Notice Number:04-01
Tax Type:Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
Brief Description:2004 Motor Fuel Legislative Update
Approval Date:06/11/2004


NOTICE 04-01

2004 Motor Fuel Legislative Update

House Bill 2375r, enacted by the 2004 Legislature (effective 7/1/04), amends the following:

K.S.A. 79-3408g (d) No tax is hereby imposed upon or with respect to the following transactions: (7) The sale of kerosene used as a fuel only to power antique steam motor vehicles first manufactured prior to 1940.

K.S.A. 79-3458 (2) The total number of gallons of motor-vehicle fuel or special fuel purchased as supported by original invoices or automated invoices or self generated lists approved by the director that show the price of such motor vehicle fuel or special fuel in full, including the motor-vehicle fuel or special fuel tax. If an original invoice is lost or destroyed a statement to that effect shall accompany the claim for refund and such statement shall also set forth the date of delivery, the serial number of the invoice, number of gallons of motor-vehicle fuel or special fuel purchased and the name of the distributor or retailer from whom purchased.


As a reminder per K.S.A. 79-3456, the following information must be included on all invoices:

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Notice 2004-01
June 11, 2004

Date Composed: 06/08/2004 Date Modified: 06/14/2004