Kansas Statutes Annotated
Updated Through the 2013 Legislative Session

Statute Number:79-2009
Chapter Title:TAXATION
Tax Type:Property Tax
Brief Description:Highway or railroad bridge; appointment of receiver upon
failure to pay tax.


79-2009. Highway or railroad bridge; appointment of receiver upon failure to pay tax. If any person, company or corporation owning, controlling or operating any highway or railroad bridge over any stream or river which forms the boundary line between this and any other state shall neglect, fail or refuse to pay the tax assessed against such property within thirty days after the same shall become due and payable, on application to the district court by petition, in the name of the state of Kansas, of the board of county commissioners, or of the governing body of any city, or the officer of any municipal township interested in such tax, it shall be the duty of the district court to appoint a receiver of such bridge property, rights, privileges, and franchises; and such receiver shall hold, possess, manage and control such bridge property under the orders of the court until the termination of the litigation in relation to such taxes, or until such tax is paid, by proper decree to declare a forfeiture of its charter.
History: L. 1943, ch. 301, 8; June 28.

Date Composed: 04/04/2011 Date Modified: 04/04/2011