Kansas Statutes Annotated
Updated Through the 2013 Legislative Session

Statute Number:79-5105a
Chapter Title:TAXATION
Tax Type:Vehicles Rental Excise Tax; Property Tax
Brief Description:Computation of tax imposed upon certain vehicles;
payment date.


79-5105a. Computation of tax imposed upon certain vehicles; payment date. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, for tax year 1998, and for each tax year thereafter, the amount of personal property tax imposed upon motor vehicles having a gross vehicle weight of more than 12,000 pounds but less than 20,001 pounds, shall be computed in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. 79-5101 et seq., and amendments thereto, but shall be required to be paid at the time required by K.S.A. 79-2004a, and amendments thereto, and the provisions of such section shall be applicable to the collection thereof.
History: L. 1997, ch. 187, 5;L. 1998, ch. 140, 3; Jan. 1, 1999.

Date Composed: 04/04/2011 Date Modified: 04/04/2011