Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:91-7-6
Article Title: Commercial Drivers' Training Schools
Tax Type:Vehicles
Brief Description:
Conduct of drivers' training


Conduct of drivers' training schools. (a) Advertising. Advertising by drivers'
training schools shall conform to the following: (1) the schools shall not publish, advertise, or
intimate that a license is guaranteed or assured; (2) the schools shall not display signs, indicat-
ing that licenses or plates may be secured at the school; (3) the letters and numerals in the name of the
drivers' training school shall not be smaller than the letters and numerals in the remainder of the
text of any sign, or combination of signs used as a part of the same message relating to drivers' train-
ing school activities; (4) the school may use on forms, contracts and
advertising the phrase, ``This school is licensed by the state of Kansas.'' Other uses of the word
``state'' are prohibited; (5) the school shall not advertise the address of any location other than the licensed principal
place of business; and (6) the school shall not employ any form of advertising which is misleading.
Written notice of disapproval of misleading advertising by the state board shall be given to the
licensee and the advertising in question shall be discontinued. (b) Agreements. A student shall not be given
lessons, lectures, tutoring, or any other service relating to instructions in motor vehicle operation
until a written contract, in a form approved by the state board has been executed both by the school
and the student. (1) A copy of the contract shall be given to the student. The original shall be retained by the
school. (2) A school shall not use any contract unless the form of the contract has been approved by the
state board. (3) Each school shall file and maintain with the state board a list of those persons authorized or
empowered to execute contracts on behalf of the school. (c) Instruction permits. A school shall ascer-
tain, previous to giving instructions in driving, that a student is in possession of a valid instruction
permit or a valid driver's license. (d) Requirements at driving test. An applicant
appearing for a driving test with a vehicle for which a vehicle identification certificate has been
issued or a vehicle not required to have a certificate, shall be accompanied by a Kansas licensed
driver who has in his or her possession a valid instructor's license for the school whose name ap-
pears on the vehicle identification certificate. (e) Employees of drivers' training schools. A
drivers' training school shall not knowingly employ any person in any capacity who has been con-
victed of a felony, driving while intoxicated, or negligent homicide. (Authorized by K.S.A. 8-278;
effective Jan. 1, 1966; amended Jan. 1, 1970; amended May 1, 1979.)