Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:92-23-45
Article Title: Bingo
Tax Type:Bingo
Brief Description:Handling of reusable bingo cards


92-23-45. Handling of reusable bingo cards. (a) No person shall select or set aside any reusable bingo cards for playing by the person or another person before the time that the reusable bingo cards are made accessible to all of the players before the start of a session.
(b) No person shall set aside or reserve reusable bingo cards between games of bingo. All reusable bingo cards to be used for a particular session shall be shuffled before being sold or rented to the players so as to ensure that reusable bingo cards returned from the previous session do not remain in the order in which they were returned.
(c) At the end of each session, all reusable bingo cards used during the session shall be returned to one common area. (Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 75-5181; effective Feb. 12, 2016.)