Identifying Information:Efficiency of Non-center Pivot Sprinkler Systems
Tax Type:Property Tax
Brief Description:Efficiency of Non-center Pivot Sprinkler Systems
Approval Date:06/30/1998


TO: All County Appraisers

FROM: Mark S. Beck
Director, Division of Property Valuation

DATE: June 30th, 1998

SUBJECT: Efficiency of Non-center Pivot Sprinkler Systems

This memo is in response to an inquiry as to the efficiency of water application for several types of sprinkler systems in comparison to the efficiency of a center pivot system. The systems being questioned are big gun, towline, traveling gun, fixed gun, slide-roll and side-move.

In their publication Kansas Irrigation Guide, NRCS provides efficiency ratings for various irrigation systems. Based on the efficiency rating associated with each non-pivot system it is apparent that the systems in question more closely resemble the efficiency of a flood irrigation system. Thus, it is our recommendation to apply the water ratio table for flood irrigation when you encounter a non-center pivot sprinkler system. In the future we will modify the headings on the two tables to reflect this change.

The adjustments that will need to be made at the county level are; (1)-the system type will be noted in CAMA on-line as F for flood (this is so the associated flood water ratio adjustment is applied) (2)-please use NP in the CAMA influence code field (3)-the actual sprinkler system type should be listed in the 351 Note Field (4)-additionally the notes should be carried on the agricultural use maps.

Date Composed: 07/22/1998 Date Modified: 10/09/2001