Kansas Statutes Annotated
Updated Through the 2013 Legislative Session

Statute Number:8-2605
Tax Type:Vehicles
Brief Description:Denial, suspension or revocation of license; grounds.


8-2605. Denial, suspension or revocation of license; grounds. (a) A license may be denied, suspended or revoked or a renewal may be refused by the director on any of the following grounds:
(1) Material false statement in an application for a license;
(2) negligently failing to comply with any provision of this act or any rule and regulation adopted pursuant to this act;
(3) failure or refusal to furnish and keep in force any required bond;
(4) failure to comply with the laws of this state relating to certificates of title of vehicles;
(5) has failed or refused to permit inspection of the licensee's records as provided under subsection (b) of K.S.A. 2010 Supp. 8-2604, and amendments thereto, during the licensee's regular business hours;
(6) has failed or refused to surrender their license to the division or its agent upon demand;
(7) has demonstrated that such person is not of good character and reputation in the community in which the licensee resides;
(8) has, within five years immediately preceding the date of making application, been convicted of a felony or any crime involving moral turpitude, or has been adjudged guilty of the violations of any law of any state or the United States in connection with such person's operation as a vehicle title service agent;
(9) has changed the location of such person's established place of business prior to approval of such change by the division;
(10) having in such person's possession a certificate of title which is not properly completed, otherwise known as an "open title";
(11) has failed to prominently display license; or
(12) has failed to comply with applicable Kansas tax laws.
(b) The director may deny the application for the license within 30 days after receipt thereof by written notice to the applicant, stating the grounds for such denial. Upon request by the applicant whose license has been so denied, the applicant shall be granted an opportunity to be heard in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act.
(c) If a licensee is a firm or corporation, it shall be sufficient cause for the denial, suspension or revocation of a license that any officer, director or trustee of the firm or corporation, or any member in case of a partnership, has been guilty of any act or omission which would be good cause for refusing, suspending or revoking a license to such party as an individual. Each licensee shall be responsible for the acts of its representatives while acting as its agent.
(d) Any licensee or other person aggrieved by a final order of the director, may appeal to the district court as provided by the Kansas judicial review act.
History: L. 2006, ch. 51, 5;L. 2010, ch. 17, 23; July 1.

Date Composed: 04/04/2011 Date Modified: 04/04/2011