Identifying Information:Motor Carriers - antique vehicles
Tax Type:Vehicles
Brief Description:Motor Carriers - antique vehicles
Effective Date:02/21/1990


TO: Rick Scheibe, Chief
Titles and Registration Bureau

FROM: Eugene Lueger
Legal Services Bureau

RE: Motor Carriers; Antique Vehicles

DATE: February 21, 1990

This memo is in response to your question inquiring whether the attached letter, issued July 24, 1978 by Steven R. Wiechman of the Department of Revenue, continues to be the opinion of the Department.

The use of a vehicle in a commercial manner, including hauling property or persons for hire, is regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission. There is no prohibition against an owner of an antique vehicle, registered as an antique vehicle, to operate under the authority of the KCC.

The regulation of motor carriers by the KCC should not prohibit the Department from issuing antique registration plates for any vehicle at least 35 years of age. An owner intending to operate an antique vehicle in a commercial manner should be allowed to obtain antique vehicle registration plates, but the owner is also required to obtain the appropriate permit from the Kansas Corporation Commission.

Eugene Lueger

Date Composed: 02/24/1998 Date Modified: 10/09/2001