Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:91-7-5
Article Title: Commercial Drivers' Training Schools
Tax Type:Vehicles
Brief Description:
Drivers' training school vehicles.


Drivers' training school vehicles. (a) Identification certificates. (1) A motor vehicle
owned or controlled by a drivers' training school shall not be used for the purpose of giving instruc-
tions in driving until the licensee has obtained from the state board a school vehicle identification
certificate. This certificate shall be carried in the vehicle while the vehicle is being used either for
driving instructions or for driving tests. (2) Application for a school vehicle identifica-
tion certificate shall be made on a form prescribed by the state board.
(3) A school vehicle identification certificate shall not be issued until: (A) the vehicle has been equipped with dual
controls on foot brake and on clutch, if any, and has been otherwise equipped in accordance with
the motor vehicle and traffic laws; (B) the school has filed with the state board
evidence of liability insurance in a company authorized to do business in this state as required by
K.S.A. 8-275(d). In the event of cancellation or expiration of insurance, the vehicle shall not be
used for drivers' training school purposes. The school vehicle identification certificate shall ter-
minate automatically and shall be surrendered to the state board; (C) the vehicle has been equipped with seat
belts for both the student and instructor. Seat belts shall be used by both the student and in-
structor when the vehicle is being operated for instructional purposes; and
(D) the vehicle has been equipped with rear view mirrors for both the driver and the instruc-
tor. (b) Sign displayed on vehicles. (1) Vehicles, while being used for driving instructions, shall
conspicuously display a sign, with background and letters of contrasting colors, stating ``student
driver.'' (2) The sign shall be visible from the rear in letters not less than three (3) inches in height.
Letters shall be of a reflectorized material, basically white, amber, or yellow in color. (Authorized
by K.S.A. 8-278; effective Jan. 1, 1966; amended Jan. 1, 1970; amended May 1, 1979.)