Session Law

Identifying Information:L. 2004 ch. 042
Other Identifying Information:2004 Substitute for House Bill 2435
Tax Type:Other
Brief Description:AN ACT concerning the governor’s office; renaming the advisory committee on Hispanic affairs as the Hispanic and Latino American affairs commission and placing such commission within the governor’s office; providing for the advisory commission on African-American affairs to be within the governor’s office; amending K.S.A. 74-6501, 74-6501a, 74-6502, 74-6503, 74-6504, 74-6505, 74-6506, 74-6507, 74-6508, 74-6509, 74-9901, 74-9904 and 74-9906 and repealing the existing sections.



Date Composed: 12/23/2004 Date Modified: 01/04/2005