Enrolled Bill
Legislative Session of 2014

Identifying Information:2014 Senate Bill 265
Tax Type:Individual Income Tax; Homestead Property Tax Refunds
Brief Description:AN ACT concerning taxation; relating to homestead refund, income defined, eligibility; deductions, self-employment taxes, expenses related to organ donations and net gain on sale of certain livestock; withholding, non-resident pass-through entity income; credits, adoption expenses and expenditures to make dwelling or facility accessible for persons
with a disability; Kansas taxpayer transparency act, sunset; sales tax exemptions; amending K.S.A. 2013 Supp. 74-72,122, 79-32,117, 79-32,177, 79-32,263, 79-3606 and 79-4502 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 2013 Supp. 74-72,126 and 79-


SB265r.pdf - SB265r.pdf

Date Composed: 05/14/2014 Date Modified: 05/15/2014