Identifying Information:Towed vehicles by licensed dealers
Tax Type:Vehicles
Brief Description:Towed vehicles by licensed dealers
Approval Date:03/28/1994

Department of Revenue
Division of Vehicles
Vehicle Services


TO: Captain Giffin, Kansas Highway Patrol

FROM: Rick Scheibe, Vehicle Services Administrator

DATE: March 28, 1994

RE: Towed vehicles by licensed dealers

Pursuant to KSA 8-136 (b) no manufacturer of or dealer in vehicles shall cause or permit any such vehicle owned by such person to be operated or moved upon a highway unless there is displayed upon such vehicle a license plate as required by this section.

Therefore, if a dealer tows a vehicle, owned by the dealer, the towed vehicle is required to display a valid dealer license plate. If the towing vehicle is also owned by the dealer, the towing vehicle would also be required to display a valid dealer plate. However, such license plates shall not be used on a wrecker or tow truck when providing wrecker or towing services. If the vehicle is being towed by a wrecker or towing service, privately owned and properly registered, the towed vehicle does not require a license plate.

I hope this information will help clarify your enforcement question. This memo will be sent to the New Vehicle Dealers Association and the Used Vehicle Dealer Association.

RPS: kdp

CC: Betty McBride, Director
Marge Bailey

Date Composed: 07/24/1998 Date Modified: 10/09/2001