Notice Number:99-13
Tax Type:Bingo
Brief Description:Notice regarding "Take-A-Spin" or similar games.
Approval Date:11/23/1999

Notice 99-13
Notice to all Bingo Licensees, Premises Lessors and Distributors
November 23, 1999

The purpose of this notice is to clarify that the following-described pull-tab game is illegal:
Take-A-Spin or similar games

This game uses conventional pull-tab tickets and awards several prizes by opening the tabs on the tickets. However, some tickets have the word “Spin” or similar designation under one tab which guarantees that the player will win some prize. However, the player must open a pull-tab on a separate board to determine the exact amount of the prize.

This game and any similar games are illegal because:

The description of instant bingo in K.S.A. 79-4701(c) does not make mention of using a separate mechanism to determine the amount of prize won.

The use of the pull-tab board as a means to determine the amount of some prizes is a separate game of chance which is preliminary to the awarding of a bingo prize. This practice is specifically prohibited by K.S.A. 79-4706(p).

The game does not comply with K.S.A. 79-4706(z)(5), which requires that the winning symbol or number combination for each prize be listed on the flare accompanying each box of instant bingo tickets. In this game, the word “Spin” under the tab of a particular ticket does not indicate which prize the player has won, but rather the player has won a yet undetermined prize within a broad range of prizes.

The receipt of this notice is considered a warning. If you are conducting or selling any of these games, you should discontinue doing so immediately. Should a Compliance Field Agent attend one of your games and find the Take-a-Spin game or a similar game being offered, you will be cited for a violation.

Date Composed: 12/14/1999 Date Modified: 10/09/2001