Notice Number:06-07
Tax Type:Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
Brief Description:Credit/Refund Requests E-85 Inventory January 1, 2007
Approval Date:10/31/2006

Kansas Department of Revenue
Division of Taxation

NOTICE 06-07

Credit/Refund Request
E-85 Inventory January 1, 2007

Pursuant to 2006 Senate Bill 544, the motor-vehicle fuels tax rate on E-85 will be reduced to $.17 per gallon effective January 1, 2007. A $.07 per gallon motor-vehicle fuel tax credit/refund is available for the number of gallons of E-85 in inventory on January 1, 2007 and which, the Kansas motor-vehicle fuel tax of $.24 per gallon was previously paid.

To obtain a copy of the Credit/Refund Request (E-85 Inventory) Form MF-220, please visit our website at Choose ‘Your Business’, ‘Motor Fuel’, ‘Forms and Publications’. Or, you may contact us at the telephone number or address below to request a copy of the form.

The Credit/Refund Request form must be completed and postmarked on or before January 25, 2007 to receive a refund of the $.07 per gallon tax difference for E-85 in inventory on January 1, 2007. A separate request must be completed for each license number.

Distributors will receive a credit memo to be applied to the next monthly return. Retailers will receive a refund in approximately 4 weeks.

To obtain additional copies of this or any other notice call the Kansas Department of Revenue’s voice mail forms request line at 785-296-4937 or download them from our web site: If you have any questions about this notice, please contact our Motor Fuel Tax Unit.

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Topeka, KS 66625-8000
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Fax: (785) 296-4993

Notice 06-07
Dec 22, 2006

Date Composed: 10/31/2006 Date Modified: 10/31/2006