Kansas Statutes Annotated
Updated Through the 2019 Legislative Session

Statute Number:61-2704
Tax Type:All
Brief Description:Commencement of action; fees and costs; authorized only by
legislative enactment; limit on number of claims.


61-2704.Commencement of action; fees and costs; authorized only by legislative enactment; limit on number of claims.(a) An action seeking the recovery of a small claim shall be considered to have been commenced at the time a person files a written statement of the person's small claim with the clerk of the court if, within 90 days after the small claim is filed, service of process is obtained or the first publication is made for service by publication. Otherwise, the action is deemed commenced at the time of service of process or first publication. An entry of appearance shall have the same effect as service.
(b) Upon the filing of a plaintiff's small claim, the clerk of the court shall require from the plaintiff a docket fee of $35 if the claim does not exceed $500; or $55 if the claim exceeds $500; unless for good cause shown the judge waives the fee. The docket fee shall be the only costs required in an action seeking recovery of a small claim. No person may file more than 20 small claims under this act in the same court during any calendar year.
(c) Except as provided further, the docket fee established in this section shall be the only fee collected or moneys in the nature of a fee collected for the docket fee. Such fee shall only be established by an act of the legislature and no other authority is established by law or otherwise to collect a fee. On and after July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2025, the supreme court may impose an additional charge, not to exceed $12.50 per docket fee, to fund the costs of non-judicial personnel.
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Date Composed: 10/15/2019 Date Modified: 10/15/2019