Identifying Information:House Bill 2947 Speciality Plates Memo
Tax Type:Vehicles
Brief Description:House Bill 2947 Speciality Plates Memo
Approval Date:06/23/2004



TO: County Treasurers and T&R Staff

FROM: Carmen Alldritt, Director
Kansas Division of Vehicles

SUBJECT: HB 2947 Specialty Plates Memo

DATE: June 23, 2004

The 2004 Kansas Legislature passed House Bill 2947 (formerly HB 2143), which affects
specialty license plates developed and sold by educational institutions and community agencies.

The most important change involves the number of plate registrations that must be active, in
order for the plates to remain valid.

Basically, specialty plates authorized before July 1, 2004, must have five hundred active registrations and/or registration renewals by July 1, 2006. For plates authorized after July 1, 2004, the plate must have five hundred active registrations and/or registration renewals within the first two years of issuance.

After the initial two-year period, the specialty plate must maintain at least two hundred and fifty registrations or registration renewals in any following two year period.

Should current educational institutions and community agencies’ specialty plates fail to generate five hundred registrations and/or registration renewals by July 1, 2006, and maintain at least two hundred fifty registrations and/or registration renewals in any two year period thereafter, the specialty plate will be cancelled and no longer be made available for purchase. All stock will be destroyed.

Should a plate design be cancelled, customers who have current registrations would be able to keep their tags as long as they continue to pay their annual certification fees to the educational institution or community agency and their annual personal property and registration fees to the county. However, should the tag become lost, stolen, or damaged, the tag would be replaced with a standard license plate, or other available specialty plate, by paying applicable fees.

The House Bill additionally provides the provisions for issuance of decals to any person awarded a silver or bronze star medal by the United States government for each Veterans license plate on an auto or light truck owned by the award recipient. Additionally, the bill allows any person who served and designated as a veteran with an honorable discharge to obtain a decal for each license plate indicating the appropriate military branch in which the person served. This law goes into effect on January 1, 2005.

A fee of $2.00 will be required for each decal issued and the VIPs system will be modified to allow collection of these fees.

The designs of the decals is underway and you will be provided further information about the design and placement of the decals on the tags along with program modifications before January 1, 2005.

Questions regarding this legislation may be directed to Diane Albert in the Vehicle Director’s Office at (785) 296-3601.

Cc: Diane Albert, Directors Office
Mathew Moser, Manager Titles and Registrations


Date Composed: 06/28/2004 Date Modified: 06/28/2004