Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:14-20-21
Article Title: Class B Clubs
Tax Type:Intoxicating Liquors and Beverages
Brief Description:Guests of members; reciprocal members; registration.


14-20-21 Guests of members; reciprocal members; registration. (a) A club shall only admit members, guests of members, reciprocal members or guests of reciprocal members. Admission of any other individual to the licensed premises is prohibited.
(b) ``Reciprocal member'' means an individual who belongs to a club which has executed a written reciprocal agreement with the club to which access is sought, as provided by K.A.R. 14-20-23, and has filed the agreement with the director.
(c) Each club that has entered into reciprocal agreements shall keep on the licensed premises a reciprocal guest book, in which each reciprocal member shall legibly sign his or her name each time the member enters the club. Each reciprocal member shall sign his or her name, show their personal address and the name and city address of the club of original membership.
(d) The privileges extended to reciprocal members shall be determined by the written reciprocal agreement. Each guest or reciprocal member shall be entitled to all the privileges of the club as may be provided in the reciprocal agreement. The extension of club privileges to a guest shall end with the departure of the sponsoring club member from the licensed premises. (Authorized by K.S.A. 41-2634 as amended by L. 1987, Ch. 182, Sec. 85; implementing L. 1987, Ch. 182, Sec. 87; effective, T-88-22, July 1, 1987; effective May 1, 1988.)