Using the Policy Information Library
The primary function of the Policy Information Library is to provide a repository of current department policy related documents. We have provided tools to allow you to navigate through the library with ease. The use of these tools is explained below.

Using the "Twisties"

The Policy Information Library provides pages where documents are categorized by document type or tax type. Those categorized lists of documents within the library make use of a display control that you may not be completely familiar with. The control is known as a 'Twistie", and is represented within a categorized list of documents by a small (rightward-pointing or downward-pointing) triangle icon beside the title of a category. Here are details about the use and behavior of the Twistie controls.

The rightward-pointing Twistie icon appears beside "collapsed" categories, as follows:
Category A
Category B
Category C

The icon indicates that there are members of that category that are not shown, but will be made available by expanding the category.

When the Twistie icon is clicked, the category will expand to show the members of that category, and the icon is replaced by a downward-pointing icon, as follows:
Category A
Category B

    Item Link 1 Title of this item
    Item Link 2 Title of this item
    Item Link 3 Title of this item
Category C

When the "expanded" (downward-pointing) Twistie icon is clicked, the category collapses again to return to the previous state.

Note that there can also be subcategories within a category. These will reveal nested categories (with their own Twistie icons) when you have expanded the parent category Twistie. In such cases, the Twisties for the sub-categories behave the same as for the higher-level categories.

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