Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:36-7-2
Article Title: Stud Tires
Tax Type:Vehicles
Brief Description:
Use of studded traction equip-
ment permitted; definitions; limitations on


Use of studded traction equipment permitted; definitions; limitations on
use. (a) Definitions. (1) ``Vehicles'' shall have the meaning set forth at K.S.A. 8-1485.
(2) ``Highway'' shall have the meaning set forth at K.S.A. 8-1424. (3) ``Studded traction equipment'' means any
device designed to be attached or placed on an automobile tire or small truck tire for the purpose
of increasing traction in snow, ice or other conditions tending to cause a vehicle to skid. For pur-
poses of this regulation ``truck'' shall mean a vehicle registered with the Kansas department of
revenue of a gross vehicle weight of 12,000 lbs. or less. Depending on the design and application, the
device may cover all of the tire tread or a portion of the tire tread at frequent intervals from the
perimeter of the tire. (b) Stud-type protrusions consisting of tung-
sten carbide or other material of similar substances that will not sliver or shatter upon striking
concrete or other hard material may extend outward from the periphery of the studded traction
device. When installed the tungsten tip of the stud shall project not less than .040 inch nor more than
.090 inch above the surface. The device to which the studs or protrusions are attached shall extend
across the tread of the tire at intervals of not less than twelve inches when measured along the cir-
cumference of the tire. Studs shall be securely attached to the device in such manner that they will
not become dislodged from the device by striking some object or from centrifugal force.
(c) The number of studs per device shall be controlled by the size of tire and shall be a mini-
mum of 32 studs. (d) Studded traction equipment shall be permissible for use on highways within this state on
and after November 1 of each year to and including April 1 of the succeeding year.
(e) The manufacturer of studded traction equipment shall be responsible for the proper in-
stallation of studs when inserted at the factory and when inserted by dealers who operate factory-
owned stores. (f) A manufacturer of studded traction equip-
ment seeking prior approval of such equipment for legal sale or use in Kansas shall make written
application to the secretary of the Kansas department of transportation. The application shall state
that the device meets all of the requirements for studded traction equipment as specified in this
regulation. The secretary reserves the right to require additional proof of equipment or stud con-
formity. The additional requirements may include submission to the secretary of one or more pairs
of studded traction equipment for which approval is requested. (g) The secretary of the Kansas department of
transportation reserves the right to deny a certificate of approval for studded traction equipment
that does not meet the standards and specifications of this regulation. (Authorized by and imple-
menting K.S.A. 1985 Supp. 8-1742; as amended by L. 1986, Ch. 42; effective May 1, 1987.)