Kansas Statutes Annotated
Updated Through the 2014 Legislative Session

Statute Number:17-76,118
Tax Type:Corporate Income Tax; Corporation Franchise Tax
Brief Description:Winding up.


17-76,118.Winding up.(a) Unless otherwise provided in the operating agreement, a manager who has not wrongfully dissolved a limited liability company or, if none, the members or a person approved by the members or, if there is more than one class or group of members, then by each class or group of members, in either case, by members who own more than 50% of the then current percentage or other interest in the profits of the limited liability company owned by all of the members or by the members in each class or group, as appropriate, may wind up the limited liability company's affairs; but the district court upon cause shown, may wind up the limited liability company's affairs upon application of any member or manager, or the member's personal representative or assignee, and in connection therewith, may appoint a liquidating trustee.
(b) Upon dissolution of a limited liability company and until the filing of a certificate of cancellation as provided in K.S.A.17-7675, and amendments thereto, the persons winding up the limited liability company's affairs may, in the name of, and for and on behalf of, the limited liability company, prosecute and defend suits, whether civil, criminal or administrative, gradually settle and close the limited liability company's business, dispose of and convey the limited liability company's property, discharge or make reasonable provision for the limited liability company's liabilities, and distribute to the members any remaining assets of the limited liability company, all without affecting the liability of members and managers and without imposing liability on a liquidating trustee.
History:L. 1999, ch. 119, 57; L. 2014, ch. 40, 43; July 1.

Date Composed: 11/14/2014 Date Modified: 11/14/2014