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Identifying Information:Questions and Answers Regarding Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ)
Tax Type:Individual Income Tax
Brief Description:Questions and Answers Regarding Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ)
Approval Date:09/26/2011

Questions and Answers
Rural Opportunity Zones

(Updated 9/2011)

The 2011 Legislative Session passed Senate Bill 198 which designates 50 counties in Kansas as Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ). As part of the bill, certain out-of-state taxpayers who relocate to these counties are effectively provided an income tax exemption. Additional information can be found in Notice 11-03, which is available through the Department’s web site at

This Question and Answer addresses specific questions which have come up as people begin considering, or are taking advantage of, the ROZ program. As additional questions arise we anticipate expanding and updating the information found here.

Questions Regarding Establishing Domicile
Questions Regarding Income

Questions Regarding Maintaining Domicile
Miscellaneous Questions
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If you have a question about the Department’s policies regarding the Rural Opportunity Zone program you can contact the Office of Policy and Research for more information. Submit your question to:
Office of Policy and Research
Kansas Department of Revenue
2nd Floor
Docking State Office Building
915 SW Harrison
Topeka, KS 66612

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