Notice Number:99-04
Tax Type:Bingo
Brief Description:Notification of illegal bingo games.
Approval Date:04/22/1999

NOTICE 99-04
Illegal Bingo Games

The purpose of this notice is to clarify that the following-described games are illegal:

The first type of illegal game, commonly referred to as Gator or American Flash, involves the player matching a number printed on a purchased instant bingo ticket (pull-tab) with the winning number from a particular call bingo game. This results in the payment of an additional prize.

The second type of illegal game uses an instant bingo ticket (pull-tab) commonly called a “seal card.” Each ticket or pull-tab has a special number appearing under one of the tabs. If a ticket has one of several designated special numbers, then the player is permitted to enter his or her name on a form. When the form has been filled with names, a tab on the form is opened. If this number matches the special number on one of the instant bingo tickets, then the owner of that ticket gets an additional prize.

Both of these games are illegal because they do not fall within the statutory definition of either call bingo or instant bingo. They are actually a type of lottery which “piggy-backs” on bingo games. Both of these games violate subsection (p) of K.S.A. 79-4706, which disallows the offering of other games of chance as an inducement to play bingo. Both of these games also violate the criminal gambling laws, and therefore people conducting or playing these games may be criminally prosecuted.

The receipt of this notice is considered a warning. If you are conducting or selling any of these games, you should discontinue doing so immediately. Should a Compliance Field Agent attend one of your games and find the above games being offered, you will be cited for a violation.

For further clarification on this issue, contact Kansas Department of Revenue Attorney Phil Wilkes at 785-296-7015.

Notice 99-04
April 22, 1999

Date Composed: 05/04/1999 Date Modified: 10/09/2001