Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:92-13-2
Article Title: Interstate Motor Fuel Use Tax
Tax Type:Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
Brief Description:Interstate motor fuel user license.


92-13-2 Interstate motor fuel user license. Upon investigation by the director, if the statements contained in the application shall be found to be true, and if the director shall be satisified that the application is made in good faith, he shall issue to said applicant an interstate motor fuel user license specifying the terms and conditions thereof: Provided, however, That no license issued by the director shall be subject to assignment or transfer, nor shall such be construed to be either a franchise or irrevocable: Provided further, That all importer for use licenses in force January 1, 1972, and all interstate motor fuel user licenses issued by the director on or after January 1, 1972, shall be in force as interstate motor fuel user licenses so long as the holder has in force a bond as required by law or rules and regulations, or until such license is suspended, surrendered, or revoked for cause by the director. (Authorized by K.S.A. 1971 Supp. 79-34-115, 79-34-123; effective Jan. 1, 1966; amended Jan. 1, 1972.)