Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:92-12-89
Article Title: Income Tax
Tax Type:Individual Income Tax; Corporate Income Tax
Brief Description:Property factor; valuation of rented property.


92-12-89 Property factor; valuation of rented property. Property rented by the taxpayer is valued at eight (8) times its net annual rental rate. The net annual rental rate for any item of rented property is the annual rental rate paid by the taxpayer for such property, less the aggregate annual subrental rates paid by subtenants of the taxpayer.
Subrents are not deducted when the subrents constitute business income because the property which produces the subrents is used in the regular course of a trade or business of the taxpayer when it is producing such income. Accordingly there is no reduction in its value.
``Annual rental rate'' means the amount paid as rental for property for a 12-month period (i.e., the amount of the annual rent). Where property is rented for less than a 12-month period, the rent paid for the actual period of rental shall constitute the ``annual rental rate'' for the tax period. However, where a taxpayer has rented property for a term of twelve (12) or more months and the current tax period covers a period of less than twelve (12) months, the rent paid for the short tax period shall be annualized. If the rental term is for less than twelve (12) months, the rent shall not be annualized beyond its term. Rent shall not be annualized because of the uncertain duration when the rental term is on a month to month basis.
``Annual rent'' means the actual sum of money or other consideration payable, directly or indirectly, by the taxpayer or for its benefit for the use of the property and includes: (a) Any amount payable for the use of real or tangible personal property, or any part thereof, whether designated as a fixed sum of money or as a percentage of sales, profits or otherwise.
(b) Any amount payable as additional rental or in lieu of rents, such as interest, taxes, insurance, repairs or any other items which are required to be paid by the terms of the lease or other arrangement, not including amounts paid as service charges, such as utilities, janitor services, etc. If a payment includes rent and other charges unsegregated, the amount of rent shall be determined by consideration of the relative values of the rent and the other items.
``Annual rent'' does not include incidental day-
to-day expenses such as hotel or motel accommodations, daily rental of automobiles, etc.
Leasehold improvements shall, for the purposes of the property factor, be treated as property owned by the taxpayer regardless of whether the taxpayer is entitled to remove the improvements or the improvements revert to the lessor upon expiration of the lease. Hence, the original cost of leasehold improvements shall be included in the factor. (Authorized by K.S.A. 79-3236, 79-
3281, 79-4301; effective May 1, 1979.)