Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:36-1-29
Article Title: Special Permits, Loads and Vehicles
Tax Type:Vehicles
Brief Description:


Violations. (a) The Kansas highway patrol and any local law enforcement agency
(enforcement agency) have the authority to enforce the provisions of these SVC regulations.
(b) In the event any SVC does not comply with the restrictions as specified in K.S.A. 1989 Supp.
8-1908, the enforcement agency has the discretionary authority to request the driver to shift or
remove any portion of the load or to adjust the configuration in order to bring the SVC into com-
pliance. (c) The enforcement agency may require the detaching of a trailer if the SVC or driver is in
violation of these rules and regulations. If one of the trailers is to be detached:
(1) the SVC shall be driven to an appropriate location as determined by the enforcement
agency; (2) provisions by the applicant/owner of the SVC shall be made to have another truck-tractor
sent to retrieve the detached trailer; and (3) all related expenses and labor costs shall be
the responsibility of the applicant/owner. (d) The responsibility for strict compliance
with the requirements shown in this section and the payment of fines shall be the responsibility of
the applicant/owner of the SVC. (e) Noncompliance with these rules and regulations can result
in the suspension or the cancellation of the annual SVC permit. (f) In accordance with the hearing procedures
found in K.A.R. 36-1-30, an annual SVC permit may be suspended, cancelled or withheld for any
violation of these regulations until such violation is rectified. Repeated or serious violations may re-
sult in suspension or cancellation of the applicant/owner's SVC certification. (Authorized by K.S.A.
68-404; implementing K.S.A. 1989 Supp. 8-1911, as amended by L. 1990, Ch. 50, Sections 2, 4;
effective March 4, 1991.)