Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:14-20-25
Article Title: Class B Clubs
Tax Type:Intoxicating Liquors and Beverages
Brief Description:Temporary memberships; granting, records, and billing.


14-20-25 Temporary memberships; granting, records, and billing. (a) (1) Each class B club located on the premises of a ``hotel,'' or ``RV resort,'' or each class B club that enters into a contract with a hotel or RV resort to issue temporary memberships to that hotel's or RV resort's guests, shall keep a record of temporary memberships granted by the club to registered nonresident guests of that hotel or RV resort. The term ``hotel'' shall have the meaning as provided in K.S.A. 36-501. The term ``RV resort'' shall have the meaning as provided in L. 1990, Ch. 179, Sec. 5.
(2) Only clubs shall issue temporary memberships. The hotel or RV resort management shall not issue or handle temporary memberships. A temporary membership card shall be issued to each temporary member setting forth, on its face, the effective dates, the name of the club and the name of the member. The hotel or RV resort may handle billings if all funds are accounted to the club and if the hotel or RV resort keeps a permanent record of all charges and payments due to the club which the hotel or RV resort handles.
(3) The hotel or RV resort shall provide to each guest who desires to become a temporary club member a preprinted form or statement on its business letterhead, signed by an authorized employee or official, setting forth the name of the guest, the date or dates on which the bearer is a registered guest at the hotel or RV resort and certifying that the guest does not permanently reside in the same county as the hotel or RV resort or the private club.
(b) Each class B club located on property which is owned or operated by a municipal airport authority shall keep a record of all temporary memberships granted to air travelers. Each temporary membership shall be granted only upon the licensed club premises by club management after receipt of an application form and shall be valid only for the day on which the air traveler's ticket is valid. Each temporary membership card issued shall state on its face the name of the club, the name of the temporary member, the name of the airline and flight number on which that member will be a passenger and the effective date or dates of the membership.
(c) Each class B club located in a racetrack facility where races with parimutuel wagering are conducted under the Kansas parimutuel racing act may establish rules whereby persons may file an application for temporary membership in the club only for the day the person is attending races at the race track facility.
(d) Records of all temporary memberships issued pursuant to subsections (a), (b) and (c) shall be maintained on licensed club premises for a period of one year from date of issuance. (Authorized by K.S.A. 1989 Supp. 41-2634 as amended by L. 1990, Ch. 179, sec. 6; implementing K.S.A. 1989 Supp. 41-2641; effective, T-88-22, July 1, 1987; effective May 1, 1988; amended July 1, 1991.)