Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:14-6-6
Article Title: Containers and Labels
Tax Type:Intoxicating Liquors and Beverages
Brief Description:Private labels, requirements for use of.


14-6-6 Private labels, requirements for use of. A licensed distributor may be authorized to bottle, label and sell to licensed retailers, under labels owned by the distributor, alcoholic liquors except beer purchased in bulk by class or type providing such liquors are labeled in accordance with the following:
(1) Before a distributor shall offer for sale or sell such liquor, said distributor shall submit an application, verified positively, for approval of each label to be used in the bottling of alcoholic liquors purchased by class or type.
(2) Said application shall consist of the following:
(a) Ownership. The application shall include a statement that the label, including brand name, designs, pictures, slogans and descriptive phraseology, is the exclusive property of the applicant. If the label or any component part thereof has been used previously, full particulars relating to said use shall be given including prior users, where used, and how said label or part thereof was acquired.
(b) Copyright or trademark. If said label or any brand name, design, picture, slogan or phraseology has been the subject of a copyright, patent or trademark under the laws of the United States or the various states, the application shall show where and by whom such action was taken with dates and identifying numbers being given.
(c) Acquisition of label. A statement shall be included stating that the label was created and designed by the distributor or setting out from whom said label including brand name, designs, pictures, slogans or phraseology was secured. Copies of contracts or agreements relating to the acquisition of said label and relating to the bottling of said liquors shall be attached. If said contracts or agreements are implemented by letters of intent, oral or other commitments, copies of all instruments with a statement of the details of oral commitments shall be attached.
(d) Resemblance to other labels. A statement shall be included that the proposed label including brand name, designs, pictures, slogans and phraseology bears no resemblance in any material manner to any label now used by any person, association or corporation in this or another state in the knowledge and belief of the applicant.
(e) Submission of copies. Two copies of each front and back label, neck label and any other design, picture, slogan or descriptive phraseology which shall be attached to the container shall be submitted with the application, with a photostatic or certified copy of the formal certificate of label approval issued by the United States government.
(3) All labels to be affixed to alcoholic liquors for bottling and labeling pursuant to this regulation shall include thereon the statement, ``distilled and bottled by'' or ``bottled by'' as the case may be, followed by the name of the person, association or corporation first offering said alcoholic liquors for sale in Kansas to licensed distributors for bottling under labels owned by a distributor.
(4) On receipt of the foregoing, the director shall approve or disapprove said label. Additional information may be required in support of the application. If after approval, the label is changed, a new application shall be submitted.
(5) If it shall appear that the information upon which approval was given is incorrect or that a label exists resembling the approved label in a material feature, an inquiry shall be made and approval of the label may be withdrawn if the facts warrant. Misrepresentation, withholding of information, or fraud shall be cause for the issuance of a citation for the purpose of suspension or revocation of the applicant's license. (Authorized by K.S.A. 41-211, 41-306, 41-1101, K.S.A. 1965 Supp. 41-210; effective Jan. 1, 1966.)