Kansas Statutes Annotated
Updated Through the 2018 Legislative Session

Statute Number:41-2606
Tax Type:Alcoholic Beverage Control
Brief Description:Same; application; fees.


41-2606.Same; application; fees.(a) Applications for all licenses under this act shall be completed and submitted to the director in a manner prescribed by the director. Each applicant shall submit an application fee of $30 for each initial application and $10 for each renewal application to defray the cost of processing such application.
(b) Each application for licensure as a club shall be accompanied by a copy of the current bylaws and rules of the club and a current list of the officers of the club.
(c) Each applicant shall submit to the division of alcoholic beverage control the full amount of the application fee and:
(1) The full amount of the license fee required to be paid for the kind of license specified in the application; or
(2) one-half of the full amount of the license fee required to be paid for the kind of license specified in the application.
(d) If the applicant elects to pay only one-half of the license fee pursuant to subsection (c)(2), the remaining one-half of the license fee plus 10% of such remaining balance shall be due and payable one year from the date of issuance of the license. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, failure to pay the full amount due under this subsection on the date it is due shall result in the automatic cancellation of such license for the remainder of the license term. The director may, at the director's sole discretion and after examination of the circumstances, extend the date payment is due pursuant to this subsection for not more than 30 days beyond the date such payment is originally due.
(e) Any license fee paid by an applicant shall be returned to the applicant if the application is denied.
(f) Payment of all fees required to be paid pursuant to this section may be made by personal, certified or cashier's check, United States post office money order, debit or credit card or cash, or by electronic payment authorized by the applicant in a manner prescribed by the director.
(g) All fees collected by the director pursuant to this section shall be remitted to the state treasurer in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A.75-4215, and amendments thereto. Upon receipt of each such remittance, the state treasurer shall deposit the entire amount in the state treasury to the credit of the state general fund.
History:L. 1965, ch. 316, 6; L. 1987, ch. 182, 62; L. 2001, ch. 5, 130; L. 2010, ch. 142, 13; L. 2018, ch. 11, 3; July 1.

Date Composed: 12/31/2018 Date Modified: 12/31/2018