.
AllKSA22-3428aSame; annual hearing on continued commitment; procedure, notice
and standards; victim notification.
AllKSA22-3428Persons found not guilty by jury by reason of mental disease or
defect; commitment to state security hospital; determination of whether person
is a mentally ill person, notice and hearing; procedure for transfer, release
or discharge, standards, notice and hearing; victim notification.
AllKSA22-3420Conduct of jury after submission.
AllKSA22-3431Commitment to certain institutions as a result of mental
examination and report after conviction and prior to sentence; disposition upon
completion of treatment; notice and hearing; victim notification.
AllKSA22-3402Discharge of persons not brought promptly to trial; discharge
deadlines; delays, requests and charging of time.
AllKSA22-3430Commitment to certain institutions as a result of a K.
AllKSA22-3405Presence of defendant.
AllKSA22-3424Judgment and sentence; restitution; duties of court.
AllKSA22-3436Prosecuting attorney; information to victims; right to be present
at certain hearings.
AllKSA22-3408Trial jurors.
AllKSA22-3440Contact with jurors; discussion of deliberations or verdict
following discharge; violations, contempt.
AllKSA22-3503Arrest of judgment without motion.
AllKSA22-3501New trial.
AllKSA22-3502Arrest of judgment.
AllKSA22-3504Correction of sentence.
AllKSA22-3603Interlocutory appeals by the state.
AllKSA22-3608Time for appeal from judgment of district court.
AllKSA22-3606Procedure on appeal.
AllKSA22-3610Hearing on appeal; exception.
AllKSA22-3611Judgment on appeal.
AllKSA22-3607Disposition of defendant when judgment reversed on
AllKSA22-3604 Release of defendant pending appeal by prosecution.
AllKSA22-3609aAppeals from district magistrate judges not regularly admitted to
practice law.
AllKSA22-3612Criminal appeals from district court; attorney general to invoke
county or district attorney's assistance; costs; criminal appeals cost
AllKSA22-3602Appeals by defendant, when; appeals by prosecution; transfers to
supreme court.
AllKSA22-3605Decision and disposition of case on appeal; stay of mandate.
AllKSA22-3609Appeals from municipal courts.
AllKSA22-3601Appellate jurisdiction of court of appeals and supreme court in
criminal cases.
AllKSA22-3613Writ of habeas corpus relief granted; appeal by prosecution; stay
of underlying criminal case.
AllKSA22-3702Form of pardon.
AllKSA22-3704Reprieves in capital cases.
AllKSA22-3703Report of pardons to legislature.
AllKSA22-3725Good time credits, crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
AllKSA22-3722 Service on parole, conditional release and postrelease supervision;
discharge; restoration of civil rights.
AllKSA22-3712 Placement in diagnostic or treatment facility as condition of
AllKSA22-3719 Information from correctional institution officials.
AllKSA22-3706 Person acting as agent or representative of individual seeking
release; contingent fee prohibited; statement and affidavit.
AllKSA22-3726 Supervised furlough; crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
AllKSA22-3718 Conditional release; notice.
AllKSA22-3711 Certain records privileged.
AllKSA22-3709 Officers of board; panels authorized; vote required to parole certain
AllKSA22-3720 Subpoena power.
AllKSA22-3710 Kansas prisoner review board; seal, orders, records, reports.
AllKSA22-3729 Terminal medical release; procedures; notice; conditions; revocation;
supervision upon release.
AllKSA22-3713 Prisoner review board; hearings; personnel and accounting services.
AllKSA22-3723Transfer of offenders under treaties.
AllKSA22-3705Commutation of sentence, reduction of penalty; restrictions.
AllKSA22-3728Functional incapacitation release; procedures; notice; conditions;
supervision upon release.
AllKSA22-3727aCounty or district attorney; notification to victims of the escape
or death of certain committed defendants or inmates.
AllKSA22-3701Pardons and commutations; duties of prisoner review board;
notification to victims.
AllKSA22-3727Secretary of corrections; notification to victims prior to release
of certain inmates.
AllKSA22-3730Community parenting release; duties and authority of secretary of
AllKSA22-3717Parole or postrelease supervision; eligibility; interviews, notices
and hearings; rules and regulations; conditions of parole or postrelease
AllKSA22-3716Arrest for violating condition of probation, assignment to
community corrections, suspension of sentence or nonprison sanction, procedure;
time limitation on issuing warrant; limitations on serving sentence in
department of corrections' facility or serving period of postrelease
supervision, exceptions.
AllKSA45-107Session laws; sales; disposal of certain inventory.
AllKSA45-116Permanent journals of house and senate; preparation,
binding and number of volumes and copies; sale and distribution; disposition of
volumes; sale price for volume fixed by legislative coordinating council;
proceeds to state general fund.
AllKSA45-106Session laws; disposition of volumes by secretary of
AllKSA45-109Officer's name to be stamped on laws delivered; delivery
to successor in office; liability for failure.
AllKSA45-225Severability of provisions.
AllKSA45-240Recordkeeping requirements for certain not-for-profit
AllKSA45-218Inspection of records; request; response; refusal, when;
AllKSA45-216Public policy that records be open.
AllKSA45-224Continuation of fees and procedures adopted under prior
AllKSA45-227Brochure concerning public records.
AllKSA45-250Sunflower Foundation: Health Care for Kansas; subject to
open records law.
AllKSA45-219Abstracts or copies of records; fees.
AllKSA45-226Local freedom of information officer.
AllKSA45-215Title of act.
AllKSA45-252Complaint form prescribed by attorney general.
AllKSA45-253Civil remedies to enforce act; consent order.
AllKSA45-251Civil remedies to enforce act by attorney general; consent order;
finding of violation.
AllKSA45-222Civil remedies to enforce act; attorney fees.
AllKSA45-223Civil penalties for violations.
AllKSA45-228Investigation of alleged violations; powers.
AllKSA45-221Certain records not required to be open; separation of open and
closed information required; statistics and records over 70 years old open.
AllKSA45-230Unlawful use of names derived from public records.
AllKSA45-220Procedures for obtaining access to or copies of records; request;
office hours; provision of information on procedures.
AllKSA45-229Legislative review of exceptions to disclosure; continuation of
sections listed.
AllKSA45-254Law enforcement recordings using body camera or vehicle camera;
criminal investigation records; disclosure.
AllKSA45-316Payment of expenses; approval.
AllKSA45-311Certification of session laws; date of publication.
AllKSA45-304bVeto after adjournment; reconsideration.
AllKSA45-304aJournal entries referring to vetoed bills.
AllKSA45-301Enrollment, engrossment and printing of bills, resolutions
and other papers of the legislature.
AllKSA45-308Item vetoes; reconsideration by legislature.
AllKSA45-318Printing of executive reorganization orders.
AllKSA45-303Approval of bills by governor.
AllKSA45-307Vetoes of items of appropriation of money.
AllKSA45-310Session laws; publication, printing, title and contents.
AllKSA45-314Printing of enrolled bills; specifications.
AllKSA45-312Publication of bills in Kansas register.
AllKSA45-305Bills becoming law without approval of governor, when.
AllKSA45-315Timetable for printing session laws.
AllKSA45-304Veto by governor; return to house of origin;
reconsideration by legislature; procedure upon passage over veto; publication.
AllKSA45-313Printing of session laws.
AllKSA45-302Signing of legislative documents by officers; presentation
to governor for approval.
AllKSA45-317Printing of bills and concurrent resolutions; types.
AllKSA45-309Responsibility for legislative documents; receipts.
AllKSA45-411Judicial records; supreme court rules.
AllKSA45-401Public policy concerning government records.
AllKSA45-408State agencies required to cooperate with state records
board and state archivist; rules and regulations of board.
AllKSA45-405State archives; transfer of records thereto; discard or
disposition of certain materials.
AllKSA45-413Citation of act.
AllKSA45-407Public access or restriction of records; state archivist
access to restricted records; disclosure prohibited; misdemeanor.
AllKSA45-409Local agencies to cooperate.
AllKSA45-410Legislative records; legislative coordinating council
AllKSA45-404Duties of state records board; disposition of county
AllKSA45-412Microphotographic or optical disc copies of records; image
recognition and information storage systems; original record destruction, when.
AllKSA45-414State archivist; duties; recommendations; certification by
electronic signature; fees.
AllKSA45-403Government records are public property; destruction
prohibited, except as permitted by retention and disposition schedules.
AllKSA45-406State archivist's duties.
AllKSA45-501Records made on electronically-accessed media;
authorization; conditions and procedures, application; notice to state records
AllKSA45-502Use of standard size paper for documents filed with state
agencies and courts.
AllKSA46-1117Venue for violations of 46-1116.
AllKSA46-1120Contract audit committee; membership; chairperson;
created within division of post audit; compensation; vote required for action.
AllKSA46-1109Audits on request of governor or legislators; direction
of audit by committee; reimbursement of mileage expense of legislator
requesting audit at presentation of report.
AllKSA46-1120aContract audit committee successor of abolished federal
audit committee.
AllKSA46-1119Citation and construction of legislative post audit act.
AllKSA46-1113Audits under 46-1114 required when directed by post audit
AllKSA46-1103Division of post audit; within legislative branch; supervision by
post auditor; budget; compensation of employees; contract employees; criminal
history record check, who; fees.
AllKSA46-1106Financial-compliance audits of state agencies; audits of financial
management practices of state treasurer and pooled money investment board;
transition audits, state treasurer; examinations of books and accounts of state
treasurer and director of accounts and reports; audit determinations and
reports, disposition; prosecution of violations; access to records of state
agencies and certain persons; duty of confidentiality.
AllKSA46-1115Failure to furnish information or material for audit by person
entitled to receive state funds; withholding of funds; duties of post auditor
and director of accounts and reports; certain contracts unimpaired.
AllKSA46-1135Information technology audits.
AllKSA46-1128Confidentiality of audit reports, when; exceptions.
AllKSA46-1123Procurement of firm or firms to perform financial-compliance audit;
AllKSA46-1114Additional financial-compliance or performance audits authorized at
direction of post audit committee; persons subject to audit; access to records,
AllKSA46-1116Crime of failure to make records available for post audit defined
and classified.
AllKSA46-1122Legislative post audit committee to specify who performs
financial-compliance audit work at state agencies; contract audit committee to
select firm or firms needed.
AllKSA46-1118Reimbursement of costs incurred for federal audit services and
other audit services; transaction; disposition of proceeds; audit services
AllKSA46-1127Contract audit committee to monitor conduct of financial-compliance
audit; written audit report; duty of confidentiality.
AllKSA46-1126Contracts for financial-compliance audits; professional liability
insurance; responsibilities of selected firm.
AllKSA46-1108Performance audits; additional fiscal audits; purposes of
AllKSA46-1136Performance audit of the Kansas public employees retirement
AllKSA46-1125Selection of firm or firms by contract audit committee;
AllKSA50-1,101Same; unlawful acts; promotion or sale of discount card
by supplier; conditions on; registration of supplier; financial responsibility.
AllKSA50-1,105Same; citation; supplemental to Kansas consumer
protection act; remedies.
AllKSA50-157Acts done under certain federal laws, codes or
AllKSA50-103Powers and duties of attorney general; civil penalties;
other actions for violation of restraint of trade act.
AllKSA50-149Unfair discriminations.
AllKSA50-102Denial of right to form or be interested in any trust.
AllKSA50-139Actions brought under act; brought pursuant to chapter 60.
AllKSA50-159Same; powers and duties of the attorney general.
AllKSA50-162Same; attorney general to bring action; when.
AllKSA50-160Same; penalties.
AllKSA50-1,103Same; resident agent; registration requirement.
AllKSA50-1,104Same; severability.
AllKSA50-133Agreements or combinations for shipments under warehouse
control; violation of restraint of trade act.
AllKSA50-137Same; damages to persons injured by such actions.
AllKSA50-116Pleading in bar or abatement of civil action that
plaintiff is member or agent of unlawful combination.
AllKSA50-110Jurisdiction of district courts; venue.
AllKSA50-147Rights and remedies cumulative.
AllKSA50-109Enforcement of act; powers and duties of attorney general.
AllKSA50-148Trade and person defined.
AllKSA50-153Attorney general powers and duties; enforcement of act.
AllKSA50-1,100Kansas discount card act; definitions.
AllKSA50-136Commodities; grain dealers; agreement or contract to pool
or fix price.
AllKSA50-113Trust certificates; creation of trusts.
AllKSA50-132Conspiring to monopolize line of business or to prevent
producer or local buyer from shipping without agency of third person.
AllKSA50-117Transactions by nonresident; subject to provisions of act.
AllKSA50-131Agreements or combinations by which shipper is defrauded
out of portion of net weight; violation of restraint of trade act.
AllKSA50-161Same; damages for violation of act; procedure.
AllKSA50-101Trusts defined and declared unlawful and void.
AllKSA50-158Kansas restraint of trade act.
AllKSA50-164Same; retroactive application of certain amendments.
AllKSA50-163Kansas restraint of trade act; construing and applying act;
harmonization with federal law; reasonable restraint of trade or commerce.
AllKSA50-112Trusts, combinations and agreements in restraint of trade and free
competition declared unlawful.
AllKSA50-206Penalty for violating 50-201 to 50-206; forfeiture of
AllKSA50-203Violators not permitted to use facilities for transmission
of news.
AllKSA50-205Injunction proceedings where companies fail to discontinue
AllKSA50-202Unlawful refusal to furnish news reports.
AllKSA50-201Sale of news without discrimination.
AllKSA50-204Transmission service to be discontinued upon violation of
act; procedure.
AllKSA50-502Same; definitions.
AllKSA50-509Same; act supplemental.
AllKSA50-505Same; injunction actions by attorney general or county
attorney; costs and attorney fees; damages.
AllKSA50-510Same; invalidity of part.
AllKSA50-503Same; unlawful acts.
AllKSA50-501Certain trade practices detrimental to public health and
AllKSA50-506Same; prosecution of actions by trade association, when.
AllKSA50-508Same; violation deemed unfair trade.
AllKSA50-504Same; penalties for violations.
AllKSA50-507Same; testimony and records; immunity from proceedings,
AllKSA50-6,106Unconscionable acts; remedies.
AllKSA50-6,104Sale of cigarettes in violation of cigarette and tobacco
products act.
AllKSA50-6,117Same; definitions.
AllKSA50-639Disclaimer or limitation of warranties; liabilities;
attorney fees, when; section inapplicable to seed for planting, livestock for
agricultural purposes or disposal of surplus property by a governmental entity.
AllKSA50-632Remedies of the attorney general or any county or district
attorney; procedure for sequestration.
AllKSA50-626Deceptive acts and practices.
AllKSA50-6,119Same; civil penalty.
AllKSA50-629General powers of the attorney general.
AllKSA50-637Powers of receiver; effect of receivership.
AllKSA50-645Motor vehicle warranties; definitions; consumer rights and
remedies; enforcement by attorney general.
AllKSA50-661Disclosure by insurer to use after market parts;
AllKSA50-655Application of act.
AllKSA50-664Vehicles not covered by act.
AllKSA50-647Odometer fraud; civil remedies; definitions.
AllKSA50-650Odometer fraud; purchase of motor vehicle not voided;
consumer remedies.
AllKSA50-669bProhibiting printing of credit card or debit card account
numbers on receipts.
AllKSA50-679Same; cause of action; priority over enhanced civil
AllKSA50-668Deceptive act or practice; supplemental to Kansas consumer
protection act.
AllKSA50-675Supplemental to Kansas consumer protection act;
unconscionable acts.
AllKSA50-666Invention promotion services; definitions.
AllKSA50-687Same; written receipt required.
AllKSA50-699Enforcement of lease agreement prohibited in certain
circumstances; full written disclosure required prior to sale or lease of
returned assistive device.
AllKSA50-685Same; proscribed provisions.
AllKSA50-690Same; unconscionable act or practice.
AllKSA50-680Title of act.
AllKSA50-6,108Gift certificates or gift cards; regulation of;
exceptions; definitions.
AllKSA50-6,113Pest inspections relating to real estate transactions;
certification required; deceptive act.
AllKSA50-617Receipt of unsolicited goods, wares or merchandise deemed
gift, when; negative option invitation or announcement; defense in action for
return; deceptive act or practice.
AllKSA50-6,115Same; incidental costs; conditions.
AllKSA50-6,120Same; affirmative defense.
AllKSA50-6,118Same; unlawful advertising of a live musical
performance; exceptions.
AllKSA50-627Unconscionable acts and practices.
AllKSA50-630Rule-making requirements.
AllKSA50-625Waiver; agreement to forego rights; settlement of claims.
AllKSA50-642Citation of act.
AllKSA50-635Consumer protection act; application.
AllKSA50-636Civil penalties.
AllKSA50-633Coordination with other supervision.
AllKSA50-644Thermal insulation, flame spread standards.
AllKSA50-631Investigation of violations; remedies.
AllKSA50-638Jurisdiction and venue.
AllKSA50-667Same; disclosures; required information and statement in
AllKSA50-677Same; enhanced civil penalty.
AllKSA50-678Same; factors to consider in imposition of enhanced civil
AllKSA50-672Verbal agreement not valid unless signed confirmation;
consumer not liable for payment, when; right to cancel.
AllKSA50-665Failure to disclose by vehicle dealer that vehicle is
being sold by dealer.
AllKSA50-654Kansas collision damage waiver act; citation.
AllKSA50-662Disclosure requirements; installer of parts responsible
for negligent installation.
AllKSA50-649Odometer fraud; enforcement by attorney general.
AllKSA50-660After market parts; definitions.
AllKSA50-657Rental agreement; collision damage waiver; requirements.
AllKSA50-652Odometer statement required; exceptions.
AllKSA50-659Vehicle dealer's duty to disclose specific facts; failure
to disclose creates rebuttable presumption; definitions; deceptive act or
AllKSA50-689Same; advertisements.
AllKSA50-688Same; renegotiations.
AllKSA50-698Duties of consumer to receive comparable new assistive
device or refund; duties of manufacturer and assistive device lessor.
AllKSA50-686Same; consumer's right to reinstate agreement.
AllKSA50-684Same; required disclosures in agreement.
AllKSA50-658Collision damage waiver; deceptive acts or practices.
AllKSA50-621Same; junk dealer prohibited from purchasing items of junk
without receiving from seller information as to ownership; record of ownership.
AllKSA50-6,114Vehicle protection products; definitions; not insurance.
AllKSA50-6,102Act part of and supplemental to Kansas consumer
protection act; deceptive practices; enforcement by attorney general; other
rights and remedies not limited.
AllKSA50-6,105Method of payment; express authorization required; when.
AllKSA50-6,116Truth in musical performance advertising act.
AllKSA50-6,101Rights or remedies of consumer not limited; waiver by
consumer of rights void; action to recover damages.
AllKSA50-634Private remedies.
AllKSA50-623Kansas consumer protection act; purpose; construction.
AllKSA50-673When law inapplicable; implied warranty of telemarketer
exempted pursuant to this section; consumer's right to cancel and refund.
AllKSA50-669aProhibiting the taking of personal information when using
a credit card.
AllKSA50-663Enforcement under consumer protection act; deceptive act
or practice.
AllKSA50-640Door-to-door sales; cancellation; required disclosures;
notice of cancellation; definition.
AllKSA50-653aOdometer fraud; attorney general investigations of
violations; subpoena power.
AllKSA50-682Lease-purchase agreements; scope; applicability of other
AllKSA50-692Prize notification; definitions; requirements of notice
and solicitation; violations.
AllKSA50-674Where law enforced.
AllKSA50-697Warranty of manufacturer who sells assistive device to
consumer; repair of nonconforming assistive device; remedies of nonconformity
not repaired; current value of written lease; reasonable allowance.
AllKSA50-683Same; required disclosures by lessor, when and how.
AllKSA50-620Prohibited acts; certain information as to ownership of
junk required; register.
AllKSA50-628Duties of the attorney general.
AllKSA50-6,107Commercial electronic mail act; definitions; consumer
rights, requirements and prohibitions; private actions to seek relief; civil
penalty; affirmative defense; unconscionable acts or practices.
AllKSA50-669Required presentation of credit card when writing a check;
AllKSA50-646Same; other remedies.
AllKSA50-618Unsolicited credit cards; rights of recipient when card lost or
AllKSA50-6,103Telecommunications services; unauthorized change of provider
("slamming") or addition of services ("cramming").
AllKSA50-653Title search disclosure; supplier no liability if disclosed.
AllKSA50-648Odometer fraud; purchase of motor vehicle voided; consumer remedies.
AllKSA50-651Odometer fraud; civil penalty.
AllKSA50-6,126Same; criminal history record inquiry.
AllKSA50-6,134Same; nonresident roofing contractor registration requirements;
agent for service of process.
AllKSA50-6,135Same; disclosure of roofing contractor's registration certificate
AllKSA50-6,124Same; administration of act; rules and regulations.
AllKSA50-6,123Same; registration certificate required; penalties.
AllKSA50-6,121Kansas roofing registration act; citation.
AllKSA50-6,131Same; notification of attorney general required, when; fees.
AllKSA50-6,127Same; duties of roofing contractor.
AllKSA50-6,130Same; application for registration, time limit for processing.
AllKSA50-6,129Same; exemptions.
AllKSA50-6,132Same; roofing contractor registration certificate renewal;
reinstatement fee.
AllKSA50-6,138Same; deceptive or unconscionable acts or practices.
AllKSA50-6,136Same; information system, establishment of.
AllKSA50-6,128Same; fees; roofing contractor registration fund.
AllKSA50-6,137Same; effect on other statutes.
AllKSA50-6,125Same; registration application requirements; refusal to register;
AllKSA50-6,133Same; violations; complaints; investigations; subpoenas.
AllKSA50-670aSame; no-call list; prohibitions; remedies; attorney general,
powers and duties.
AllKSA50-670Kansas no-call act; definitions; requirements and prohibitions;
AllKSA50-6,109Scrap metal theft reduction act; definitions.
AllKSA50-6,109fScrap metal; regulation by municipality, limitations.
AllKSA50-6,109eSame; engaging in business, jurisdiction; administrative or civil
action, venue.
AllKSA50-6,112cSame; suspension or revocation; appeal.
AllKSA50-6,140Bad faith assertion of patent infringement; unconscionable act or
AllKSA50-6,109dSame; civil action by attorney general; penalty.
AllKSA50-6,138aViolations; general contractor's duty to report.
AllKSA50-6,122Same, definitions.
AllKSA50-6,138bLetter of exemption for general contractor.
AllKSA50-6,109bSame; violations, powers of attorney general.
AllKSA50-6,141Unlicensed conduct as a bail enforcement agent; penalties (a) The
unlicensed conduct as a bail enforcement agent prohibited by this act and
AllKSA50-640aIndividuals prohibited from engaging in door-to-door sales.
AllKSA50-6,139Identity theft; identity fraud; unconscionable act or practice;
Wayne Owen act.
AllKSA50-6,139bRequirements for holders of personal information.
AllKSA50-6,139aAttorney general assistance for victims of identity-related
AllKSA50-676Protected consumer; definitions.
AllKSA50-6,100Arbitration of disputes.
AllKSA50-6,112dSame; expiration of act.
AllKSA50-6,109aSame; implementation, administration and enforcement by attorney
general; rules and regulations; scrap metal theft reduction fee fund; database.
AllKSA50-6,143Residential real estate insurance policy; assignment of rights or
benefits to contractor.
AllKSA50-6,111Unlawful acts, scrap metal dealer; required information; records.
AllKSA50-6,109cSame; violations, civil penalty; appeal.
AllKSA50-6,112aScrap metal dealer registration; fees.
AllKSA50-6,110Unlawful acts, person selling regulated scrap metal; information
required; signed statement; photographs; dealer's register; exceptions.
AllKSA50-6,112bSame; persons and business entities prohibited from registration;
criminal history records check, fingerprints.
AllKSA50-6a07Additional definitions.
AllKSA50-708Disclosures to consumers.
AllKSA50-703Permissible purposes of reports.
AllKSA50-705Disclosure of investigative consumer reports.
AllKSA50-710Procedure in case of disputed accuracy.
AllKSA50-712Public record information for employment purposes.
AllKSA50-724Security freeze; exceptions.
AllKSA50-715Civil liability for willful noncompliance.
AllKSA50-706Compliance procedures.
AllKSA50-701Findings and purpose.
AllKSA50-707Disclosures to governmental agencies.
AllKSA50-714Requirements on users of consumer reports.
AllKSA50-711Charges for certain disclosures.
AllKSA50-717Jurisdiction of courts; limitation of actions.
AllKSA50-721Enforcement by consumer credit commissioner.
AllKSA50-716Civil liability for negligent noncompliance.
AllKSA50-718Obtaining information under false pretenses.
AllKSA50-709Conditions of disclosure to consumers.
AllKSA50-704Obsolete information.
AllKSA50-713Restrictions on investigative consumer reports.
AllKSA50-719Unauthorized disclosures by officers or employees.
AllKSA50-702Definitions and rules of construction.
AllKSA50-723Security freeze on consumer report; requirements; procedure;
AllKSA50-725Security freeze for protected consumers; requirements;
AllKSA50-722Citation of act.
AllKSA50-7a02Security breach; requirements.
AllKSA50-7a01Consumer information; security breach; definitions.
AllKSA50-7a04Severability clause.
AllKSA50-802Boat manufacture by direct molding processes; prohibition;
injunction; actual damages, attorney fees and costs.
AllKSA50-903Deceptive practices prohibited; bait selling; price
representation; product representation; tie-in sales.
AllKSA50-904Penalties; consumer protection act proceedings; agent
AllKSA50-905Inspection of places of business; access; reports of
AllKSA50-902Inaccurate or deceptive advertising prohibited.
AllKSA50-906Remedies supplemental.
AllKSA50-1006Disclosure document to be provided by loan broker; when;
contents; amendment of document; estimated disclosure documents and additional
documents detailing specific loan information to be provided.
AllKSA50-1008Denial, suspension or revocation of registration; orders
and hearing.
AllKSA50-1004Renewal of registration; fee.
AllKSA50-1016Persons exempt from registration and other duties under
act; burden of proof thereof.
AllKSA50-1003Application for registration; contents; bond; issuance;
effective date; consent to secretary of state as process agent.
AllKSA50-1007Contracts required to be in writing; retention of copy by
borrowing party.
AllKSA50-1012Same; liability of loan broker to damaged parties; rights
of prospective borrower.
AllKSA50-1017Prohibited acts.
AllKSA50-1010Certified copies of documents or records admissible in
actions or proceedings under act.
AllKSA50-1018False or misleading filing or statement; penalty.
AllKSA50-1002Registration required.
AllKSA50-1015Account numbers required to be assigned to agreements;
loan brokers required to maintain certain records; period and manner of
AllKSA50-1005Fees and funds; accounting and deposit in general fund.
AllKSA50-1014Rescission of contract under Truth-in-Lending Act; notice
to creditor; timely return of consideration required; computation of time
period for avoidance of contract.
AllKSA50-1011Violations; civil penalties, enforcement.
AllKSA50-1009Powers of securities commissioner; enforcement of
subpoenas; privilege against self-incrimination; certificate of compliance or
noncompliance, admissibility in evidence.
AllKSA50-1013Violation of act or cease and desist order, penalties;
AllKSA60-104Acts by court or judge.
AllKSA60-103Restricted mail defined.
AllKSA60-201Rules of civil procedure; citation; scope.
AllKSA60-204Process, generally.
AllKSA60-212Defenses and objections; presentations, when and how;
certain motions; waiver.
AllKSA60-220Permissive joinder of parties.
AllKSA60-217Parties; capacity.
AllKSA60-223bActions relating to unincorporated associations.
AllKSA60-232Use of depositions in court proceedings.
AllKSA60-259New trial; motion to alter or amend judgment.
AllKSA60-257Declaratory judgment.
AllKSA60-266Same; jurisdiction and venue.
AllKSA60-207Pleadings allowed; motions; form.
AllKSA60-202One form of action.
AllKSA60-218Joinder of claims; contingent claims.
AllKSA60-210Form of pleadings.
AllKSA60-219Required joinder of parties; feasibility.
AllKSA60-213Counterclaims and cross-claims.
AllKSA60-223aDerivative actions.
AllKSA60-227Perpetuation of testimony; petition; order.
AllKSA60-221Misjoinder and nonjoinder of parties.
AllKSA60-229Discovery procedure; stipulations.
AllKSA60-236Requests for admission.
AllKSA60-233Interrogatories to parties.
AllKSA60-241Dismissal of actions.
AllKSA60-240Scheduling cases for trial; continuances.
AllKSA60-242Multicounty and multidistrict litigation.
AllKSA60-252aTrial by the court; judgment, ruling or decision, time
AllKSA60-243Testimony of witnesses; evidence.
AllKSA60-248Jury trial procedure.
AllKSA60-250Judgment as a matter of law; motion for new trial.
AllKSA60-246Objections to rulings or orders.
AllKSA60-258aComparative negligence.
AllKSA60-258Entry of judgment.
AllKSA60-253Trial by masters.
AllKSA60-265Applicability of article.
AllKSA60-263Disability of judge.
AllKSA60-267Rules by district courts.
AllKSA60-262Stay of proceedings to enforce judgment.
AllKSA60-215Amended and supplemental pleadings.
AllKSA60-205Service and filing of pleadings and other papers.
AllKSA60-225Substitution of parties.
AllKSA60-245aSubpoena of nonparty business records.
AllKSA60-249aItemized verdict, personal injury actions; jury
AllKSA60-252Findings and conclusions by the court; judgment on partial
AllKSA60-239Trial by jury or by the court.
AllKSA60-271Acceptance of filings by electronic means.
AllKSA60-261Harmless error.
AllKSA60-223Class actions.
AllKSA60-238Right of trial by jury; demand; waiver.
AllKSA60-252bRules of supreme court.
AllKSA60-251Jury instructions; objections; erroneous instructions.
AllKSA60-244Proof of records.
AllKSA60-264Enforcing orders for and against a nonparty; procedure.
AllKSA60-211Signing of pleadings, motions and other papers; representations to the
court; sanctions.
AllKSA60-228aUniform interstate depositions and discovery act.
AllKSA60-260Relief from judgment or order.
AllKSA60-214Third-party practice.
AllKSA60-203Commencement of action.
AllKSA60-249Special verdict; general verdict; written questions.
AllKSA60-270Retaining original records until case closed.
AllKSA60-209Pleading special matters.
AllKSA60-235Physical and mental examinations.
AllKSA60-208 General rules of pleadings.
AllKSA60-228 Persons before whom depositions may be taken.
AllKSA60-256Summary judgment; filing fee.
AllKSA60-231Depositions by written questions.
AllKSA60-230Depositions by oral examination; requirements; examination; copies;
AllKSA60-237Compelling discovery; failure to comply; sanctions; failure to
preserve electronically stored information.
AllKSA60-216Pretrial conferences; case management conference.
AllKSA60-206Time, computation and extension; accessibility of court;
AllKSA60-234Production of documents, electronically stored information, tangible
things and entry onto land for inspection and other purposes.
AllKSA60-226General provisions governing discovery.
AllKSA60-272Contact with jurors; discussion of deliberations or verdict
following discharge; informing jurors; violations, contempt.
AllKSA60-302Summons; form.
AllKSA60-301Summons; issuance.
AllKSA60-305Process agents for public utilities.
AllKSA60-309Relief from default judgment entered on service by
AllKSA60-313Process, return of proof of service; amendment.
AllKSA60-307Service by publication.
AllKSA60-306Process service agent.
AllKSA60-303Methods of service of process.
AllKSA60-305aProcess agents for motor common carriers.
AllKSA60-311Where process may be served.
AllKSA60-312Proof of service.
AllKSA60-310Lack of service on all defendants; procedure.
AllKSA60-308 Service outside state.
AllKSA60-304Service of process, on whom made.
AllKSA60-404Effect of erroneous admission of evidence.
AllKSA60-405Effect of erroneous exclusion of evidence.
AllKSA60-402Scope of rules.
AllKSA60-406Limited admissibility.
AllKSA60-409Facts which must or may be judicially noticed.
AllKSA60-414Effect of presumptions.
AllKSA60-420Evidence generally affecting credibility.
AllKSA60-430Religious belief.
AllKSA60-428Marital privilege, confidential communications.
AllKSA60-415Inconsistent presumptions.
AllKSA60-423Privilege of accused.
AllKSA60-447Character trait as proof of conduct.
AllKSA60-434Official information.
AllKSA60-439Reference to exercise of privilege; presumption and
adverse inference not permitted.
AllKSA60-436Identity of informer.
AllKSA60-445Discretion of judge to exclude admissible evidence.
AllKSA60-442Testimony by the judge.
AllKSA60-432Trade secret.
AllKSA60-444Testimony of jurors not limited except by this article.
AllKSA60-452aDispute resolution; confidentiality.
AllKSA60-464Authentication required; ancient documents.
AllKSA60-448Character trait for care or skill.
AllKSA60-462Credibility of declarant.
AllKSA60-450Opinion and specific instances of behavior to prove habit
or custom.
AllKSA60-454Liability insurance.
AllKSA60-466Certificate of lack of record.
AllKSA60-472Photographs of property wrongfully taken.
AllKSA60-468Proof of attested writings.
AllKSA60-408Preliminary inquiry by judge.
AllKSA60-410Determination as to propriety of judicial notice and tenor
of matter noticed.
AllKSA60-403Exclusionary rules not to apply to undisputed matter.
AllKSA60-417Disqualification of witness; interpreters.
AllKSA60-421Limitations on evidence of conviction of crime as
affecting credibility.
AllKSA60-419Prerequisites of knowledge and experience.
AllKSA60-431Political vote.
AllKSA60-424Definition of incrimination.
AllKSA60-433Secret of state.
AllKSA60-429Penitential communication privilege.
AllKSA60-422Further limitations on admissibility of evidence affecting
AllKSA60-449Habit or custom to prove specific behavior.
AllKSA60-441Evidence to test a verdict or indictment.
AllKSA60-443Testimony by a juror.
AllKSA60-446Character ? manner of proof.
AllKSA60-437Waiver of privilege by contract or previous disclosure.
AllKSA60-452Offer to compromise and the like, not evidence of
AllKSA60-435Communication to grand jury.
AllKSA60-453Offer to discount claim, not evidence of invalidity.
AllKSA60-467Original document required as evidence; exceptions.
AllKSA60-463Multiple hearsay.
AllKSA60-469Proving content of business and public records.
AllKSA60-407General abolition of disqualifications and privileges of
witnesses, and of exclusionary rules.
AllKSA60-440Effect of error in overruling claim of privilege.
AllKSA60-438Admissibility of disclosure wrongfully compelled.
AllKSA60-465aReproductions of original court records deemed same as
original record; certified copy as evidence.
AllKSA60-461Discretion of judge under exception to exclude evidence.
AllKSA60-416Burden of proof not relaxed as to some presumptions.
AllKSA60-411Instructing the trier of fact as to matter judicially
AllKSA60-412Judicial notice in proceedings subsequent to trial.
AllKSA60-451Subsequent remedial conduct.
AllKSA60-426aAttorney-client privilege and work product; limitations on waiver.
AllKSA60-426 Attorney-client privilege.
AllKSA60-457Preliminary examination for non-exempt witness; pre-trial hearing
for expert witness.
AllKSA60-456Testimony in form of opinion or inferences.
AllKSA60-458Expert opinion or inference; facts or data relied upon,
AllKSA60-455Other crimes or civil wrongs.
AllKSA60-465Authentication of copies of records.
AllKSA60-460Hearsay evidence excluded; exceptions.
AllKSA60-427Physician-patient privilege.
AllKSA60-473Peer support counseling session communication privilege; emergency
services personnel, law enforcement personnel and national guard member.
AllKSA60-504Execution sale.
AllKSA60-508Persons under legal disabilities.
AllKSA60-505Sales by executors, administrators or conservators.
AllKSA60-513aIonizing radiation defined.
AllKSA60-509Real property actions excepted.
AllKSA60-512Actions limited to three years.
AllKSA60-511Actions limited to five years.
AllKSA60-513d"Health care provider" defined.
AllKSA60-519Suits stayed by injunction.
AllKSA60-520Part payment or acknowledgment of liability.
AllKSA60-516Actions originating in another state.
AllKSA60-513bLimitations on actions for ionizing radiation injury.
AllKSA60-506Forcible entry and detention.
AllKSA60-521Limitations applicable to public bodies.
AllKSA60-517When defendant out of state.
AllKSA60-514Actions limited to one year.
AllKSA60-513Actions limited to two years.
AllKSA60-503Adverse possession.
AllKSA60-522Limitations on actions brought by or on behalf of the
Kansas public employees retirement system; retroactive application.
AllKSA60-507Unspecified real property actions.
AllKSA60-518New action, when.
AllKSA60-515Persons under legal disability.
AllKSA60-524Limitations on actions for recovery of damages by Dalkon
Shield victims.
AllKSA60-510Effect of limitations prescribed.
AllKSA60-513cAction for latent ionizing radiation damage not barred by
prior action; exception.
AllKSA60-523Limitations on actions for recovery of damages suffered as a result of
childhood sexual abuse.
AllKSA60-602Local county actions.
AllKSA60-611Effect of improper venue.
AllKSA60-607Domestic relations actions.
AllKSA60-609Change of venue.
AllKSA60-614Venue of actions concerning appropriations; transfer of
certain actions; process; act supplemental.
AllKSA60-605Actions against nonresidents and nonqualified
AllKSA60-610Time for objection to venue.
AllKSA60-601Actions concerning real property.
AllKSA60-603Actions against residents.
AllKSA60-608Multiple parties.
AllKSA60-604Actions against corporations.
AllKSA60-613Fort Riley military reservation.
AllKSA60-606Public utility, common carrier or transportation system.
AllKSA60-612Hearing or trial outside county; nonconformity with
Americans with disabilities act accessibility guidelines.
AllKSA60-706Attachment order.
AllKSA60-701Grounds for attachment.
AllKSA60-710Sale of perishable property.
AllKSA60-722Bond of defendant for payment of judgment.
AllKSA60-711Appointment of receiver.
AllKSA60-713Settlement of conflicting claims.
AllKSA60-734Order of garnishment when garnishment is to attach
earnings; service of process; length of and effect of order; administrative
fee; accounting and record.
AllKSA60-731When garnishment available after judgment; order of
garnishment shall designate whether to attach earnings or other property; no
bond required after judgment.
AllKSA60-743Forms used in garnishment proceedings.
AllKSA60-702Attachments on demands not due.
AllKSA60-719Effect of offsets claimed by garnishee.
AllKSA60-725Amendment of garnishee's answer form by clerks of certain
courts; when.
AllKSA60-705Plaintiff's bond.
AllKSA60-723Garnishment of earnings of public officers and employees;
state property exempt from enforcement of judgments.
AllKSA60-721Judgment in garnishment proceedings.
AllKSA60-709Compensation of officer.
AllKSA60-707Attached property retained or repossessed by defendant;
AllKSA60-735Notice to judgment debtor; form and content; right to
hearing; burden of proof.
AllKSA60-730When garnishment available before judgment.
AllKSA60-732Order of garnishment; when garnishment is to attach
intangible property other than earnings; effect; administrative fee.
AllKSA60-744Act supplemental to civil code.
AllKSA60-737Same; garnishment attaching earnings; contents.
AllKSA60-712Dissolution of attachment; hearing.
AllKSA60-704Form of affidavit, by whom made.
AllKSA60-742Garnishee's failure or refusal to pay or deliver property;
motion; hearing; contempt; fine or order against garnishee.
AllKSA60-741Failure to answer; motion; hearing; expenses and attorney
AllKSA60-740Payment of earnings to judgment debtors and creditors.
AllKSA60-703 Attachments, how obtained.
AllKSA60-739 Garnishee's payment to the judgment creditor; refund of overpayment;
release of funds; nonliability of garnishee.
AllKSA60-733 Garnishment of funds held by financial institution; administrative
fee; order of garnishment requirements.
AllKSA60-738 Same; reply; notification and hearing; burden of proof.
AllKSA60-736Answer of garnishee; attachment of intangible property other than
AllKSA60-727Garnishment proceedings; payments from inmate trust accounts;
minimum amount.
AllKSA60-729Order of garnishment; fee; authorized only by legislative
AllKSA60-802Procedure for relief.
AllKSA60-801Nature of mandamus.
AllKSA60-803Penalty for disobedience.
AllKSA60-908Abatement of common nuisance.
AllKSA60-910Vacating or modifying order.
AllKSA60-901Nature of injunction.
AllKSA60-909Penalty for disobedience.
AllKSA60-904Disputes concerning employment.
AllKSA60-905Temporary injunction; notice, hearing and bond.
AllKSA60-902Provisional remedies; when granted.
AllKSA60-906Form and scope of order.
AllKSA60-907Illegal acts of public officers.
AllKSA60-903Temporary restraining order.
AllKSA60-1002Quieting or determining title or interest in property.
AllKSA60-1004Occupying claimants.
AllKSA60-1005Replevin; procedure; orders; execution; judgment.
AllKSA60-1007Same; sale of property to satisfy judgment.
AllKSA60-1011Equity skimming; damage, costs, fees.
AllKSA60-1009Same; application of proceeds.
AllKSA60-1006Foreclosure of security interest; procedure; orders;
execution; judgment.
AllKSA60-1001Actions for possession; ejectment.
AllKSA60-1010Same; act supplemental to civil code.
AllKSA60-1008Same; return; confirmation of sale.
AllKSA60-1101Liens of contractors; priority.
AllKSA60-1103aSubcontractors' liens; improvement of residential
AllKSA60-1110Bond to secure payment of claims.
AllKSA60-1108Action by landowner for adjudication, cancellation.
AllKSA60-1102Filing and recording of lien statement; notice of
AllKSA60-1103bSubcontractors' liens; new residential property.
AllKSA60-1105Limitations and amendment.
AllKSA60-1112Certificate of deposit authorized for state capital
improvement projects.
AllKSA60-1107Stay of proceedings.
AllKSA60-1109Pro rata distribution.
AllKSA60-1103Liens of suppliers and subcontractors; procedure,
recording and notice; owner's liability; notice of extension.
AllKSA60-1111Public works bond.
AllKSA60-1203Name in which action prosecuted; damages.
AllKSA60-1202Jurisdiction and grounds.
AllKSA60-1207Suspension of officer during hearing.
AllKSA60-1201Proceedings for relief.
AllKSA60-1206Instituting ouster proceedings.
AllKSA60-1205Grounds for forfeiture of public office.
AllKSA60-1302Oath and bond.
AllKSA60-1304Petition for appointment; specifications; notice; bond;
application to nonresidents.
AllKSA60-1506Warrant in aid of writ.
AllKSA60-1503The writ.
AllKSA60-1501Jurisdiction and right to writ; time limitations.
AllKSA60-1507Prisoner in custody under sentence.
AllKSA60-2004Payment of costs not acquiescence in judgments so as to
prevent appeals.
AllKSA60-2006Attorney fees taxed as costs in certain actions involving
negligent motor vehicle operation.
AllKSA60-2002Taxation of costs.
AllKSA60-2005Municipalities exempt from depositing court costs;
AllKSA60-2003Items allowable as costs.
AllKSA60-2008Dispositive motion fee; authorized only by legislative enactment;
AllKSA60-2001Docket fee; authorized only by legislative enactment; poverty
affidavit, court review; disposition of fees; additional costs; certain
sheriff's charges prohibited.
AllKSA60-2106Appellate court decisions; school finance issues,
AllKSA60-2105Technical and inadvertent errors.
AllKSA60-2104Contents and preparation of record.
AllKSA60-2101Appellate jurisdiction of court of appeals and supreme
court; appeal of order of political or taxing subdivision.
AllKSA60-2103aAppeals from district magistrate judges not regularly admitted to
practice law.
AllKSA60-2102Appeals to the court of appeals and supreme court.
AllKSA60-2103Appellate procedure.
AllKSA60-2202Judgment liens.
AllKSA60-2201Pendency of action as notice; lis pendens.
AllKSA60-2204Release of certain liens on real property resulting from judgments
or decrees of divorce; written consent required on support rights assigned to
the secretary for children and families; filing; effect.
AllKSA60-2203aNotice of pendency of certain actions; liens; release; fees;
authorized only by legislative enactment.
AllKSA60-2203aNotice of pendency of certain actions; liens; release; fees;
authorized only by legislative enactment.
AllKSA60-2307Not exempt for wages.
AllKSA60-2303Contract for conveyance of homestead.
AllKSA60-2313Exemptions from legal process.
AllKSA60-2304Personal property; articles exempt.
AllKSA60-2309Wages earned in another state.
AllKSA60-2306Not exempt from taxes.
AllKSA60-2302Designation of homestead.
AllKSA60-2314Same; municipal, county and state property.
AllKSA60-2311Discharge of employee due to wage garnishment prohibited.
AllKSA60-2312No right to elect exemptions under federal law,
AllKSA60-2301Homestead; extent of exemption.
AllKSA60-2315Bankruptcy proceedings; earned income tax credits.
AllKSA60-2308Pension and retirement money exempt, exception; family
postsecondary education savings account money exempt, exception; support money
held by the Kansas department for children and families exempt.
AllKSA60-2310Wage garnishment; definitions; restrictions, exceptions; sickness
preventing work; assignment of account; prohibition on
AllKSA60-2406Sale subject to liens.
AllKSA60-2415Sheriff's return of sale.
AllKSA60-2410Sale of real property under execution.
AllKSA60-2413Contribution between joint obligors.
AllKSA60-2416Sheriff's deed as evidence of legality; sufficiency of
AllKSA60-2420General execution; notice.
AllKSA60-2418Judgment liens; revival of judgment.
AllKSA60-2407Levy on property claimed by third person.
AllKSA60-2405Substitution of judgment creditor.
AllKSA60-2404Revivor of dormant judgment.
AllKSA60-2411Printer's fees advanced.
AllKSA60-2402Multiple executions.
AllKSA60-2412Restriction on purchasers.
AllKSA60-2417Executions in special cases.
AllKSA60-2419Proceedings in aid of execution.
AllKSA60-2408Forthcoming bond.
AllKSA60-2409Notice of sale of personal property; resale.
AllKSA60-2414Redemption of real property.
AllKSA60-2401Writ of execution.
AllKSA60-2403Judgment, when dormant; release of record; child support judgments
after July 1, 2007, never dormant; court costs, fees, fines and restitution
judgments after July 1, 2015, never dormant.
AllKSA60-2617Sealing or redacting court records; closing a court
proceeding; motion; notice; hearing; exceptions.
AllKSA60-2605Affirmation in lieu of oath.
AllKSA60-2604Amercement of officers.
AllKSA60-2608Effect on pending actions.
AllKSA60-2609Judgments in damage actions for acts or omissions of
health care providers; installment or periodic payment of damages; contents and
modification of judgment; "health care provider" defined.
AllKSA60-2606Availability of other relief.
AllKSA60-2602Duties of sheriff; endorsement of time.
AllKSA60-2611Civil action to collect on check or order; reasonable
attorney fees assessed as costs.
AllKSA60-2610Civil liability for worthless check.
AllKSA60-2601Duties of court clerk.
AllKSA60-2601aComputer information storage and retrieval system.
AllKSA60-2801Settlement or release of liability; limitations;
disavowal of agreement.
AllKSA60-2802Same; applicability of act.
AllKSA60-2803 Satisfaction and release of judgment; filing, when required.
AllKSA60-4122Collateral action.
AllKSA60-4118Powers of enforcement personnel.
AllKSA60-4108Same; management and preservation.
AllKSA60-4126Placement of act; applicability of rules of evidence.
AllKSA60-4124Uniformity of application.
AllKSA60-4116Judicial disposition of property.
AllKSA60-4125Severability clause.
AllKSA60-4120Statute of limitations.
AllKSA60-4115Substituted assets and supplemental remedies.
AllKSA60-4121Summary forfeiture of controlled substances.
AllKSA60-4123Statutory construction.
AllKSA60-4119Immunity orders.
AllKSA60-4105Property subject to forfeiture.
AllKSA60-4103Jurisdiction and venue.
AllKSA60-4104Covered offenses and conduct giving rise to forfeiture.
AllKSA60-4107Seizure of property.
AllKSA60-4117Disposition of forfeited property; use of proceeds of sale;
tracking and reporting of deposits and expenditures.
AllKSA60-4114In personam proceedings.
AllKSA60-4101Citation of act.
AllKSA60-4127Kansas asset seizure and forfeiture repository; Kansas bureau of
investigation, powers and duties; reports by seizing agency; financial reports,
AllKSA60-4112Judicial proceedings, generally.
AllKSA60-4113In rem proceedings.
AllKSA60-4110Recognition of exemption.
AllKSA60-4109Commencement of forfeiture proceedings.
AllKSA61-2712Purpose of act; powers of court.
AllKSA61-2701Citation of act.
AllKSA61-2707Trial of action; exclusion of attorneys; appearance by
others in a representative capacity; enforcement of judgment; certain judgments
null and void.
AllKSA61-2702Application of act; correlation with code of civil
procedure for limited actions.
AllKSA61-2710Costs, taxation.
AllKSA61-2706Claims exceeding small claims in jurisdiction.
AllKSA61-2714Use of attorneys; certification by plaintiff of
compliance with act; defense related to limit on number of claims.
AllKSA61-2704Commencement of action; fees and costs; authorized only by
legislative enactment; limit on number of claims.
AllKSA74-2424Tax information; limits on dissemination and use.
AllKSA74-9307INK; financing of operations; employees.
AllKSA74-9301Information network of Kansas, Inc.
AllKSA74-9309Same; citation of act.
AllKSA74-9308Same; moneys, deposit or investment.
AllKSA74-9305Same; network manager, duties and compensation; contracts
for consulting, research and other services; gifts, grants and donations,
acceptance; not subject to state purchasing laws.
AllKSA74-9303Same; creation; governing board, membership; officers elected
annually; quorum; vote to take action.
AllKSA74-9302Same; purpose and duties.
AllKSA74-9304Same; duties and responsibilities; state agencies to cooperate and
provide services and information; services and information to be provided
pursuant to contract; agency may recover actual cost incurred.
AllKSA74-9306Same; office of information technology services to provide staff
and other assistance requested; cost of assistance.
AllKSA75-2975Academic degree requirements for employment or promotion;
acceptability; conditions; applicability of act.
AllKSA75-3506Reproduction of records on film or disc.
AllKSA75-3507Reproduction of records on film or disc; evidence in
courts or administrative agencies.
AllKSA75-3501Records defined.
AllKSA75-3520Social security numbers; disclosure in public documents with
personal information, prohibited; use for commercial purposes, restricted;
civil penalty.
AllKSA75-4310Oath required for public officers and employees;
administering; filing.
AllKSA75-4308Oath required for public officers and employees.
AllKSA75-4311Same; funds withheld until oath subscribed to and filed.
AllKSA75-4351Interpreters appointed for deaf, hard of hearing, speech
impaired and persons whose primary language is other than English; proceeding
in which appointment authorized.
AllKSA75-4317Open meetings declared policy of state; citation of act.
AllKSA75-4315cAppointments to boards and commissions; congressional
district residency requirements; change in district boundaries.
AllKSA75-4377Same; implementing personnel rules and regulations
affecting memoranda of agreement authorized; procedures; comments of employee
organizations; effect.
AllKSA75-4355aInterpreters for deaf, hard of hearing or speech
impaired; court proceedings.
AllKSA75-4323Public employee relations board; membership;
qualifications; terms; compensation and expenses; powers and duties; mediation,
arbitration and fact-finding; appointment of personnel or contracts for; rules
and regulations.
AllKSA75-4326Existing rights of public employer not affected.
AllKSA75-4354Same; duty of interpreter; oath; disclosure.
AllKSA75-4331Memorandum of understanding; financial report;
consideration and action; rejection.
AllKSA75-4360Payment of expenses for defense of governor, adjutant
general, superintendent, officer or trooper of highway patrol, agent of the
Kansas bureau of investigation and certain persons employed in state
correctional institutions in certain civil actions; selection of defense
attorney; duties of attorney general.
AllKSA75-4301aGovernmental ethics applicable to local governmental
subdivisions; definitions.
AllKSA75-4303aSame; advisory opinions on interpretation or application
of act; presumption of compliance with act; filing of opinions; administration
of act, rules and regulations.
AllKSA75-4309Same; falsifying oaths or affirmations.
AllKSA75-4313Same; unauthorized disbursement of funds; penalty.
AllKSA75-4304Same; making or participating in certain contracts
prohibited; exceptions; abstaining from action.
AllKSA75-4306Penalties for violations; severability.
AllKSA75-4321Declaration of policy and objectives; election by public
employer to be bound by act; termination.
AllKSA75-4315Political subdivisions of state authorized to pay
compensation semimonthly; section applicable to state agencies until biweekly
payroll periods established.
AllKSA75-4315bAppointment of public officers subject to confirmation
by senate; procedures; withdrawal of appointment; conditions; failure of
confirmation; vacancy of unexpired term; appointment subject to senate
AllKSA75-4335Act inapplicable to public employers, other than state or
its agencies, adopting provisions and procedures determined by board to be
reasonably equivalent.
AllKSA75-4330Memorandum agreements, limitations; grievance procedures;
arbitration; judicial review.
AllKSA75-4325Supervisory employee not prohibited from membership in
employee organization.
AllKSA75-4324Employees' right to form, join and participate in
employee organizations.
AllKSA75-4334Same; proceedings for determination in accordance with
Kansas administrative procedure act; judicial review; action in district court
in proceeding involving alleged strike or lockout.
AllKSA75-4329Disputes concerning recognition of employee organization;
procedure for resolving.
AllKSA75-4352Same; compensation for services.
AllKSA75-4373Same; extended death benefit plan; term life insurance
benefit; administration; closure term life insurance fund.
AllKSA75-4371Same; compensation for accumulated sick leave; rules and
AllKSA75-4355dEnforcement; construction.
AllKSA75-4355cSame; disclosure.
AllKSA75-4355Same; inherent power of court not limited.
AllKSA75-4374Same; in-state moving expense reimbursement if employed
by or transferred to another state agency; limitations; purchase of adaptive
equipment for laid off or transferred employees who are blind.
AllKSA75-4320cSunflower Foundation: Health Care for Kansas; subject to
open meetings law.
AllKSA75-4305Same; filing of report of interest if statement of
substantial interest not filed; abstaining from action.
AllKSA75-4302aSame; statement of substantial interests; individuals
required to file; filing; rules and regulations; sample forms; disclosure if
individual or spouse is officer of nonprofit corporation exempt from federal
income taxes.
AllKSA75-4314Same; officer or employee receiving funds without
subscribing and filing oath; penalty.
AllKSA75-4315aAppointment of acting state officers to certain
positions; authority; compensation; classified civil service status prior to
appointment, effect.
AllKSA75-4312Same; persons required to take oath; time for filing;
AllKSA75-4315dNongubernatorial appointments subject to confirmation by
senate; procedure; information required to be submitted.
AllKSA75-4328Recognition of right of employee organization to
represent employees.
AllKSA75-4337Annual report of employee organizations; contents; fee;
alternative filing of federal reports; exemption.
AllKSA75-4355bSame; certification; fees; other modes of communication.
AllKSA75-4336Registration of business agents for employee
organizations; application; certificate; fee; exemption.
AllKSA75-4353Same; qualifications of interpreter; determination;
persons disqualified.
AllKSA75-4372Same; qualified to participate in state health care
benefits program, periods; closure health insurance fund.
AllKSA75-4370Officers and employees of certain closed state
institutions; procedures and benefits; preference, qualifications; time limit;
notice; rules and regulations.
AllKSA75-4316Discharge of public employee declaring or subjected to
bankruptcy, wage earners' plan or similar proceeding unlawful; "public
employee" defined; violation of act declared misdemeanor.
AllKSA75-4338Employee organizations; use of organization dues for partisan or
political purposes prohibited.
AllKSA75-4327Public employee organizations; recognition and certification;
membership; meet and confer; determination and certification of appropriate
unit; rules and regulations; assessment of election costs.
AllKSA75-4339Invalidity of act.
AllKSA75-4333Prohibited practices; evidence of bad faith.
AllKSA75-4332Memoranda of agreement; procedure in case of impasse; fact-finding
board; hearing; costs; confidentiality.
AllKSA75-4376Same; definitions.
AllKSA75-4375Same; compensation for certain direct care employees after layoff;
determination of amount.
AllKSA75-4378Health care benefits and assistance to blind persons employed at
Kansas industries for the blind at certain closed facilities; secretary for
children and families, duties.
AllKSA75-4317aMeeting defined.
AllKSA75-4320eComplaint form prescribed by attorney general.
AllKSA75-4320fCivil remedies to enforce act; consent order.
AllKSA75-4320aEnforcement of act by district courts; burden of proof; court
costs; precedence of cases.
AllKSA75-4320bInvestigation of alleged violations; powers.
AllKSA75-4318Meetings of state and subdivisions open to public; exceptions;
secret ballots; notice; agenda, cameras, photographic lights, recording
AllKSA75-4320dCivil remedies to enforce act by attorney general; consent order;
finding of violation.
AllKSA75-4319Closed or executive meetings; conditions; authorized subjects for
discussion; binding action prohibited; certain documents identified in meetings
not subject to disclosure.
AllKSA75-4362Drug screening program; establishment and implementation; duties of
director of personnel; state government positions subject to program; effect of
positive test result on employment; results confidential; rules and
regulations; safety sensitive positions defined.
AllKSA75-4379Law enforcement officer applicants; file and information sharing by
law enforcement agencies and governmental agencies; waiver; disclosure,
AllKSA75-4364Educational benefits for spouses and dependents of deceased public
safety officers and certain deceased military personnel and prisoners of war;
enrollment at Kansas educational institutions without charge of tuition or
AllKSA75-5116Abolition of motor vehicle reciprocity commission;
transfer of powers, duties and functions; preservation of interstate contracts,
arrangements and declarations.
AllKSA75-5105aDirector of property valuation; powers and duties.
AllKSA75-5151Electronic funds transfers; authority of secretary of
AllKSA75-5112Transfer of rules and regulation authority to secretary
of revenue.
AllKSA75-5120aRules and regulations.
AllKSA75-5155Rule and regulation authority of secretary of revenue.
AllKSA75-5144Same; reciprocal agreements with agencies of other
AllKSA75-5130Sale of certain property in Wallace county; procedure.
AllKSA75-5128Surety bonds and escrow agreements made under acts
administered by secretary of revenue.
AllKSA75-5103Same; transfer of existing powers, duties and functions;
preservation of rules and regulations, rates, orders and directives; adoption
of rules and regulations by secretary of revenue for division of taxation.
AllKSA75-5143Same; debt collection agency agreement under Kansas
income tax act.
AllKSA75-5125Same; transfer of property and records.
AllKSA75-5153Additional tax assessments; deposits; interest.
AllKSA75-5101Secretary of revenue; appointment and confirmation;
creation of department; application of K-GOAL.
AllKSA75-5102Director of taxation; creation and administration of the
division of taxation.
AllKSA75-5111Same; transfer of existing powers, duties and functions;
preservation of rules and regulations, orders and directives.
AllKSA75-5105Director of property valuation; appointment and
confirmation; creation and administration of the division of property
AllKSA75-5127Organization of department; delegation of powers.
AllKSA75-5126Same; governor to resolve conflicts.
AllKSA75-5131Sale of certain property in Cherokee county; procedure.
AllKSA75-5124Same; transfer of employees; rights preserved.
AllKSA75-5118Director and division of alcoholic beverage control;
transfer of powers, duties, functions.
AllKSA75-5117Director of alcoholic beverage control; creation and
administration of division of alcoholic beverage control.
AllKSA75-5152Sales and compensating tax attributable to sale of
aviation fuel.
AllKSA75-5142Same; performance bond requirement.
AllKSA75-5132Sale of tax forms and related publications; disposition
of proceeds; publications fee fund.
AllKSA75-5148Additional penalty for collection of delinquent tax.
AllKSA75-5151aFiling by electronic means of returns prepared by paid
AllKSA75-5133aExchange of information agreements between secretaries
of revenue and human resources.
AllKSA75-5154Abatement of certain taxes.
AllKSA75-5145Same; unlawful to utilize or divulge information;
AllKSA75-5140Collection of delinquent taxes from taxpayers; use of
debt collection agencies by secretary of revenue.
AllKSA75-5157Issuance of subpoenas by secretary of revenue; law
enforcement agents; authority.
AllKSA75-5160Division of vehicles modernization surcharge.
AllKSA75-5159Division of vehicles modernization fund; creation.
AllKSA75-5141Same; fees for collection agency services; disposition of
amounts collected.
AllKSA75-5129Sale of certain state real estate in Clark county
authorized; procedure.
AllKSA75-5122Employees; appointing authority; classified civil
AllKSA75-5110Director of vehicles; creation and administration of
division of vehicles.
AllKSA75-5123Transition; preservation of civil rights of action and
proceedings; criminal actions not to abate.
AllKSA75-5146Installment pay plans for tax liability; conditions;
rules and regulations.
AllKSA75-5147Automated tax system; acquisition, negotiated contract;
payment, fee based on collections authorized; reports of collections to
legislative committees.
AllKSA75-5134Manager of revenue analysis; creation and administration
of bureau of research and revenue analysis; powers and duties.
AllKSA75-5158Complaints relating to issuance of driver's licenses and
identification cards; procedure; report.
AllKSA75-5156Issuance of drivers' licenses and identification cards;
security requirements; training program.
AllKSA75-5135Authority to receive federal or other funds.
AllKSA75-5106Transfer of existing powers, duties and functions;
preservation of rules and regulations, orders and directives.
AllKSA75-5162Delinquent tax liability; service fee for taxpayer installment
payment plans and abatements; requirements; remittance of such fees to state
treasurer, distribution.
AllKSA75-5121Attorneys for department; appointment; chief attorney.
AllKSA75-5107Same; transfer of rule and regulation authority to secretary of
AllKSA75-5104Same; transfer of rule and regulation authority to secretary of
AllKSA75-5161Tax assessment; settlement authority; secretary of revenue.
AllKSA75-5176Same; taxation.
AllKSA75-5171Kansas charitable gaming act; citation of act.
AllKSA75-5175Same; licensure, application, fee; restrictions on licensure;
leased premises, registration certificate.
AllKSA75-5181Same; administration and enforcement of act.
AllKSA75-5188Same; rules and regulations; annual report.
AllKSA75-5178Same; determining correctness of returns; subpoenas and
AllKSA75-5182Same; disposition of fees and tax proceeds; state charitable gaming
regulation fund.
AllKSA75-5186Same; administrator of charitable gaming; powers and duties.
AllKSA75-5184Same; distribution of disposable bingo cards and instant bingo
tickets; registration.
AllKSA75-5177Same; returns; remittance of tax; penalties and interest; waiver or
AllKSA75-5185Same; penalties and fines for violation of act.
AllKSA75-5179Same; restrictions on charitable gaming; exemption.
AllKSA75-5172Same; purpose.
AllKSA75-5180Same; revocation or suspension of license; hearings; procedure;
AllKSA75-5183Same; charitable gaming refund fund.
AllKSA75-5174Same; power to regulate, license and tax charitable games.
AllKSA75-5187Same; severability.
AllKSA75-5173Same; definitions.
AllKSA75-5133dUnlawful to divulge licensure, registration and tax information;
exceptions; penalties for violations.
AllKSA75-5133Unlawful to divulge licensure, registration and tax information;
exceptions; penalties for violations.
AllKSA75-53,101Same; compilation of background information.
AllKSA75-5331Officers and employees; rights preserved; application of
civil service law.
AllKSA75-5338Officers and employees; rights preserved; application of
civil service law.
AllKSA75-53,102Same; transition councils.
AllKSA75-5396Same; reception of funds, gifts, grants, bequests;
AllKSA75-5385Same; compensation.
AllKSA75-5397cRights saved in legal actions and proceedings.
AllKSA75-5308fPowers, duties and functions transferred to and imposed
upon commissioner of mental health and developmental disabilities; previous
orders and directives continued in effect until revised, amended or repealed.
AllKSA75-5395Same; arrangements and contracts authorized for carrying
out purposes.
AllKSA75-5392Same; composition; qualifications of members; terms;
vacancies; meetings; officers; quorum; expenses.
AllKSA75-5397dMotor vehicle symbol for deaf and hard of hearing;
AllKSA75-5397Same; state agencies to provide services to deaf and hard
of hearing.
AllKSA75-5397bSame; continuation of former commission; application of
references to former commission; preservation of orders and directives.
AllKSA75-5394Same; cooperation by state agencies.
AllKSA75-5384Same; members to be representative of various groups and
organizations; definitions.
AllKSA75-5387Same; successor to Kansas citizens' committee on alcohol
abuse and alcoholism and Kansas citizens' committee on drug abuse.
AllKSA75-5366Matching child support debtors and insurance claimants; agreement;
procedures; requirements; rules and regulations.
AllKSA75-5328aPurchase of insurance insuring volunteers in family foster care
AllKSA75-5386Same; organization; records and minutes; meetings; bylaws.
AllKSA75-5365Acquisition of certain support enforcement services; competitive
bid procedure.
AllKSA75-5376Cooperation of other state agencies.
AllKSA75-5309aCoordinator of medical services job class, employees in
unclassified service; home and community based services program, attendant care
services, personnel in unclassified service, salary plan, definitions.
AllKSA75-5382Same; duties.
AllKSA75-5375Drug abuse treatment and prevention duties of secretary for aging
and disability services.
AllKSA75-5371Donated dental services program for needy, disabled, aged and
medically-compromised individuals; administration of program.
AllKSA75-5383Same; composition; terms; vacancies.
AllKSA75-5321Secretary to adopt all general policies and rules and regulations;
social service outreach services.
AllKSA75-5326Same; annual report.
AllKSA75-53,100Same; transition planning required.
AllKSA75-5399Transition planning services for individuals with disabilities;
AllKSA75-5393Same; executive director, employment, compensation and expenses,
duties, qualifications.
AllKSA75-5391Kansas commission for the deaf and hard of hearing; establishment;
duties; management functions.
AllKSA75-5319Custody of records, memoranda and writings of departmental
AllKSA75-5310Appointment of personnel for department; compensation; application
to persons appointed after effective date of act.
AllKSA75-5310aService contracts for preparation of expert testimony; exempt from
competitive bidding.
AllKSA75-5308eMental health and developmental disabilities established;
administration of mental health and developmental disabilities; commissioner of
community services and programs, appointment and compensation.
AllKSA75-5316aSecretary may organize department; powers and duties of
AllKSA75-5343Self-sufficiency trust fund; agreements with trusts, deposits;
interest transfers; expenditures and administration; rules and regulations.
AllKSA75-5344Special fund for the developmentally disabled; authorized uses;
AllKSA75-5381Kansas citizens' committee on alcohol and other drug abuse;
AllKSA75-5345Employees at industries for the blind workshop, civil service
AllKSA75-5313Advisory committees; creation; allowances and expenses.
AllKSA75-5320Seal of secretary.
AllKSA75-5367Matching child support debtors and insurance claimants;
requirements; procedure.
AllKSA75-5397aSame; fees for interpreter services and sign language
AllKSA75-5301Secretary for children and families; appointment and confirmation;
creation of department; department and office of secretary subject to
AllKSA75-5308dMental health and retardation services and commissioner of mental
health and retardation services abolished; transfer of powers, duties and
functions; Kansas department for aging and disability services.
AllKSA75-5397eLanguage assessment program; given, when; advisory committee;
recommendations; reports; definitions.
AllKSA75-5321aTransfer of certain long-term care programs and services to
secretary of aging.
AllKSA75-5309Appointment of subordinate officers and employees; classified
AllKSA75-5321Secretary to adopt all general policies and rules and regulations;
social service outreach services.
AllKSA75-5501Formulation, installation and operation of system of
payroll accounting; system elements and principles; modification for biweekly
payroll periods; plan for deductions for certain employee organization and
association dues.
AllKSA75-5509Same; calculation of biweekly pay for nine-month school
AllKSA75-5516Same; consolidated payrolls, accounts; payment of future
salaries and wages; procedure; transactions between state agencies.
AllKSA75-5546Disaster service volunteer leave; citation of act.
AllKSA75-5533Same; fees for making payroll deductions and payments;
manner of collection; disposition.
AllKSA75-5549State employee leave sharing program, authorization;
rules and regulations; guidelines.
AllKSA75-5510Same; conversion of monthly rates fixed for housing, food
service or other employee maintenance to biweekly rates.
AllKSA75-5506Same; conversion of existing salaries, ranges, rates and
certain semimonthly compensation systems to hourly and biweekly rates when
biweekly payroll periods approved.
AllKSA75-5535State officers and employees payroll deductions for
parking fees; authorization.
AllKSA75-5501aBiweekly payroll periods; university of Kansas medical
center; establishment for other state agencies, authority of secretary of
administration; implementation procedures.
AllKSA75-5502Payroll accounting system; staggered or cycled payroll
periods or pay dates, limitations; powers of director of accounts and reports.
AllKSA75-5507Same; calculation of pay under biweekly pay system where
records indicate pay due for more or less than full time; exceptions pursuant
to rules and regulations.
AllKSA75-5517Compensation for accumulated sick leave upon retirement
from state service; limitations; employee retirement contributions deducted.
AllKSA75-5519Payment of tuition and educational training costs of
state agency personnel; rules and regulations.
AllKSA75-5508Same; payment of terminated employee's earned wages.
AllKSA75-5514Same; rules and regulations by secretary of
AllKSA75-5532Same; notification by employing agency of employee
authorization; amounts deducted, limits; authorization withdrawal or
modification; payroll deduction plan.
AllKSA75-5552State agency expenditure of moneys budgeted for salaries,
wages, compensation and associated employer contributions.
AllKSA75-5536State agency payroll deduction plans.
AllKSA75-5547Same; definitions.
AllKSA75-5537Overtime compensation, determinations; holidays counted
as time worked, when.
AllKSA75-5553Same; priority for payment of salary and wage payroll
AllKSA75-5550Annual summary of compensation package, contents.
AllKSA75-5545Same; rules and regulations.
AllKSA75-5543Same; leave payment reserve assessment; rate and amount
of assessment; gross wages defined.
AllKSA75-5511Same; reference in other laws to monthly pay of state
employees construed.
AllKSA75-5505Same; standard 40-hour workweek established; exception,
when; submission of information to director of accounts and reports;
inapplicability to elective state officers.
AllKSA75-5512Same; required compliance of certain contracts and
memorandums of agreement with biweekly payroll periods; exemptions.
AllKSA75-5504Same; duty of appointing authority to certify changes to
payroll rosters and encumbrance documents to director of accounts and reports;
reliance thereon by director.
AllKSA75-5503Same; changes in payroll periods and pay dates; notice to
affected employees required; time for notice.
AllKSA75-5531State employee payroll deductions for contributions to
charitable organizations; definitions.
AllKSA75-5534Same; rules and regulations for administration,
prohibited acts.
AllKSA75-5515Payroll accounting system; fixing of salaries and wages,
annual basis; payroll periods; budgeting and accounting for payroll payments;
payment on hourly basis for certain employees, determination of wages.
AllKSA75-5542State leave payment reserve fund; payment of compensation
for accumulated sick and vacation leave; duties of secretary of administration.
AllKSA75-5544Same; manner in which compensation made.
AllKSA75-5530State employee payroll deductions for purchase of United
States savings bonds; rules and regulations; state employee defined.
AllKSA75-5548Same; leave from work with pay for certified disaster
service volunteers of American red cross; rate of compensation and preservation
of benefits; when leave may be granted.
AllKSA75-5551Compensation program for state employees; philosophy
AllKSA75-5541Longevity bonus payments; eligibility; limitations;
AllKSA75-6201Statement of policy.
AllKSA75-6203Setoff, additional collection remedy; duties of creditor;
rules and regulations; contribution of income.
AllKSA75-6211Same; priority of claims.
AllKSA75-6214Same; right to hearing, when; refund of amounts
improperly setoff.
AllKSA75-6207Hearing procedure; judicial review.
AllKSA75-6213Same; setoff procedure regulations under prior law
AllKSA75-6215Reciprocal agreements with foreign states.
AllKSA75-6206Same; information to director of accounts and reports;
notice to debtor; amounts subject to setoff withheld.
AllKSA75-6205Same; minimum debt setoff; maximum setoff against
AllKSA75-6208Same; time for final setoff; hearing.
AllKSA75-6212Same; use of information held by department of revenue
for setoff, limitations; duty of confidentiality.
AllKSA75-6216Agreements with federal department of the treasury; offsetting
federal and state payments; fees; lawful exchange of information.
AllKSA75-6210Disposition of setoff proceeds; collection assistance fee; debt
AllKSA75-6209Same; final setoff; notice and accounting to debtor; hearings on
further setoffs, when.
AllKSA75-6204Authority to setoff against debtors; collection of assistance fee;
agreements with municipalities, lottery gaming facility managers, racetrack
gaming facility managers, facility owner licensees.
AllKSA75-6217Prize winnings withheld, when; indemnification of managers and
licensees; remittance of withholdings.
AllKSA77-503Application and construction; computing period of time.
AllKSA77-516Prehearing conference; notice.
AllKSA77-522Discovery; authorization; requests; subpoenas, discovery
orders and protective orders.
AllKSA77-524Evidence; official notice.
AllKSA77-511Time limits for processing application for an order or a
request for a hearing; expiration of license, when.
AllKSA77-527Review of initial order; exceptions to reviewability.
AllKSA77-536Emergency proceedings; use, when; procedure.
AllKSA77-549Same; application for an order; when proceedings required;
agency head designation; final orders.
AllKSA77-547Same; administrative proceedings; agency head, defined.
AllKSA77-505Informal settlements; alternative dispute resolution.
AllKSA77-508Hearings, not required in certain circumstances.
AllKSA77-517Prehearing conference; procedure; prehearing order.
AllKSA77-515Participation and representation.
AllKSA77-512Orders affecting licensure; requirements.
AllKSA77-525Ex parte communications; exemption for certain agencies.
AllKSA77-523Hearing procedure.
AllKSA77-518Notice of hearing.
AllKSA77-541Same; record.
AllKSA77-537Summary proceedings; use, when; right to request hearing;
orders, contents.
AllKSA77-533Conference hearing; use, when.
AllKSA77-526Orders, initial and final; exception for state corporation
AllKSA77-506Conversion of proceedings.
AllKSA77-503aInformation not disclosed in public record; when.
AllKSA77-513Hearings, applicable procedures.
AllKSA77-551Hearing of state agencies; presiding officer.
AllKSA77-542Right to request hearing; statement filed.
AllKSA77-550Division of property valuation; administrative
proceedings; agency head, designation.
AllKSA77-535Disclosure of material or essential facts.
AllKSA77-530Orders, when effective.
AllKSA77-514Presiding officer.
AllKSA77-548Director of taxation; adjudicative proceedings; ex parte
communications; file and docket, contents; technical staff, not party to
AllKSA77-531Service of order or notice.
AllKSA77-545State corporation commission; adjudicative proceedings; ex parte
communications; file and docket, contents; technical staff, not party to
AllKSA77-519Pleadings, motions, objections, briefs; service.
AllKSA77-546Commissioner of insurance; adjudicative proceedings; ex parte
communications; file and docket, contents; technical staff, not party to
AllKSA79-4304Same; alternate representation on commission.
AllKSA79-4303Multistate tax commission; representative.
AllKSA79-4307Interstate audits.
AllKSA79-4306aAdvisory committee abolished.
AllKSA79-4305Same; attorney general or designate; function.
AllKSA79-4302Application of multistate tax compact.
AllKSA79-4301Multistate tax compact.
AllKs Const ArtArticle 11Finance and Taxation
AllMemorandum2013 Legislative Changes & Enactments2013 Legislative Changes & Enactments
AllMemorandum2015 Legislative Changes and Enactments2015 Legislative Changes and Enactments
AllMemorandum2016 Legislative Changes and Enactments2016 Legislative Changes and Enactments
AllMemorandum2017 Legislative Changes & Enactments2017 Legislative Changes & Enactments
AllMemorandum2017 Legislative Changes and Enactments2017 Legislative Changes and Enactments
AllMemorandum--2019 Legislative Changes and Enactments
Individual Income Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Withholding and Declaration of Estimated
Food Sales Tax Refund
Homestead Property Tax Refunds
Estate Tax
Kansas Retailers' Sales Tax
Franchise Tax
Kansas Compensating Tax
Memorandum--2009 Legislative Enactments & Changes
AllNotice06-05Summary of 2006 Legislative Session enacted bills.
AllOpinion LetterO-2009-015Difference between private letter rulings and opinion letters.
AllSession LawL. 2001 ch. 011An Act concerning rules and regulations; relating to the rules and regulations filing act; amending K.S.A. 77-416 and K.S.A. 2000 Supp. 77-420a and repealing the existing sections.
AllSession LawL. 2001 ch. 122An Act concerning committees and entities subject to the open records law and the open meetings law; amending K.S.A. 75-4318 and repealing the existing section.
AllSession LawL. 2002 ch. 046An Act concerning the Kansas tort claims act; relating to definitions; amending K.S.A. 2001 Supp. 75-6102 and repealing the existing section; also repealing K.S.A. 2001 Supp. 75-6102a.
AllSession LawL. 2002 ch. 189An Act creating the Kansas advisory council on intergovernmental relations;prescribing the powers and duties thereof.
AllSession LawL. 2002 ch. 178An Act amending the open records act; amending K.S.A. 2001 Supp. 45-221and repealing the existing section.
AllSession LawL. 2002 ch. 011An Act concerning crimes and punishment; relating to worthless checks; amendingK.S.A. 2001 Supp. 21-3707 and repealing the existing section.
AllSession LawL. 2002 ch. 110An Act relating to credit cards and debit cards; providing certain restrictions on electronically printed receipts.
AllSession LawL. 2002 ch. 183An Act concerning electronic procedures, records, transactions and signatures; relating to electronic and digital signatures; electronic procurement procedures for certain governmental entities; amending K.S.A. 2001 Supp. 16-1605, 72-6760 and 75-3739a and repealing the existing sections.
AllSession LawL. 2003 ch. 019An Act concerning the state general fund; relating to estimates of revenues; amending K.S.A. 75-6701 and repealing the existing section.
AllSession LawL. 2003 ch. 158An Act reconciling amendments to certain statutes and making certain technical changes related thereto; amending K.S.A. 44-704b and 44-709, K.S.A. 2002 Supp. 79-3271, K.S.A. 8-240, as amended by section 1 of 2003 Senate Bill No. 16, K.S.A. 8-1324, as amended by section 3 of 2003 Senate Bill No. 16, K.S.A. 38-1602, as amended by section 2 of 2003 House Bill No. 2314, K.S.A. 2002 Supp. 44-706, as amended by section 6 of 2003 House Bill No. 2353, K.S.A. 72-6409, as amended by section 1 of 2003 House Bill No. 2006, K.S.A. 72-8205, as amended by section 1 of 2003 Senate Bill No. 57, and K.S.A. 2002 Supp. 75-6102, as amended by section 1 of 2003 Senate Bill No. 34, and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 2002 Supp. 75-6102b, 79-1476b, 79-3226c and 79-3271a, K.S.A. 8-240, as amended by section 2 of 2003 House Bill No. 2192, K.S.A. 8-1324, as amended by section 4 of 2003 House Bill No. 2192, K.S.A. 38- 1602, as amended by section 1 of 2003 House Bill No. 2016, K.S.A. 2002 Supp. 44-706, as amended by section 2 of 2003 House Bill No. 2332, K.S.A. 72-6409, as amended by section 8 of 2003 Substitute for Senate Bill No. 83, K.S.A. 72-8205, as amended by section 1 of 2003 Senate Bill No. 55, K.S.A. 72-9901, as amended by section 12 of 2003 House Bill No. 2006, and K.S.A. 2002 Supp. 75-6102, as amended by section 1 of 2003 House Bill No. 2068.
AllSession LawL. 2003 ch. 159An Act concerning taxation; relating to amnesty from assessment or payment of penalties and interest on certain unpaid taxes; procedures and requirements of program; definition of doing business in state for sales and compensating tax purposes; amending K.S.A. 79- 3702 and repealing the existing section.
AllSession LawL. 2004 ch. 180AN ACT reconciling amendments to certain statutes; amending K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 8-170, 22-2401a, 72-6431, 74-5602, 74-8017, 79-213, 79-3271, 79-3425c, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 2-1205, as amended by section 1 of 2004 House Bill No. 2622, K.S.A. 8-1102, as amended by section 1 of 2004 Substitute for Senate Bill No. 380, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 19-101a, as amended by section 20 of 2004 House Substitute for Substitute for Senate Bill No. 153, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 58-3062, as amended by section 1 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 534, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 60-2001, as amended by section 6 of 2004 House Bill No. 2293, K.S.A. 65-468, as amended by section 1 of 2004 House Bill No. 2760, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 65-2891,
as amended by section 5 of 2004 House Bill No. 2813, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 83-302, as amended by section 20 of 2004 House Bill No. 2622, and K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 83-402, as amended by section 21 of 2004 House Bill No. 2622, and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 8-170a, 72-6431b, 72-6431c, 74-4911h, 74-8017a, 79-201y, 79-213c, 79-2977a, 79-3271a, 79-3271b, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 2-1205, as amended by section 188 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 524, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 2-2906, as amended by section 57 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 524, K.S.A. 8-1102, as amended by section 1 of 2004
House Bill No. 2633, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 19-101a, as amended by section 5 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 461, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 22-2401a, as amended by section 1 of 2004 House Substitute for Senate Bill No. 9, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 22-2401a, as amended by section 6 of 2004 House Substitute for Senate Bill No. 136, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 58-3062, as amended by section 3 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 404, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 60-2001, as amended by section 5 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 297, K.S.A. 65-468, as amended by section 3 of 2004 House Bill No. 2813, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 65-2891, as amended by section 11 of 2004 House Bill No. 2737, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 74-5602, as amended by section 8 of 2004 House Substitute for Senate Bill No. 136, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 74-5602, as amended
by section 1 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 400, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 79-3425c, as amended by section 174 of 2004 House Bill No. 2675, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 79-3425c, as amended by section 134 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 524, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 79-34,147, as amended by section 176 of 2004 House Bill No. 2675, K.S.A. 82a-734, as amended by section 145 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 524, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 83-302, as amended by section 186 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 524, and K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 83-402, as amended by section 187 of 2004 Senate Bill No. 524.
AllSession LawL. 2004 ch. 059AN ACT concerning taxing subdivisions of the state; relating to budgets thereof; amending K.S.A. 79-2929a and repealing the existing section.
AllSession LawL. 2005 ch. 110AN ACT concerning taxation; relating to confidentiality of information; disclosure; penalties; amending K.S.A. 75-702, 79-1119, 79-3392, 79-3614 and 79-4105 and K.S.A. 2004 Supp. 12-189, 75-5133, 79-3234 and 79-3657 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 2004 Supp. 74-8017.
AllSession LawL. 2006 ch. 087AN ACT concerning open records; pertaining to certain exceptions to the requirement of disclosure thereof; amending K.S.A. 2005 Supp. 45-229 and repealing the existing section.
AllSession LawL. 2008 ch. 109AN ACT creating the state court of tax appeals and abolishing the state board of tax appeals; amending K.S.A. 9-1402, 12-110a, 12-631, 12-1664, 12-16,109, 12-1737, 12-1742, 12-1744a, 12-1744b, 12-1744c, 12-1744d, 12-1755, 12-1934, 12-3206, 12-3805, 14-1060, 17-1374, 19-236, 19-431, 19-15,103, 19-15,106, 19-15,116, 19-15,123, 19-2106f, 19-2653, 19-2752a, 19-3554, 19-4420, 19-4442, 20-356, 20-363, 20-626, 24-133, 24-665, 24-1219, 31-144, 38-549, 68-151n, 72-4142, 72-6443, 72-8203b, 74-2426, 74-2433a, 74-2433b, 74-2433c, 74-2433d, 74-2433e, 74-2433f, 74-2433g, 74-2434, 74-2435, 74-2436, 74-2437, 74-2437a, 74-2437b, 74-2438, 74-2439, 74-2442, 75-430, 75-5104, 75-5107, 75-5121, 79-213a, 79-425a, 79-6a14, 79-1404a, 79-1409, 79-1410, 79-1413a, 79-1422,
79-1426, 79-1478, 79-1478a, 79-1479, 79-1481, 79-1489, 79-1703, 79-1704, 79-1964a, 79-1964b, 79-2416d, 79-2925a, 79-2938, 79-2939, 79-2940, 79-2941, 79-2951, 79-3107c, 79-3221, 79-32,193 and K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 2-131e, 72-6441, 72-6451, 74-2433, 74-2438a, 74-4911f, 75-37,121, 75-4201, 77-529, 79-210, 79-213, 79-332a, 79-5a27, 79-1427a, 79-1437f, 79-1448, 79-1476, 79-1609, 79-1611, 79-1701, 79-1702, 79-2005, 79-2977, 79-
3226, 79-3233g, 79-3694, 79-5205, 80-119, 80-808, 80-1920 and 82a-1030 and repealing the existing sections.
AllSession LawL. 2008 ch. 025AN ACT concerning the rules and regulations filing act; requiring agencies to consider the effects of proposed rules and regulations on small employers; amending K.S.A. 77-415 and K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 77-416 and repealing the existing sections.
AllSession LawL. 2008 ch. 112AN ACT relating to state governmental operations; creating the Kansas taxpayer transparency act; establishing the Kansas performance measurement commission; concerning the Kansas governmental operations accountability law; relating to audits; amending K.S.A. 74-7284, 74-7285 and 74-7287 and K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 46-1226 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 74-7286, 74-7289, 74-7290, 74-7291, 74-7292, 74-7293, 74-7294, 74-7296, 74-7298, 74-7299, 74-72,100, 74-72,101, 74-72,102, 74-72,104, 74-72,106, 74-72,107 and 74-72,108 and K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 46-1131, 74-7295
and 74-72,103.
AllSession LawL. 2010 ch. 095AN ACT concerning the rules and regulations filing act; pertaining to the filing process; amending K.S.A. 77-415a, 77-415b, 77-417, 77-418, 77-419, 77-420, 77-421a, 77-423, 77-428, 77-429, 77-430a and 77-436 and K.S.A. 2009 Supp. 77-415, 77-416, 77-421, 77-422, 77-424, 77-430, 77-431 and 77-435 and repealing the existing sections.
AllSession LawL. 2010 ch. 064AN ACT concerning electronic payments; amending K.S.A. 16a-2-403 and K.S.A. 2009 Supp. 75-30,100 and repealing the existing sections.
AllSession Law2011 Session Laws, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 88)Chapters 1 - 88
AllSession Law2011 Session Laws, Volume 2 (Chapters 89 - 135)Chapters 89 - 135
AllSession Law2012 Session Laws, Volume 2 (Chapters 148 - 185)Chapters 148 - 185
AllSession Law2012 Session Laws, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 147)Chapters 1 - 147
AllSession Law2013 Session Laws, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 124)Chapters 1 - 124
AllSession Law2013 Session Laws, Volume 2 (Chapters 125 - 143)Chapters 125 - 143
AllSession Law2014 Session Laws, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 111)Chapters 1 - 111
AllSession Law2014 Session Laws, Volume 2 (Chapters 112 - 152)Chapters 112 - 152
AllSession Law2015 Session Laws, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 85)Chapters 1 - 85
AllSession Law2015 Session Laws, Volume 2 (Chapters 88 - 114)Chapters 88 - 114
AllSession Law2016 Session Laws, Volume 2 (Chapters 90 -119 and Special Session Chapters 1 - 3)Chapters 90 -119 and Special Session Chapters 1 - 3
AllSession Law2016 Session Laws, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 89)Chapters 1 - 89
AllSession Law2017 Session Laws, Volume 2 (Chapters 97 - 113)Chapters 97 - 113
AllSession Law2017 Session Laws, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 96)Chapters 1 - 96
AllSession Law2018 Session Laws, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 125)Chapters 1 - 125
AllSession Law2019 Session Laws, Volume 1 (2019 Session Laws, Volume 1 of 1)2019 Session Laws, Volume 1 of 1
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Show details for Cereal Malt Beverages and Malt ProductsCereal Malt Beverages and Malt Products
Show details for Cigarette and Tobacco ProductsCigarette and Tobacco Products
Show details for Clean Drinking Water FeeClean Drinking Water Fee
Show details for Corporate Income TaxCorporate Income Tax
Show details for Corporation FranchiseCorporation Franchise
Show details for Corporation Franchise TaxCorporation Franchise Tax
Show details for Dry Cleaning Environmental SurchargeDry Cleaning Environmental Surcharge
Show details for Dry Cleaning Solvent FeeDry Cleaning Solvent Fee
Show details for Estate TaxEstate Tax
Show details for Food Sales Tax RefundFood Sales Tax Refund
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Show details for Individual Income TaxIndividual Income Tax
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Show details for Intangible TaxIntangible Tax
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Show details for Kansas Compensating TaxKansas Compensating Tax
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Show details for Liquor Enforcement TaxLiquor Enforcement Tax
Show details for LotteryLottery
Show details for Marijuana and Controlled SubstancesMarijuana and Controlled Substances
Show details for Mineral Severance TaxMineral Severance Tax
Show details for Motor Vehicle Fuel TaxMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax
Show details for OtherOther
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Show details for Property TaxProperty Tax
Show details for Public Water Supply FeePublic Water Supply Fee
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