Session Law

Identifying Information:L. 2007 ch. 154
Other Identifying Information:2007 Senate Substitute for House Bill 2031
Tax Type:Individual Income Tax; Withholding and Declaration of Estimated Tax
Brief Description:AN ACT concerning income taxation; relating to withholding; publicly held partnerships; treatment of social security benefits for income tax purposes; earned income credit; amending K.S.A. 2006 Supp. 79-3299, 79-32,100e, 79-32,117, as amended by section 8 of 2007 House Bill No. 2419, and 79-32,205 and repealing the existing sections.


L. 2007 ch. 154.pdf - L. 2007 ch. 154.pdf

Date Composed: 09/05/2007 Date Modified: 09/07/2007