Enrolled Bill
Legislative Session of 2016

Identifying Information:2016 Senate Bill 168
Tax Type:All
Brief Description:AN ACT concerning retirement and pensions; relating to the Kansas public employees re-
tirement system and systems thereunder; normal retirement; requiring certification that
there is no prearranged agreement of employment with participating employers prior to
retirement; providing certain penalties for violations thereof; employment after retire-
ment; special provisions for certain retirants; certain duties of the joint committee on
pensions, investments and benefits; employer rate of contribution; increasing compen-
sation limitation for members of the Kansas police and firemen’s retirement system;
Kansas deferred retirement option program act; final average salary; distribution of
DROP account; death and long-term disability benefits; employer payments to group
insurance reserve fund; Kansas public employees retirement system act of 2015; acci-
dental death benefit; annuity interest rate; Kansas public employees deferred compen-
sation act; sharing of account information; tax treatment; local governmental unit plan
option; amending K.S.A. 74-4916 and 74-4957a and K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 46-2201, 74-
4914, 74-4927, 74-4937, 74-4957, 74-4986o, 74-4986p, 74-4986q, 74-49,313, 74-49b10,
74-49b14 and 74-49b15 and repealing the existing sections.


SB168r.pdf - SB168r.pdf

Date Composed: 08/18/2016 Date Modified: 08/19/2016