Kansas Administrative Regulations

Regulation Number:92-17-5
Article Title: Tobacco Products
Tax Type:Cigarette and Tobacco Products
Brief Description:Bond; cancellations.


92-17-5. Bond; cancellations. The surety on a bond furnished by a tobacco products distributor as required by the cigarette and tobacco products act shall be released and discharged from any liability to the state accruing on that bond after the expiration of 60 days from the date upon which the surety has submitted to the director a written request to be released and discharged, but this requirement shall not operate to relieve, release, or discharge the surety from any liability that has already accrued or that will accrue before the expiration of the 60-day period.
The tobacco products distributor who furnished the bond shall be promptly notified by the director upon receipt of the request. If the distributor, on or before the expiration of the 60-day period, fails to file with the director a new bond fully complying with the provisions of the tobacco products law, the license or licenses of the distributor shall be revoked and canceled by the director. (Authorized by K.S.A. 79-3326; implementing K.S.A. 79-3374, 79-3375; effective, E-74-37, July 2, 1974; effective May 1, 1975; amended March 22, 2002.)