Using the Policy Information Library:
Contents of the Navigator Pane

There are two sections in the Navigator Pane. The top section contains entries for all the categories of information in the database. There are six categories included in the Navigator Pane:

  • Policy Documents by Document Type—Groups the documents in the database according to document type. For instance, all the Information Guides will be grouped together and all the Notices will be grouped together.
  • Policy Documents by Tax Type—Groups the documents according to tax type. For instance, Cigarette and Tobacco Products, Kansas Compensating Tax, and so on.
  • Information Guides Only—Contains only those documents that are KDOR Information Guides.
  • Statutes Only—Contains only KDOR selected statutes.
  • Regulations Only—Contains only KDOR regulations.
  • New Documents (last 21 days)—Contains any new documents posted to the database within the last 21 days.

The lower portion of the Navigator Pane contains links that will take the user:
  • to a page from which the user can compose a messagt to the administrator of the Policy Information Library
  • to the Welcome page for the Policy Information Library, or
  • to the KDOR Home Page